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This may be a dumb question, but how many generations does one go back to determine if a horse is straight egyptian, polish, russian, etc. or considered to be straight? I understand how it wouild work is you have a "straight egyptian sire" and bred to a "straight egyptian mare", but what if you have an "egyptian-related mare" and bred to a "straight egyptian stallion"? I suppose the resulting foal would then be "egyptian-related", but if you bred that foal to a "straight egyptian" and so on, wouldn't you end up with a "straight egyptian" eventually? Just questioning, because after my research on my horses, I found out that they were "egyptian related" 5 generations back and not "straight". Otherwise, I found out that 5 generations back, some of their ancestors were Polish, USA, Kellogg, ES, or RS. I am assuming this would not make them "straight egyptian". If I'm wrong, I would love to be corrected ohmy.gif , as I'm now searching for "straight egyptian" mares!

Thanks for your replies.

Christi smile.gif
To be Straight Egyptian (or straight anything) you have to go all the way back so once there is a non straight in the pedigree all future offspring of the horse who is non-straight will not be straight either. I have been to see mares who were advertised as SE and when I looked at the pedigree thay were not as one of the ancestors wasn't straight. The advert wasn't changed so I hope no one bought the mare thinking she was straight and then used her to breed non straights which they in turn thought were straight and sold as such.

If in doudt always ask someone knoweledgeable to look at the peigree. I hope you didn't buy what you thought was a SE and then found it wasn't; very unethical of the seller if they knew. I have a beautiful three quarter Egyptian/quarter Spanish mare but however many generations of her produce are mated t SE stallions none of them can ever be straight.

The answer is "no" - when you start with an Egyptian related horses
you will never end up with a straight Egyptian; that's an impossible task.


To qualify as a Straight Egyptian, as defined by The Pyramid Society, a horse must (1) be registered or eligible by pedigree for registration by the Arabian Horse Registry of America AND (2) trace in every line of its pedigree to horse born in Arabia Deserta; AND (3) trace in every line of its pedigree to a horse which falls within one or more of the following categories: ( a ) owned or bred by Abbas Pasha I or Ali Pasha Sherif: ( B ) used to create and maintain the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS)/Egyptian Agricultural Organization (EAO) breeding programs, with the exclusion of Registan and Sharkasi and their lineal descendants © a horse which was a lineal ancestor of a horse described in ( a ) or ( B ) above; and ( d ) other than those excluded above, a horse conceived and born in a private stud program in Egypt and imported directly to the United States and registered by the Arabian Horse Registry of America prior to the extension of the EAO's supervision to private Egyptian stud programs as reflected in Volume 4 of the EAO's stud book.
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