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marsha ann
Is there any viable solution "natural" or on the market to help promote hair growth on scar tissue? This involves a yearling who suffered a lower leg injury.
So far, my friend has been unsuccessful in producing hair re-growth.
Some white hair has filled in one area...but that's it.

Thanks a million.
I would also be very interested in finding a product as one of our prized mares suffered a large injury across her entire hip in a tralier inccident. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!! smile.gif
Kathrin K.I.M.

I had a mare once with the same problem as monethorse, her right hip area was naked. I tried DMSO on these places and some hair did grow there again.
This was a scar without white hair and the hair growth wasn't as much as before but surely better than naked!
DMSO is available in every drugstore. Take the 99,9% purity and apply twice a day! Great thing! (Put on gloves, it smells like garlic!!!)

Kathrin smile.gif
Acorn Arabians
If you email me I have just the product and it works. There is a horse in the Uk who ran into a glass house and has not got any scars after using this product. if u send me a private message with your email address I will tell you about it. smile.gif
I will swear by something called Nu Stock. You can get it at Jeffers. I had a mare with a fence post injury, the post put a 2 inch deep fist sized hole in her chest...not even a white hair where the injury was. I packed it with Nu Stock and also fushed it with water for 15 minutes per day an din 2 weeks it was almost gone!
Hi All,
The following are great home remedies and good for your notebook but may not be applicable to the original post.

1. bacon grease works great to restore hair on HEALED WOUNDS or those in the final stage of scabbing -right before it's ready to fall off. Never on fresh wounds as you'd literally be rubbing salt in the wound. The hair will come back at least fifty percent faster. I don't know how well it works on old wounds as I've never tried it on them. Use fly spray, too.

2. Preparation H works great on fresh wounds. It is sterile, shrinks the inflammation and greatly reduces scar tissue and proud-flesh.

These are home remedies passed down to me by other horse owners and have worked well for me in the past. Obviously, try at your own risk and don't sue me if you don't get the expected results. I have no affiliation with "Bacon Grease Producers, Inc. or Preparation H" biggrin.gif

marsha ann
Thanks everyone for your suggestions, they are most helpful. I will pass all of this along.
Bay Area Arabians
and pick the scabs off... and put more on...

My horse (Sigar) is the most accident-prone horse ever and he has no scars! smile.gif

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