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We are so sorry to hear about Mon Amir,

This can happen at any time!

Please take heart!! the people who have wished you and Mon Amir well, are the poeple who really matter, not the ignorant people who have nothing kind to offer anyone sad.gif

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Linda Lyall gbfahne.gif
Heirloom Arabian Stud
I have a wonderful report today, It is amazing how a horse that was so sick 48 hours ago can turn into the horse i saw this morning,,
It was cloudy and cool, so i went to put Mon Amir out, he came out of that stalll roaring like a bear, and announceing to the world that He had arrived, danceing and pranceing, like he,d never been hurt,

Turned him out in the pasture,,, WOW!! he is back,, arched that neck and done is famous trot down to the mares and talked "NASTY" ;lol, then all over that pasture he struted, just like he didnt have any pain at all!

I dont want to jinx him,, but i think he just might recover from this and intact!!

thank you all so much for the many prayers!!!


Heirloom Arabian Stud
Suellen Taylor
Mike..such happy news! I am so pleased that boy is back strutting his stuff!

Still will take some time..but I know you felt relieved to see what you saw this morning!

Still sending prayers for you, MA and family! tongue.gif

TOP Of The Hill Arabians
Its nothing less than amazing to me that our horses can get over such a huge injury but they do..your boy is living prove of such things.

Mon Amir is blessed to have you to care for him and visa vera Im sure. smile.gif

Good for ya'll Mike. Yeeeeaaaaaaaaa!
You and your boys are nothing short of REMARKABLE!!!!
Cheryl L
I am happy for you. As you know the more excercise he gets, the less swelling. The toughness of the Arabian.
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Once again, i am flabergasted, by the change in just 48 hours, i sopke with my vets and told them, and both agreed, take him off all his meds, we dont want to risk a ulser, I started putting pure Vit, E on his testicles yesterday, and i have spme special medicine, that was given to me when i had canser, This medicine is designed to open blood vessels and emcourage blood circulation in cancer patients thats have had to have skin graphs, I had to have several on my face and nose,, this medicine helps to get blood to infected areas, I asked my vets about it, and i,m useing it on both testicles along with the Vit E,

Hansi, i just saw your wonderful post, YES!, you are right, i did email you and tell you, "I just cant sell this horse" there is no amount of money in the world, 3-4 times what you mentioned wouldnt buy him, i know that sounds selfish,
Mon Amir and i have been togeather 6 yrs now, In that time, we have done things and accomplished things that i cant mention here, because it would be considered bragging, As i mentioned in my email,, His last race and then his getting kicked, just convinced me that he doesnt ever need to leave here, OH, i have many many horses, mmany special ones, but not like HE and I, I have sons and daughters, yes, but i dont know what i would do with myself, especially if he went overseas and i never got to see him again, Money, cant replace, what we have, what we do, how we feel, and the bond,
I am just a old rootin tootin cowboy, but the truth is,,, the horse makes me look good around other cowboys,, does that make sence, ?? When i sit atop him, and we ride, i am no/longer a tired old man, he doesnt care about the scars on my face, or my short comings, We have rode many many rides togeather, days and days in ice and sleet and snow, charity rides for children with cancer, we have raced and DEFEATED every cowboy that dare challenge him, and each time, he has allowed me, to cross the finish line with him,,, now thats pretty special, and money cant replace that,

NO,,Hansi, my dear friend,, I cant sell him!

thank you all so very much,

what a great news ,,
im so so so so HAPPPPPPY for u laugh.gif laugh.gif
thank GOD ..
Yassmin laugh.gif laugh.gif
Tous crins
Wow Mike,

This is amazing!

Hello mike so sorry to here this. I found that putting easy boots or old mac boots helps for some protection. hope all else is well. Ken
chaswyck stud
Great News smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Mike, that is absolutely fabulous news! What an incredibly inspiring horse your Mon Amir is - and how lucky he is to have found his soulmate in you. Sell him?? Of course not!

Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery for Mon Amir!

Mike, That's wonderful news. Hansi's post certainly is an accolade, and I think if there were more people with your outlook in the horse world, horses would have a better life!God Bless. Alia
Dear Mike
Just as some people are incredibly kind there are a few that are incredibly cruel adn take their opportunity, usually via email or some cowardly effort to get you when you are down.
Take heart in knowing these are only about 1% of the arabian community, and most are supportive and genuine. They will get their just desserts in time, karma always wins in the end!
I hope your boy makes his full recovery, as Robert said, resilience!
What fantastic news that he is starting to feel like his old self!! Hopefully there will be more ups than downs from now on!!
Prayers and well wishes coming from Down Under!
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
So happy for you, Mike, and for Mon Amir !!!
Wonderful news !!

What fabulous news!!! I'm so happy to hear that Mon Amir is doing so well!! Continued prayers for him and you!

Dearest Mike and Amir,
I've checked this thread several times a day since I first read it, always with a prayer on my lips, holding my breath and hoping for a bit of good news. I am thrilled, relieved and oh so thankful for the latest developments. You know that our prayers will not stop now but will ask that this miraculous healing will continue.
God bless you both,
I'm so happy to hear that he is doing better!
My prayers are still going out for continued healing!
biggrin.gif Still praying & Jingling. biggrin.gif But now adding the Happy Dance rolleyes.gif
biggrin.gif Still praying & Jingling. biggrin.gif But now adding the Happy Dance rolleyes.gif

Oops sorry, double post. tongue.gif But hey, it's worth saying twice blink.gif
I will join you in the happy dance! laugh.gif

I've been slow to reply lately but i'm SO glad to see that he's taking a turn for the better and showing interest in the ladies, that's definately a good sign.

I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for him though. biggrin.gif

Prayers and love are both the best healing. Congrats Mike
The two of you are an unbeatable pair like no other. May you always be together in sickness and in health, in love, respect and understanding!
Wonderful news, indeed, MIke!

A lovely testament to the power of prayer and collective thoughts for good coming together.

Let's keep on praying that he heals completely and suffers no worse for the unfortunate ware!

Hopefully in no time at all he'll be back in shape again to breed mares again....cautiously of course wink.gif

We're all relieved for the both of you!

--Susan wink.gif
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Good afternoon,

I am pleased to report,Mon Amir is even better today, I have also noticed that the swelling in his sheath is going down,, I spoke to both vets today, and they are amazed at this prgress, wasnt expecting anything like this!
And even though a remote chance, we may not have to remove a testicle, and he INDEED may be able to breed, of course, not this season, and ive canceled several events, but the hope is, that as we head into fall, that we might be able to collect and check him, and then again in spring,, This is far far better than the chances they gave him just 10 days ago,

I must say, that I am elated at the hundreds and hundreds of emails, the phone calls, that i have gotten about this horrible accident and Mon Amir, YES! i did get some nasty ones, but the outpouring right here on this forum stopped every bit of them,

Ive gotten emails and phone calls from people I dont even know, and that says alot about the bond that horse peope have, and the love and emotions we share for our horses,

I am only one man, but it is my wish ,,that each and everyone of you wonderful people that have prayed for Mon Amir, that GOD,, in his wisdom, blesses you and your family many many times,

Thank you all so very much,


Heirloom Arabian Stud
Dear Mike and Mon Amir

I and everyone else on here feel great relief thet your boy is on the road to recovery. You have both suffered more than most of us can imagine and have come through it all. Good has prevailed and those that have been nasty are hopefully humbled and see the error of their ways. If they have, then even more good has come out of your adversity.

God has touched you both with His healing hand and I am sure you will have many more happy years together.

God bless.

I am so happy to hear that Mon Amir is doing better. The two of you were in my thoughts all weekend.
Amy L. Cone
Wendy B
Add me to the list of people relieved and happy to hear the good news!! Congratulations. I hope the rest of the recovery goes well.
WELL, WELL good news again. I'm not sure I can take it. biggrin.gif

wonderful news and we thank you Mike, for the blessings you have sent.

There probably isn't a one amoung us that hasn't gone through something with our animals or familiy. So, your happy news is so very well received.

Take care, I knew you guys could do it.


PS. I love suprising those vets, don't you?? laugh.gif
Mr Prospector
Hi Mike and Mon Amir

I am so happy for you guys. This is just the best news, and hopefully it will continue to get even better. Still on prayer list.

I am so pleased to read this good news biggrin.gif

Mike may we see a picture of Mon Amir please? I'd love to see him wink.gif
Nadj al Nur
Once again, great news Mike!!!! You and your boy are an inspiration to a lot of people, and the courage and devotion you both have, deserves all things good.
I have a feeling that Mon Amir will be just fine. Still praying for you both.
Desert Tag Arabians
Mike--I'm so happy to hear Amir is progressing well! He has the heart of a king, and I hope that you continue to see him getting better and better every day. I've prayed everyday for you and your stallion, and I will continue to do so.

Hello Mike!

Your report on Mon Amir is music to my ears and you already know that we are blessed just to receive the news that he is responding to treatment and healing.

Love is, and always will be, the most powerful force in the universe.

Thanks be to God for His infinite blessings!

--Susan biggrin.gif
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Thank you all once again for your prayers and posts!


I think i may have a few pictures, be glad to let the world see who they have helped and prayed for!

head shot,

Click to view attachment

Conditioning for 50 mile CTR race

Click to view attachment

head shot

Click to view attachment

Running barells @ liberty!

Click to view attachment

Thank you all ,,

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Suellen Taylor
Gotta just looooove that boy, Mike.

Sooo pleased for you! As he continues to improve, you can relax a little and get some much earned rest yourself! I worry about you too, my friend! tongue.gif

TOP Of The Hill Arabians
Carol Cooper-Hall
Dear Mike
Thank you so much for giving us updates and sharing such wonderful photos of your beloved Mon Amir. I am so very happy to hear Mon Amir is improving and continue to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers!! smile.gif
Robert 1
Hi Mike and Mon Amir !

What an awfull accident but as happy we are to hear that he will soon fully recovered ! and what a beautiful boy ! I wish you the best for your future with him ! Don't worry for his next babies... he is alive it's the most important ! Great news a lot of happiness for everybody who likes horses !!
Hi Mike,

How is Mon Amir doing today? Still sweet talkin' the ladies, no doubt! So glad to hear that he has been improving so quickly. Please keep us posted with another update!

Mike, he's beautiful--so dry and elegant. I'm sure that you feel very lucky to share your life with such an exquisite horse. It's the first time I've ever seen a picture of him. Ah! those strong, brave chestnuts.

There's an Arabic legend that describes the qualities of horses of each color. I sure wish I could remember the description for chestnuts. I know it was a good one!

So glad to hear that he's improving. Though I know the vets played an important role in helping to alleviate his pain, etc., I believe it is your mutual love and trust in one another and the powerful, caring prayers of so many that really made the difference! smile.gif

Stroke his neck for me and tell him that if I was a mare, I'd be flirting with him! He's not one of those "girly men" like our illustrous Governor refers to--he's a MANLY MAN! Ha! biggrin.gif

--Susan wink.gif
Mike- so glad to hear your boy is continuing to improve! I had lunch w/a friend today who does not read any of the forums, but I had told her about Mon Amirs' horrible injury, and she asked again today for an update. So from my friend Leslie & I, more prayers for a continued posiative progress report!

Sandy Wilt
Heirloom Arabian Stud
i havnt posted a report in a few days, i dont want to bore everyone, with daily reports,

Mon Amir continues to improve, frankly, i,m very pleased, because he wont be able to breed anymore this season, or race, i have turned him out with a nice group of mares, and he is just being a herd sire,,,lol ,Actually, hes in heaven,,and I personally think, all the herd instincts and horemones may help in his recovery, not sure, just a guess,, Although the testicles are swollen, he isnt sore, and for some reason, he has decided to protect several of the mares that are close to foaling, and he keeps the mares seperated into 2 groups, paying very close attention to a mare that is foal to him, that is due, in a few short weeks,

At this point, dont know what the future holds as far as breeding, but at least he is on the mend, i know, i really miss our early morning rides,

thank you all,

Heirloom Arabain Stud
Well, Mike.. we all get a little panicky when we don't hear.. so bore away!

Sounds like he is out of the woods now (so I won't worry any more if we don't hear) and the rest, you will find out later in the year or next year. Being out with the mares will keep him busy, since he can't breed for awhile and can't go riding.. and sounds like he is taking his new job seriously.

He may just enjoy being a horse for awhile.. a pampered horse!! biggrin.gif

Glad to hear...


Great pictures, by the way!! Thanks for posting.
I haven't been on line for a few days and am so pleased to read your good news, Mike.

I hope Mon Amir makes a full recovery and you can resume your early morning rides.

The stallion I mentioned before made a complete recovery; for several days it was in the balance whether he would lose a testicle as it was spilt wide open but it healed perfectly.

Good luck.

Heirloom Arabian Stud
I,m tickled to report, Mon amir continues to improve, sweling is going down, and we can see and examine the hurt testicle, vets observed normal movement, and we are very hopefull,
Also, i may be able to start rideing him again by the end of the month,, Gonna miss his Sept race, but still really good news!!!

thanks everyone,

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Nadj al Nur
That's great Mike !! Keep the reports coming.
I KNEW YOU BOTH COULD DO IT!!!! The best medicine is your partnership! smile.gif
Carol Cooper-Hall
Oh Mike, that is such FABULOUS news about your beloved Mon Amir!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
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