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Suellen Taylor
Oh Mike..I am so sorry about all of this..and don't let some people get under your skin..I know it is tough, but you can do it!

As for Mon Amir, you already know what I think, so I won't bore anyone with it..but I will say this: Mon Amir is one heck (insert stronger word here..LOL) of a horse..and he is deserving of any thoughts and prayers sent his way...period!

Mike, remember what I said about time..and his moving around is the best medicine, especially with his girls so close! So glad to hear he is eating a little, too!

Hang in there...we are all out here rooting for you..maybe even more so than with Rocky..chin up..and "get em boy". tongue.gif

TOP Of The Hill Arabians
elsbet is right.
Whoever is sending you negative emails needs to take a hike. They obviously have never experienced the love and bonding that a sE stallion and his human can have for one another so who cares what they think?
Its obvious your giving your stallion tender loving care Mike because any idiot can see that you love him from reading your posts and your not new to horses are you? That means youve got a clue right?
So I dont see what the problem is.
Tell those jerks to piss off and at least let us know whether hes getting better or not so those of us who care what happens to your horse can pray accordingly for him..please.
If you dont post here by tomorrow Ill email you and check on yall myself.
Dear Mike,

PLEASE keep posting here, or at least provide a link to your own site that you mentioned.

Those of us who have had a STRONG BOND with a SE horse, especially a stallion, KNOW what you are talking about!

My OWN story:

When I went to hospital in 1995, (I had Surgery) my stallion, El Matrabb(Matt), would NOT eat while I was gone! I was in hospital for 5 days. No one at home would tell me, but as soon as I arrived home, they told me to go and see him, that he would NOT eat. As soon as he heard my voice, before he even saw me, he was hollering for me. He ran right over to the fence and put his nose out to touch mine (Something we always did!) Then he let out a huge sigh and let me rub his face for a few minutes, before he set about eating his supper! After all he must have been hungry! I could tell a dozen more stories about this guy, all very similar about the close bond we shared.

When he was critically injured in 2003, of a ruptured bowel from a rectal check by a (lousy)vet, I loaded him in the trailer and was trying to rush him to the vet hospital 3 hours away. On the way I had to stop for gas. At the gas station, he was restless in the trailer, so I opened the drop down window, and told him that I was there for him. He reached his head and neck out as far as he could but couldn't reach me. I pulled myself up alongside the trailer and he touched my nose 3 times in quick succession. I closed the window, and we raced on in the night for the vet hospital. I felt him go down sometime later, and when we got there, he was dead - bled out internally! I used to think that he was begging me for help! Later I realized that he was saying good-bye. I am sometimes comforted remembering that he KNEW that I was there for him, KNEW that I was trying my best to get him the help that he needed and that he kissed (touching noses) me goodbye.

Mike, DO NOT let anyone tell you any different. Unless someone has HAD a bond like this with a horse they DO NOT understand it! They do NOT understand the helplessness we feel when our beloved animal is hurting. But. Mike, there are others out there, many more, that WANT to hear about you and your stallion, about his progress and your bond with him.

PLEASE let all of US know how you and Mon Amir are doing! PLEASE!

Mike, I know you and I have butted heads in the past, but horses are horses and I truly hope Mon Amir pulls through this with flying colors. That bond is amazing, and one few people are lucky enough to experience.... it will do nothing but help his healing and recovery. I can't imagine the level people have to drop to in able to send hate mail about something like this sad.gif There are truly trolls among us.

Hang in there and know there are alot of people you wouldn't expect pulling for him (and you as well) to get through this.

Silly little trolls. Great people have always
been beset by tiny weak minds.

I'd be willing to bet there are more understanding
and caring forum folks here pulling for you than
those trolls...don't waste your time or energy
with them, Mon Amir needs your strength.
There is no bond like the buddy bond to keep
you going through the roughest time.

I will say two prayers today...

Heirloom Arabian Stud
While, i understand there is far more good, than bad on this forum, I wonder and worry about peoples l jealousy, and hatred, Ive been a member of this forum for many years, and in 2003 i posted a story,,written in my own hand, bad spelling, about this boy saving my life, In the thread, i got 16-17 responces, all nice, I got twice as many negitive emails calling me a out and out lier,
Once again, i am faced with the jealous and negitive people that try and ruin a horse, and say horrible things, The thing now that differs, is that I have had 4 more years with this horse, and the bond has gotten better,, and watching him get hurt, is like watching your child, get hit by a car but in slow motion,,
And not to be rude, but he and i get out there and do, what most sit at home and think and dream about,

Donna, i appreciate your post, NO, we havnt butted heads, i just think in the past you didnt get to hear both sides, and i cant fault you for your opnion, nor your comments, the fact that you spoke here. speaks volumes for whats in your heart!

What i do know, and what are facts, My horse is sick, and a freak accident happened, he is important to me, and he is important within preservation groups, but most of all, we are dealing with another life, and abiet, not famous,just as important!

thank you all for the womderful supportive posts,

Dear Mike

There are some nasty twisted people around, we have all met them from time to time, but you just have to rise above it and ignore them. How anyone can be negative when your beloved horse is injured is beyond me. Even those who are not friends should have the decency to put personal animosity aside at a time of trouble and hold out the hand of friendship.

Please ignore the sad sickos who just want to score points and take strength from all of us who are praying for Mon Amir. Give him lots of hugs and kisses and tell how many people are praying for his recovery and willing him to get better.

With very best wishes.

Hello Mike,

We don't know each other, I live on the other side of the world, in Australia. But I know what you are going through. I have lived through the same thing myself, only my stallion was a 75% egyptian not a SE............not that it makes any difference. These horses are our lives.

Like you my Raz & I had lived through lifes problems together, I had shown him across 3 states of Australia, raced him..............& as with yourself, he was my best friend.

My Raz recovered from his kick, although one testicle was dead. I later had him collected which showed the living testicle was producing enough motile sperm for him to be fertile. He later proved this himself.

I never really thought about life without him, until he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He hardest thing I have ever done was to tidy him up one last time so that he could be put down. He lies near a pretty creek on our property. But his death was many years after the kick that injured him so badly.

So please do not give up on Mon Amir. He is tougher than you realise. My thoughts are with you, hang in there.

Debbie Comini, Australia
Mike, please ignore any negative or jealous responses you get from these idiots. Just pity them, and pity them because they have obviously never experienced the special bond you have with Amir, and sadly they will never be open to such communication. In their small minds, they cannot understand or interpret such a strong unison, therefore they have to be nasty and disrespectful.

Still praying for Amir, and hoping he feels much better very soon.

Carla, xx.
Cheryl L
You just keep on posting Mike. I don't care what anyone else says. I will never understand why some people are so nasty. We are like a huge family, while we don't always agree, we still pull together when need be.
Now I am going to threaten you. If you don't keep posting about the progress of Mon Amir, you are going to have a LOT of emails to answer. So bottom line, you keep posting and we won't spam your email account laugh.gif .
Hugs to Mon Amir,
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Quick update,
One of my vets stopped by here this evening, and brought another vet with him to see this horrific accident, he examined Mon amir again, and wasnt happy with his progress, {I thought he was doing better} They changed Mon Amirs meds and put him on steroids and lasics, and powdered SMZ,

there may be light at the end of the tunnel,

Thank you all once again!!

Dear Mike,
So sorry to hear of this awful accident. Our best to you and Amir and know we are thinking of your trials and our prayers are with you.
Dear Mike:

I've just read through this thread and am astonished that anyone could be anything but sympathetic to your horse's horrible accident and the pain both he and you are going through at this time.

Considering how susceptible to injury or worse, both animals and handlers can be during live cover, I've always felt that often it as nearlly as dangerous as walking into a cage of lions and tigers.

My hope is that your horse will fully recover from this event and that he will continue to be your companiion in this journey through life.

Dear Mike,

I'm shocked that you are getting nasty emails.

You just ignore those people and keep thinking positive thoughts! Don't wait any thought on those!!!


QUOTE (Heirloom Arabian Stud @ Jul 25 2007, 06:29 PM)
Id like to say something ,,if i may?  and dont mean to be rude, nor am i in any way advertizing a plug for my stallion,  after all, he may not be a stallion when all this is said and done,,

Along with the wonderful emails, i,m getting some pretty nasty ones,  this is sad,  very sad, that people are so jeallous, or think so bad about themselves, that they would pick a time like this and say negitive things,

let me say this, and i will be forever quiet,

This post. is not just about any horse, he is MY horse and my partner, he has saved my life a few years ago, he has carried me all over the wilderness, thru ice and sleet and brought me back home each time,  In his own way, he has represented every Se horse ,, that has ever been talked about, or put down, In every endever, every race, every trail ride, he has remained the  represenitive that he so proudly carries in his veins, and he has carried the torch, for all and any of you, that cant get out there and do this kind of stuff!  We are bonded at the H I P,, and its an uncanny bond,, not a brag, but the truth,  when i had cancer, this stallion wouldnt eat, paced the stall,  At the time, i wasnt allowed at the barn fearing infection,  Our remedy was for me to sit in front of his stall, in the barn yard so he could see me, and he calmed down,,We went thru this again in 2005 at the EE, everynight, i would get called back to his stall, everynight,  and as soon as he saw me, and we took a walk, he was fine,,

Again, not trying to be rude,, but my reply to every negitive email, has been the same,, " come see for yourself" and "come ride with me" 
While i sit in tears reading all the wonderful posts, theres always got to be someone that is jealous or thinks, i,m telling a fib!

I appreciate all the wonderful posts, and they do help me get thru this,,

This will be my last post,

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Mr Prospector
Dear Mike

I am so sorry to hear about Mon Amir's accident. I have been in tears about it. I know only too well the bond between a stallion and his human, because I had that with my boy Eternal Strangers. I know how much your heart must be breaking for him in his pain and what courage he has to have come this far. He is lucky to have you as much as you are lucky to have him. And he does know you are doing the best for him. Horses are always so much smarter and knowledgable that many people give them credit for.

You horse is a horse of rare courage. He is special because you make him special and he makes you special. While he is still alive, he will always be like this and I know that you would put his life value above his breeding value.

My prayers are with you. Forget the trolls. You are only feeding them in even reading their e-mails etc., don't even read them. You have a delete button - use it. If I could hug you and him now, I would. So I am sending cyber hugs to you.

Carol Cooper-Hall
Dear Mike
I am shocked and saddened to hear you are receiving nasty emails. I honestly don't understand why people do such things? unsure.gif But as Carol Maginn mentioned above (and other members), please just ignore those people, which I know is easier said then done at times, and to think positive. You have many many friends that are wishing only the best and saying endless prayers for you and for Mon Amir's recovery. We are here for you and your beloved Mon Amir!! smile.gif
This is for Mike and Amir

Click to view attachment

We ALL are praying for a healthy and total recovery!
I am in tears for you and Amir.
It is even worse that in your time of need people are so horrible as to do something like that. There are always those people out there who take every oppertunity to prey on those in times of trouble.
Fear them not for all those who know and love you, those that are moved by your story, or those that simply wish to help, will lift you and Amir up so that you do not have to bear such disregard and rudness alone!
My prayers and best wishes to Amirs speedy recovery.
My best hopes that people will stop with such hateful comments.
Desert Tag Arabians
There are prayers going up all over the world for this horse, Mike, and the power of prayer can be a mighty thing indeed. In fact, there are a lot of people praying for you and Mon Amir right now and you don't even know it--people who haven't posted here, but have you in their thoughts and prayers.

I can't imagine why or who would be so low to send you such hateful mail in such a heart-wrenching time....I think the advice to ignore them is very good advice. When you compare the emails to the many people who are rooting for you and Mon Amir now, the hateful emails are very small in perspective.
More prayers............
Heirloom Arabian Stud
I thank of all of you once again and I know Mon Amir thanks you,

This morning he was worse, swelling and a fever, because of some severe storms here last night i put him up, and it made him worse, We expect ups and down,s but i do worry so, if we have fever,,,,

thanks so much

Still here for you with prayers & (((((((HUGS)))))) & Jingle, Jingle, Jingle. cool.gif
Thank you for sharing your pain with us, Mike, and for allowing us to support you. You've been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I read about your horrific accident.

Believe me when I say that the love and prayers of our support networks are powerful in ways we sometimes can't even imagine. Miracles do happen, Inshallah. We've just experienced tragic circumstances here which have experienced a sudden and very miraculous turnaround.

Remember to visualize and "see" exactly what you want to happen for your equine soulmate and let him know you believe that he can heal. He'll understand. And divine order will prevail.

We're all with you in spirit...

InshAllah everything will be fine ..
praying for u ,,
Dear Mike, It's unbelievable that anyone could write nasty messages about ANY distress, a very sad reflection on the part of the senders, but THEIR problem, not yours, if they have such awful attitudes. Ignore them, and be strong for your lovely horse. God Bless you both, prayers and good wishes, Alia
Hi Mike,

Several years ago my POA stallion was kicked by a mare. She got him in the shaft and did not break the skin fortunately but did break a major vein and he had the most awful looking swelling! He could not retract the shaft (the lump was the size of a soft ball) and we had to construct a sling of sorts to hold him up. Cold water for 15 minutes 3 times a day for nearly 4 months as well as some antibiotics at the start. He was 26 years old when that happened.

He got better eventually even at that old age so I hope your boy can get through this as well.

Accidents happens so quickly with all the safety measures in place.

I hope both you and Mon Amir get through this OK.

Thinking about you and Amir this morning.......hoping that you are both hanging in there. More prayers......
Yes, very much on all our minds. I hope you got my PM? Best wishes, Alia
I am so very sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone heard from Mike today?
Mike posted on his board that Mon Amir did not have a fever this AM biggrin.gif with no other details. Hopefully the worst is over, the prayers are working & Mon Amir is on his way to recovery. laugh.gif
Dear Mike and Amir,

I too just read this thread and Let me tell you that any negative e-mails regarding this particular or any other misfortune to your horse or for that matter any other should automatically be filrd in the Loooney Bin. First of all, accidents happen with the best of preventive measures.....there are times when even the gentlest of mares have a brain fart and crap happens.....happened to us as well and our youngster was terrorized and now has some serious libido have a stallion injured to such a nasty degree is unforseeable and unpreventable short of not using him at all via live cover. That has been done for thousands of years so it is an accepted risk.

Let me just say that both you and your stallion deserve accolades for spreading the value of SE's all over the US and now perhaps all over the world.....It is to me uncoscionable that anyone would even think of sending any post or e-mail that is not supportive...we are in the end a very select community of horse loving people and we all must handg together not throw accusations and BS at each other.
I am not much of a praying person but in this case I as a sort of prodigal believer will most certainly send one in your direction.. Both You and Amir deserve respect and admiration not negative BS..
With Highest Regards,
PS. I had such a bond with Kazmeen Ibn Shiko and now his son is doing the very same thing to me.....he has gotten under my skin seriously...I truly understand your attachement and mutual respect, may many of us share such an experience and the whole world would be kinder and nicer place......I know when I am in the arena with Bahir, every other care disapears ..........if only for a short time.....sure is better than booze or medicine......
Thanks for reassuring us, God Willing things continue to go well.
Heirloom Arabian Stud
I,m sorry for not posting sooner,

I did post on my forum, that this morning at daylight,, Mon Amir seemed fine and fever free, however about midday, he took a turn for the worse, high fever, and off his feed and not himself, I gave him pain meds, and sprayed him down, and treated the testicles with ice packs, the hurt testicle seems to be inflamed as well as his private part,,,, {sorry} waiting on the vets, I kept hoseing him down, and had several fans on him, and finally, this evening, the fever broke again and he was eating hay, no grain, just hay and he was up and alert, Things do look better tonight,


Thank you so much for your post, and everyone else as well, I,m at my wits end, so i dont know how to thank and answer everyone!

Nadj al Nur
No need Mike. Just know that we are with you.
Mike, wishing you both all the best, healing thoughts to your wonderful boy, take no heed to those sad people with nothing better to do, I am amazed at the way some people carry on, Mandy gbfahne.gif
He probably doesn't need grain at the moment unless he is thin, just plenty of hay/haylage and lots of cool water + mega reassurance which I know you will give him.

Remind him of how many people from all over the world are rooting for him and wishing him well. I know horses have recovered well from similar injuries and I am sure Mon Amir will too.

Blessings to you both and a hug for little Rocky.

No need to answer Mike, just trying to convey our support, but if you CAN lay your hands on Traumeel either injectable or oral, do give him some-it should help God Willing,and is not contra indicated with other medications unless blood thinners are being given. Same for Arnica. God Bless..
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Once again, I wish to thank all of you for your emails and posts,
Mon Amir, seems to be in better shape today, he has sparked up, seems to be bright eyed and is talking to the ladys, Today, he didnt have to gave any pain meds, and although swollen, he seemed to be back to hisself,
it really is nice, to see the old flame flicker in his eyes, One of his antics, is for him to bump me in the back with his nose, today, he did that, just as sneaky as always, he gives me this push, as a gesture, when he thinks, i am ignoring him,

Thank you all,

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Nadj al Nur
THAT is the best thing I've heard all day !!!!! Great news Mike.I really hope he is over the worst and on the mend.
PS I concurr with Princess Alia on the Traumeel and Arnica. Have used both, with good results.
Robert 1
Mike, I am so glad he is feeling better. I have been praying for you all!!!
Continued prayers for a quck recovery.
Gina, Jamie, Mandy and Justin Dupree
Cheryl L
That is great Mike. I really appreciate you taking the time to keep us up to date on Mon Amirs' progress. I will keep sending healing thoughts and prayers.
Oh thats great news Mike and what every you are doing, keep it up for it sure is doing the job...keep us posted. smile.gif
Dear Mike

I am so happy to hear this, was worried sick.Those Ses are tougher than nails, eh, its us who go down on our knees faster and get back up slower, eh.

Take care
hansi biggrin.gif
I am so glad Amir feels more like himself, you must be so happy biggrin.gif

Wishing you and Amir positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Carla, xx. gbfahne.gif
That is fantastic news< Mike, but I am sure he will have his "down" moments as well but it really sounds as if he is on the mend.

The power of prayer and positive vibes plus all your care work wonders.

Give him a big hug from all his friends everywhere.

Thank God, Very glad he is feeling humourous again. Best wishes.
Dear Princess alia

It is so wonderful that also you entered your prayers and good wishes.
I know Mike personally, hard working, humble and very honest man.
His horses eat before he and his family, and I mean this literally.

He has a young son who is one of the most polite,well mannered youngsters I have met, also a very good rider and hard worker.

Remember time ago I posted about that "Hidalgo" horse praising him with over 3000 hard riding hours under his hoofs? that was "Mon Amir" Mike's super stallion.
I have photos of this excellent stallion, being ridden through various terrains and actually persuated Mike to sell him abroad for a low 50,000 and a fraction of his worth, which would have helped his family etc, while some bad luck this year plagued them too.. But now Mike wrote me" I can never sell Amir, never part from him, he is like my "hip" attached to me for life". Now if this is not love for a horse, horses, I dont know what is. My prayers go out to him, his family and of course the incredible "Mon Amir".

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Great news!! You both will better handle the rest of the healing process when you have good days thrown in with the bad.

Take care of yourself and that horse!! (We know you are).

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