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Heirloom Arabian Stud
Dear Friends,

We need your prayers, please,

yesterday, during a routine "live cover" breeding, and takeing all the precautions as well, Our senior stallion, Mon Amir got kicked horrible in the testicles, his right to be more specific,
We at first thought the mare had broke his leg, as he went to the ground makeing all kinds of horrid noises, When we finally did get him up and back to his stall he went down, and it was then that i saw the swelling and damage,
2 vets worked on him till late in the night, Both feel, he will lose the use of one testicle, and possibly the other, the pain and swelling looks like something out of a horror movie, Surgery to remove the damaged testicle is in the future as soon as swelling and health problems are better, and it may be sometime before we ccan collect him to see whats happened to the other, Right now, we are trying to get him thru this, hopeing for no fever, or infection, or no hernia !
I am still in shock ,

I know many members here know this stallion, and all his adventures and races and i wanted to ask that you keep him in your prayers,

thank you all so much!

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Carol Cooper-Hall
Dear Mike and all at Heirloom Arabian Stud
I can't begin to imagine what you are going through, such an awful accident. sad.gif I will be keeping you all, and most importantly your dear beloved Mon Amir, in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to keep us updated. sad.gif

Sending a Guardian Angel for Mon Amir & Mike:
Dear Mike

I am sick to my stomach to hear this, how terrible. I know you take all precautions, but we only let our studs mount from the side and have the mare's head tied up way high so that she can not kick, or at least reach the stud.
We did so much breeding and never once had an accident or problem.
But I guess even under the best of circumstances something can happen.
I feel so bad and so sorry that this happened to Amir.

May be your vets can save the testicles, cant you get him into the clinic?

For certain will I include him in my prayers. Keep us posted please.

Warm regards
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms

You and your stallion will be in my
prayers tonight.

A safe and speedy recovery to him.

Kind Regards,


I dont know you but I can relate to what you are saying here.
I had a old stallion several years ago. He was great with the girls but one day a mare kicked him square on right in the testicals anyway.

His sheath and scrotum area swole up the size of a basketball maybe even larger than that, I kid you not. It was almost unbelieveable how swollen that area became and you know that had to hurt ALOT.
It was hard to keep my composure the next day when that area swole up abut the swelling did go down after about a week and he got over it with seemingly no ill effects. I let him move around all he wanted to which wasnt alot at first because he was in quite a bit of pain as you can just imagine but after a day or two he began to get around better and that helped.
This summer heat isnt going to help the matter.
Does your stallion have a fan in his stall down low to help keep the air circulating around those jewels and possibley get the air temp down a degree or two?
I can only hope your stallion has the same outcome as mine did.

Id just like to say, if AT ALL possible, dont give up on those testes yet, let him heal and check his sperm count after that.

Good luck and Ill be thinking positive about the outcome to this. smile.gif

Troy aka Bandit
I am soooo sorry for you, and I pray that your stallion recovers!!!!

I have read a lot of your posting about how much he means to you and your family, and what accomplishments he has done for you.

Take care and I hope he recovers fully and healthy.

Desert Tag Arabians
Mike--I am sorry to hear this. I know how devastating this must be to you; Amir is a one in a million stallion, and has proven himself over and over. I'll be praying hard for your boy, and keeping you and him in my thoughts. PLEASE keep us up-dated. This will weigh heavy on my mind and heart until I know how he's doing.

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Dear Friends,
Thank you all so much,

We also mount from the side, and only after yet more teaseing and courting, Mon Amir is a gentle stallion, this was a freak thing, dont know why, but as soon as he tried to mount, the mare spun into him and the distance was perfect, She is an outside mare, but not known to kick, We had already serviced 2 mares and whamb! !

Needless to say, he wont be breeding anymore this season, nor doing any hard rideing,

The swelling is horrible, like a basketball,, and we worry about colic from pain and infection becuse there was so much blood and fluid, Vet wasnt possitive, but thinks the one testicle is severed, We wont know now for months,
I am exhausted, been up all night with him, ice packs and water hose,

Anyone on here that knows me, knows that this is MY BOY, my partner in all my adventures, saved my life a few years ago, So its emotional for me, that he at least get thru this, and I will worry about his breeding future later, Thank God he has some SE sons and daughters,

I am really upset, and hard to post, so ill go for now,, thank you all again!

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Nadj al Nur
So sorry to hear this.You must be exhausted. Will be praying for your boy.
Mike, bless your heart! What a terrible freak accident - and poor Mon Amir! You and your beloved boy are in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that he heals up and is back to his old self very soon.

My best,

Dear Mike,

I dont know you, but my thoughts are with you and I hope and pray your beautiful boy gets over this.

Cate gbfahne.gif
Oh Mike!
I am so sorry so hear this. I will keep you and your boy in my thoughts and prayers!!
We all know how live cover can be scarey and frustrating at times and we try not to think about these situations- but it can happen to anyone!
I know alot will be said and discussed with you and your vets, but I know you will do what ever is best for your boy. And we all know how much you love him!
Keep us updated- and time will only tell.

Sorry to hear about the awful accident with your stallion. If it is of any comfort, many years ago our old stallion Al Jahimm (now deceased) was kicked in the testicles. They also swelled up to the size of a baseball and he was in the vet hospital for two weeks where they had him on a drip. The end result was that his right testicle was inoperable, but his left more than made up for it. I do so hope your boy ends up with the same result or better.
All the best
Dear Mike & Mon Amir
(((((((Hugs)))))))) & prayers from this board too.
Sometimes, no matter what, bad things happen. A FWIW for those of you saying "I'd never live cover" Just this week a very well loved WB Sportshorse stallion was at the Vets being collected, somehow as he dimounted the phantom he got his leg caught & broken. Repair surgery was unsucessful & he was lost. Last year a stallion coming off a phantom lost his balance & went over backwards hit his head & died. sad.gif
I'll be worring over the both of you. Mike, remember to take the best care of yourself FIRST. Mon Amir doesn't need you to worry yourself sick. Let all of us do the worring for you, so you can be strong to care for your boy. smile.gif
Jingle, Jingle, Jingle.

I'm so sorry to hear about your stallion. Hopefully he's not in too much pain and they can get him fixed up soon. Whether or not he can breed again is one thing, but I know it's so hard to see your friend not at 100%.

I'll cross my fingers for his outcome.

Heirloom Arabian Stud
I want to thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart, Words alone cannot express how I feel,, I have gotten phone calls and emails from all over the world,, each and everyone is so cherished, Today, he has taken a turn for the worse, the swelling is so so bad, and he is very hot, and in so much pain,

I,m gonna stick with him, and i will take care of myself,, we must remember, this is the horse that saved my life a few years ago, this is the horse, that fretted and refused to eat, when cancer got me down and i couldnt go to the barn, he has been my partner and side kick in all our adventures for 6 years, SO, NO!! I wont leave him!

Thank you all so very much,

Heirloom arabian stud
Oh, no Mike, NOT what I meant at all. Just that WE should do the worring so YOU can stay strong & POSITIVE for your soul mate. You need to be with Mon Amir not collapsed in a hospital bed. More (((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Jingle,Jingle, Jingle..
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( MIKE and MON AMIR )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I'm soo sorry this has happened. I hope that he has a speedy recovery. Poor dear. sad.gif

~ Charity
Mike, if he can walk and the vets say its ok, can you get him to walking even a little to help with the swelling?

Today, does he have a temperature?

Is he eating and drinking water?
Dear Mike

I feel you got to get him into the Hospital, I would. They can monitor him day and night, can give him pain killers, etc. might drain the fluid./blood etc.etc.
I know it is expensive but may be all of us can jump in and help with it.
Bill and I would at once.

To all other well-wishers. What do you think, could you all help out a bit?

Mike let us know your intention, I think we all are there to help.

Big hugs
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
My heart goes out to you and your lovely Amir! What a terrible thing to happen! These horses though, they are amazing...... I will hope and pray for a miracle. Many hugs and prayers are going out to you!

Avalondales Egyptian Arabians

You and Mon Amir are in our prayers...This really breaks me heart as I know how worried and upset you must be... Your Mon Amir is a wonderful stallion a true ambassador to the breed and a one of a kind friend.... If there is anything Tim or I can do for you please don't hestitate.. Again, you are both in our prayers as this sounds like it is going to be a long recovery... Take care of you both...Don't get discouraged and try to stay positive as that is really important to his recovery...Just remember he is more than a stallion and as stated before truly one in a million. Love to you and Mon Amir.... Tracy and Tim
Dear Mike,

My deep sympathy to you and my strong prayers to Amir that he will recover. I'm sure you are doing everything you can to lessen his pain and help him heal. Sometimes the most horrible injury is miraculously overcome because people care so deeply and believe so strongly in healing.

That poor baby! sad.gif

Hopefully he will heal and may be able to breed again. Please do keep us informed--we are all joining our hearts and minds for his healing and recovery.

Blessings to you and Amir

Heirloom Arabian Stud
I sit and type thru tears, as i read all the posts, the emails, and the phone calls i have got, just in the last few hours, ''
What can i say? I dont know how to respond,,, to say "thank you" isnt enough, there really isnt any written words to describe how i feel,
Mon Amir, is getting the best care that we can give him, living in this rural area, I am constantly with him, and as My friend, i think he knows i am suffering with him,

I want thank you all again,

Nadj al Nur
I am sure he does know......they always know. There is a lot of power in positive thought and the prayers being sent your way, and there are a lot of them. Keep strong Mike. We're with ya.

So sorry to hear about your poor stallions testicles. BUT! I have a friend who had the very SAME thing happen and the stallion fully recovered. I would like for you to talk with her about this... Going to see if I can find your contact info and have my friend call you...

Keeping fingers crossed for his full recovery...

Dear Mike and Mon Amir

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am sure Mon Amir knows how much you care and your presence will help to heal him.

A stallion I know had the same thing happen; they thought he would lose his testicles but he recovered fully and is fertile although he is not available to outside mares any more.

I pray that Mon Amir will recover fully. The important thing is to reduce his pain, keep him infection free and try to keep his spirits up which I am sure you and your vet are doing.

God bless you both.

Jenny Lees
gbfahne.gif Mike I wish you and Mon Amir all the best at this very difficult time. Stay with him as much as you can it will give him comfort and encouragement.
love to both of you,

I don't know you, but my heartfelt sympathy goes to you and your beautiful boy, what a horrible accident, and every stallion owners nightmare.

Amir couldn't wish for a better caretaker, so healing thoughts going to your boy for a speedy recovery.

Carla, xx. gbfahne.gif
Dear Mike,

I only know you from this site, but my best wishes, and prayers are with both you and Mon Amir during his recovery. Stallions especially really depend on their one special person, so I am glad that you are able to be with him through his ordeal. I'm sure that he DOES know how much you care and that you are doing everything within your power to help him.

Hugs to you and Mon Amir!

Kimberli Nelson
Mike, All Mon Amirs sisters here in Arizona are holding prayer meeting tonight. I think I heard one of them say someting about a vudo mare doll but I could not be sure. They love their brother and so do all of us here on the forum. Hang in there with your brave stallion, he will be well. Hugs and shared tears for both you and Mon Amir. Kimberli
Dear Mike, like many others I too feel I know you and your boy from your posts on this forum. You must be very ,very worried for your best mate, Mon Amir, I feel your pain & I know I am not alone. sad.gif
Poor Mon Amir will look much worse before he starts to look better, trust me when I tell you this. I worked at a farm who had a horse with an injury not unlike what your Mon Amir has now and looking at the swelling I would never in a million years thought a horse, or any thing else for that matter , could recover from this.
WELL this horse did but it took alot of time and I mean ALOT of time. This horse seemed to look worse before he started to look better and at the time the vets were expecting the worst due to them never having to deal with something as bad as this before. Just make Mon Amir as comfortable as you can with pain killers ( bute) etc and don't forget to give him lots of hugs and long talks , he will enjoy you just being there and this will also help him to heal...((((((big hugs)))))) to you both.
I will light a candle and say few prayers for you and Mon Amir. May he recover quickly and the pain diminish quickly.

Dear Mike, and all you sweet, supporting forum members....

God must be smiling at the outpouring of love and concern not only for his two-legged creation, but for the glorious stallion he created!

Amir, I know you feel our love! Trust Mike, dear sweet horse! He is there for you and won't let you down! Be strong and don't give up!

--Susan sad.gif
chaswyck stud
Dear Mike,
I am absolutley devastated to hear of your horrible accident, sad.gif and sincerely hope and pray that everything will be o.k. for your beautiful Mon Amir. I'm a great believer in the power of positive thoughts, so with everyone thinking and praying for you both, I'm sure only good things will happen smile.gif
Please take care of yourself and God bless you both.
I am just ill to hear what has happened.
I have seen a horse almost skinned to the bone from front leg to the back leg that recovered. So, there is hope. I just hope that endless endurance and strength your boy has carries you both through. And I know you will do all you can to help.

I'm pulling and praying for you both.

Cheryl L
Mike and Amir,
I am wishing you both the best of luck healing. What a horrible accident. I have seen pictures of a stallions pen*s nearly ripped off and the testicles savaged and he healed well enough to breed mares again.
Mike, I don't know you in person but I do know you through your posts and just wanted to say I am thinking of you and your beloved Amir. TIme is a wondeful healer and where there is a will there is a way.

Stay strong for Amir, he will pick up on your strengh and be stronger for it.

Hugs to Rocky too.

Vera x
Mike and Dale, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Healing prayers going up!!
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Once agin, I sign on here this morning and I am so deeply touched by the outpouring of these wonderful posts, the emails, phone calls,
I almost, didnt post about this here, i have a forum of my own, and most news about our adventures and such, i just post it there, But when i thought about it, There are many many members here that know Mon Amir, and many friends on here as well,
What has touched me so much, It seems that on this forum, we can have fights, disagree, all sorts of things, but when another member has troubles, EVERYONE, puts the fighting aside and joins togeather truly concerned about the horse, i guess we all have that in common, And in times like these, I am very proud to be a part of such a wonderful family of people and this forum,
i have gotten phone calls, emails from all over the world, from people who dont really know me, but deeply care, and from people who do know myself and this stallion and our many stories and unusual bond! And it really touches my heart in so many wonderful ways,

Mon Amir, is about the same this morning, swelling also, we do seem to have the fever under control, It breaks my heart, to watch him, he tries to act like the proud stud, bow his neck all up, but because of the swelling, he just drags his back legs,
When i checked on him this morning at daylight, he was knee deep in grass eating and a gentle rain has been faling all night, i figured the cool night air, and the rain would be much better than stall confinment! I have several wonderful vets helping me with him, and we are trying to avoid a hospital or clinic stay, because Mon Amir doesnt do well if we are seperated for any length of time, and both vets know this,! The swelling is in both testicles now and into the sheath, looks like a monster between his legs, It breaks my heart, but at least he is alive!

Once again, I do want to thank all you wonderful people, I wish i could address each post, and each email, but please know that i appreciate all of you,

Heirloom Arabian Stud
Dear Mike,
I know that, for those of us devoted to our horses, there is no greater emotional trauma or worry than when one of them is ill or injured. I add my fervent prayers to all of those being said by the good members of this forum. May blessed healing come to Mon Amir and peace of mind to you.
In deep concern,
Robert 1
Hi Mike,
We were out of town taking mares to our stallion to be bred and I didn't get a chance to see this until this morning.
Keep the faith that you and Mon Amir have built together and don't give up as he would never give up on you, I have seen many things happen with these Arabian horses over the last forty odd years and felt several times in the early years that this would never be right but, Dr. Jane Crane a horse breeder who I bought my first Arabian from told me that the Arabian has the greatest resilience of any horse in the world and after several recovered from tragic happenings I never forgot the word resilience with the Arabian Horse.
Mon Amir will be okay Mike, all of our prayers are with you and him.
Robert, Kelly, Dale, Claudia
Echo Hill Arabians
Blue Pyramid
I had long heard that there is a special bond that is created between a stallion and the person they select to be their human partner. But I never really understood what that meant until Himself came to live with me and the bond was created. To have a proud, prancing stallion gentle in your hand, to have him subtly put himself between you and a visiting stranger, to hear him call when you pull in the driveway and come to the gate to greet you. . . but most especially, to look into his eyes and know he loves you. I love my mares, but there is an extra something with my stallion. I know it is so with you and your boy.

I will keep a prayer in my heart for you and Amir.

Good, good, good. Im glad you turned him out in the cool of the night last night to move around on his own. smile.gif

Keep up the good work and please give us daily reports on how he is doing. smile.gif

I HOPE the worst is behind him now but Im sure wed all like to hear how he is doing from day to day for the next week or so or until the swelling starts to go down. smile.gif

Take care of yourself too. You know he senses what your feeling so try your best to be happy and relaxed when your with him smile.gif smile.gif

If he sees you upset this isnt going to help him.

I know you know these things but sometimes we all need to be reminded of things when the going gets rough and I know this is really rough on both of you right now. smile.gif
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Id like to say something ,,if i may? and dont mean to be rude, nor am i in any way advertizing a plug for my stallion, after all, he may not be a stallion when all this is said and done,,

Along with the wonderful emails, i,m getting some pretty nasty ones, this is sad, very sad, that people are so jeallous, or think so bad about themselves, that they would pick a time like this and say negitive things,

let me say this, and i will be forever quiet,

This post. is not just about any horse, he is MY horse and my partner, he has saved my life a few years ago, he has carried me all over the wilderness, thru ice and sleet and brought me back home each time, In his own way, he has represented every Se horse ,, that has ever been talked about, or put down, In every endever, every race, every trail ride, he has remained the represenitive that he so proudly carries in his veins, and he has carried the torch, for all and any of you, that cant get out there and do this kind of stuff! We are bonded at the H I P,, and its an uncanny bond,, not a brag, but the truth, when i had cancer, this stallion wouldnt eat, paced the stall, At the time, i wasnt allowed at the barn fearing infection, Our remedy was for me to sit in front of his stall, in the barn yard so he could see me, and he calmed down,,We went thru this again in 2005 at the EE, everynight, i would get called back to his stall, everynight, and as soon as he saw me, and we took a walk, he was fine,,

Again, not trying to be rude,, but my reply to every negitive email, has been the same,, " come see for yourself" and "come ride with me"
While i sit in tears reading all the wonderful posts, theres always got to be someone that is jealous or thinks, i,m telling a fib!

I appreciate all the wonderful posts, and they do help me get thru this,,

This will be my last post,

Heirloom Arabian Stud
I wouldn't sweat the wierdos, every community has them.

You can't teach them any different.

There are TROLLS everywhere. Nasty, ugly, lonely mostly forgotten little creatures that sit under bridges in the dark & throw rocks at people walking in the light. They are not a part of your world Mike & Mon Amir. IGNORE THEM. tongue.gif

Best possible news, MA out moving around, eating grass & talking to his ladies rolleyes.gif More prayers & Jingles headed your way. biggrin.gif
Billy W

God Speed to a healthy recovery for thoughts and prayers go out to you ten fold!.....

My Best,

Billy W
Dear Mike,
I have no time to be spending posting BUT when I read that some people, NO they are NOT people, TROLLS is exactly what they are, (thanks Chiron) Are sniping at you it just TICKED ME OFF.

Please DO NOT STOP posting about your WONDERFUL Mon Amir, I am one of the legion WHO DOES CARE and am so very touched by your bond with him.

Please keep up dating us.
Hugs, Prayers and Jingles
Please do not give these 'people' the satisfaction. Know that there are people who care about you and your beautiful friend. I am sending more positive healing thoughts your way.........
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