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What do people use to detangle manes?
I've found a spray leave-in conditioner by schwartzkopf to be best, but not cheap.
The other leave in conditioners I've tried are next to useless.
Any suggestions?
I use cowboy magic mane detangler. It's great because it leaves it shiney and smooth so I use it at shows too.

Mystikal Farms
Cheryl L
Any silicone based gel. Eponique, Cowboy Magic and so on. Afterwards, I wash and condition the mane and tail. Because silcone based products can be very drying.
Cowboy Magic works great on my gray horse's mane because it is very silky, but it is worthless on my black horse because his mane is very thick and course. I'm interested to see what other's here use.

I just use water and a good brush and lots of patience twice a day.
ditto Regality's technique... water (when its muddy or too many tangles), time, patience and a nice brush smile.gif How often can depend on the weather and how bitty (bits of grass, leaves, small branches, mud (when it happens)) the mane gets from day-to-day activities eg rolling etc.
Leovet Rider's magic. great stuff. Just when you strat thinking: "this isn't going go help either", th eentangled manes fall apart like silk.
Cowboy Majic works great on my mares mane that is really thick and loves to curl. The trick is to work it in and comb as much as you can with your fingers as you do it. Then I let is "rest" for a few minites and can usually pull a comb right threw it. There are of course a few tangles more stubborn than most I just add a little more and again rub in/work threw the knot. It seems to cut doen on breakage over any other product I have used.Mer
Kathrin K.I.M.
QUOTE (bterlaan @ Jul 31 2007, 11:52 AM)
Leovet Rider's magic. great stuff. Just when you strat thinking: "this isn't going go help either", th eentangled manes fall apart like silk.

Yes, Rider's Magic is great! Detangles simply everything! One of my mares tends to get real "dreadlocks" and I put Rider's Magic in her mane once a week, that's all. It's silicone based but doesn't dry the hair - feels like sateen-

Kathrin smile.gif
biggrin.gif Hello,
We use baby oil for serious tangles, Wallmart caries a gel baby oil that works great, it's very cheap & it lasts for a while in the manes. We also use M.T.G. to grow our manes, has a sulpher smell but it works. We also use cowboy magic, cost's a bit more however it's a great product. Best Wishes All.
Dear Point-O-View,

What exately is M.T.G.? Is it available in Europe?

I also like to use Cowboy Magic but not too often as I also think it dries out the mane and tail. But on the other hand gives it a really shiny look and is easy to detangle...
MTG can be bought from Arabian emporium, they have a website and halter ego, i use it on my horses once a week as de tangler though as you use it more it does grease up like baby oil, it makes hair grow really quick and can be used after cut/scrape to promote hair growth too, also on rainscald and itchy horses, there is a site in America my friend bought some, had to get 5 bottles shipped but worked out 14gbp each which is much cheaper than the 30.00 gbp a bottle here in UK, i cant remember site but she got it putting mtg in google i believe
I used a human product on my mare with very thick course black mane and tail. "Marc Anthony" leave in "simply straight" cream. Smells like a holiday! It works fantastic.
I use any cheap human conditioner with lots of patience to detangle, and then plait (braid) to prevent further tangles. Works a treat for my mare who just has to shake her head twice to produce dread-locks (I've never seen a mane so bad for tangles). And smells nice for days.
Wendy B
I also use Cowboy Magic. It usually helps the manes stay tangle free for some time after as well.
Hello all!

I use healthy hair mane conditioner each time I groom. It goes a long way since you dilute it I think 8-1 with water. I use the Cowboy Magic only when the mane is extremely bad. The conditioner usually keeps it from tangling and from getting dry. I also spray on a little show sheen each time I groom. Just enough to keep it a little silky, keeps it from tangling too much as well.

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