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Here is what KORDELAS is up to now that he is in Texas...
Whow dick..
he looks very nice..
I really love it to see Kordelas in this way!!
Dear Dick,

Wonderful photo! It´s wonderful to see Kordelas practicing this discipline. smile.gif
Thanks to share this photo.

Best Regards,

YEEHAA!!!!!! biggrin.gif Thanks Dick...KORDELAS looks so focused...he is really concentrating! Look at all those muscles working...he'll give Clint Eastwood a fistful of something! biggrin.gif

Bless your heart Dick, again a beautiful stallion under saddle and doing so nicely. It is so rewarding to see it, and knowing how much the horses love to work.

More good luck and always

Hansi biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
very nice, under himself, walking into it and no gapping mouth. good job to the rider! and of course the horse for catching on so quickly and looking so good.

LOVE this picture! Love the loose rein, the way the rider is sitting quietly in the saddle............

NOW I know I can't wait until I see Kordelas in the flesh! Thankfully, my trip to see him is only one week away (not that I'm counting the days or anything!) rolleyes.gif

I didn't know you were training him for reining Dick. I use to ride reining horses!

What a wonderful sight to see! An handsome arabian stallion under saddle and "doing his thing".

Deb C
Dick! Kordelas looks wonderful! Has he met any cows yet????
tongue.gif Dick - I think you already know, but Kordelas is WONDERFUL! tongue.gif

Birthe, Kordelas admirer.
Hi Dick,

great photo as usual and how nice to see a stallion being used and worked and given something to think about!

Send that guy over here! wink.gif
Hi Dick,
needless to say I like Kordelas. I saw him at Paris and fall for him. He has it all for me. And goo dto see this horse has a saddle on!!!! Yeah! That's the way our beautiful "show" Arabs should look when they are retired from the ring. The can DO it! At least Kordelas can. wink.gif
Guest_Fredenslyst Arabians
Beautifull photo of a beautifull horse !
i love te colours !
Hi Dick!

Eeeehaaawww! Cowboy up, partner! What a nice stop!

*Kordelas looks like he's been doing slides all his life. Obviously, he's not just a beautiful face. That boy can work, too!

Who is that man riding him? What wonderful hands and seat he has!!!

I liked the picture you put in Arab World in your article where he's riding him on a lovely loose rein and *Kordelas looks so relaxed and happy.

Whoever your trainer is, he has a "touch".

I love reining and judging from *Kordelas' stop here, he shows tremendous promise in this endeavor. Are you planning to campaign him? I'd love to see him perform!

My best wishes for continued success with your horses!

--Susan biggrin.gif
What a wonderful pix of Kordelas. Thank you for sharing. Form and function. Bravo!!!
The natural stance of a reining horse.
The cross over phase in the spin manuever of a reining horse.
Very nice and alert horse!!!!!! rolleyes.gif ....and I like the rider a lot...he's very GOOD!!!!! biggrin.gif .....
Guest_Paul Atkinson
Hi Dick,
Have just caught the thread about Kordelas in reining mode! Superb! The first Monogramm son I ever saw in reining work.
Thanks for the pics.
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