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When Isabel Werth rides western!
have a look here:
Carol Cooper-Hall
Good Morning Clothilde
THANK YOU so much for sharing such a FUN video with us. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Even though it's a long video (17.51 minutes) it was so neat to watch the riders "...Dressurkönigin Isabell Werth am Freitag ihr Pferd mit Western-Legende Jean-Claude Dysli..." switch horses (at the 9:52 minute mark). It's well worth the viewing and the audience really seemed to enjoy the show. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Thanks for posting the link, this is really fun to watch. Also Isabel Werth seems to enjoy that sensitive little horse smile.gif
absolutely fantastic !!

Peter smile.gif
I loved it too. She to me is much better than Anky, altho I have never seen either ride live, just on the net.

Is the western rider using spurs, and what kind of bit in the horse's mouth? I can't tell from the video.

This was very entertaining and educational. Thanks for the link.
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