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Never thought I'd see the day....

Their motto is "We aren't along for the ride, we're leading the way"

What does this bode for our own breed????
Dear McMulley

this is incredible. This shows you the ignorance and the "love" for horses, eh.

Hansi huh.gif
Robert 1
Hi Mckulley1,
I think you should point out that it is an advertizment for QUARTER HORSES and not Arabians, some assume it is Arabians because of the Straight Egyptian forum before reading the site. laugh.gif
Is this why the Quarter horse people need those big dually wheeled trucks to haul them to and from rather than riding. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif wink.gif
Echo Hill Arabians
Robert, Read the bylaws, and FAQ's, it is open to all breeds and does not exclued "any genetic abnormality".

Pretty crazy, ph34r.gif
Quarter horse or zebra should it really matter?

What one registry allows usually follows a pattern of what other registries will allow. Look at the ET issue, AQHA got their pants sued for trying to restrict how many ET's and the other registries followed suit by avoiding any issues and allowing a more relaxed stance on it.

I find this new registry/club rather interesting given for the ARABIAN HORSE we have now eliminated the need for a performance point for our Halter horses.

Soon our motto WILL BE "You can't ride a pretty head - LITERALLY!"
I actually got an invitation to join in my email a few min ago! haha! I forwarded it on the the "fugly horse of the day " lady biggrin.gif
It actually makes me SICK to see something like this......
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