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I haven't seen anything about the SE sport horse group lately. Does anyone out there know what's going on?

My membership check was returned a long time ago, that there was not enough interest/members to continue. Perhaps now there is. There seems to be a renewed and continuing interest in this, with the success of The Pyramid Society Performance thing, and the Sport Horse Nationals, and the number of people seeking an alternative to the show ring stuff. Thanks for your question. I am not in the loop so I cannot speak for them, but I will ask them to respond here. Marilee in Las Vegas

That's really sad. I wish more SE folks would get into riding. The early SEs did well in performance. There's no reason their decendents can't. I remember reading an article by Hansi about dressage. It had pictures of her riding Khofo. I hope things turn around.

I agree. I hope that there are enough of us now to reactive or blend into the other group. From my reading on this site, there are a lot of riders all over the world, doing stuff with their Egyptian Arabians, many never ( or also tongue.gif ) in the show ring, and that is very inspiring for me. The show ring should never be the be-all, end-all for so many horses. They are so versatile and have so much to give. I know when I take my 2 mares down to the Las Vegas Farm Festival in 2 weeks for thousands of kids and adults, that's the first thing they say, "Can we ride your horse?" It's the memory of the movies---the Black Stallion, Spirit, Hidalgo-----the thought of riding that powerful horse, and being its friend too.
Bay Area Arabians

I called someone on the "board" and asked to be a representative out here on the West Coast as they did not have one and I was told that there was simply not enough room for someone else to be on the board - even though there was o representation on the WC.... so I am guessing that they didn't really want it to work as the effort was really not there... it is too bad.

biggrin.gif Hello,
No need to look back at SE performers of the past. Why not look at" The Ali Shamin+++" a current SE Stallion who can perform NOW. He just returned home to Texas after recieving 2 Top-Tens at Sport Horse Nationals in Virginia. We certainally would appreciate any help promoting him, as he is a "Back Yard " product raised on love. biggrin.gif
Beverly Sziraky single handedly started the Egyptian Arabian Sport Horse Alliance and unilaterally decided it couldn't survive.
My suggestion would be to do what every other breed and mutt horse do, which is show at your local shows until your good enough to show at regional or class A shows and then if you qualify go to a national competition whether it be open - all breeds/any horse, or an AHA event.
Just get out there a show your Straight. Most folks don't have to have a club to go and do their performance whatever. They just do it and enjoy it.
This forum is always ready to get excited about somebody doing something with their straight if someone needs support. If someone gets into venues like combined training and dressage those folks usually cheer everybody on which gives you immediate camaraderie right while you're riding your horse!
And let the Pyramid Society know, they will put it in their newsletter.
Of course once you get into riding you pay less attention to forums and such because you are having too much fun with your horse.
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