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Hello there,
I was wondering what happened to the "Links" listing that appeared at the end
of your narrow red banner above ? I had my farm listed there. It's gone. Many
other US farms seem to be missing. Am I not finding the correct page ? It
appears that it is all Foreign farms listed here. Are the US farms elsewhere ?
Or have they been removed ? Thanks

We do from time-to-time a "clean-up" to remove non-working links.
It might happen your link disappears during this.
However if you have the correct link on your website linking to us,
it will be relisted again shortly.
The link back to our site should be on your main page or your links page and should be clearly visible. After submitting your details through the form below, a linkcode unique for every submitted site will be displayed. Please use only this linkcode to point to,
Hello Aleksi,
Thanks for getting back to me. If you take a look at my website It is on the Sales
page. I only have three pages on the site. There is not much room on the home page. I need to add more info as it is. I think your link is clearly visible on the sales page. I looked at several other sites and it took me quite a while to find your link.
I do plan to eventually add a links page at which time, would it be OK to display
it there ? Thanks again.

Hi Aleski,
It seems our farm has been removed from your site, Al Shama Arabians in Canada.
But I Do have Straight Egyptians on my links page, it has Never been removed from our site. Could we please be added back on to your links page. The link is working.
I have asked our Web guy to put you as Straight (adding the .com) and move you to the top of the list if that helps and he will do that shortly.

Thank you
Jacquie Hebert
Al Shama Arabians
Ontario Canada
@ Bebah
Sorry on a links page only or the main page, where it can be at the bottom.
No one is looking for further links at a sales page. That is why we have our linklist on it's own page accessible from the main page by clicking the "Links" button and not below the Quiz page or something. Thanks for your understanding smile.gif

@ Jacquie
I do not know exactly when, but your link had been checked and re-added to the list already in the meantime. Please use only the old link code you already use. Resubmitting your site just clogs the database - thanks! smile.gif

Thank you Aleski, I thought that we would have to re submit, I have canceled the request with our web man.
Jacquie Hebert
Kathrin K.I.M.
Hallo Aleksi!
Auch mein link ist irgendwie abhanden gekommen, dabei ist meine Website noch lebendig und euer link auch da... schreibt mich wieder rein, bitte.
K.I.M. Arabians, Österreich
Danke, Kathrin
Aleski I dont quite understand, again my site was put up then taken down off the links. I have always had the Straight Egyptians link on my links page from the beginning.
I'm not sure what is happening on your links page.
Not sure why but our web site has been removed again. Yet your link is on our links page as it has been from the very beginning.
I have again asked my web guy to maybe move it to the top of the links list.
The link that we have is directly to home page which was the original one you had given me.
Is there some other problem I am missing?
make sure you are linking correctly only using the URL given to you upon entering your data.
It should look like
with XXXX replaced with 2-4 numbers

Easiest is, you go to your website and click the link which leads to and see if it works correctly.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but with the linklist spammed by the usual suspects, like Poker and smut sites and with pages being moved on free hosts or just expired domain names, we can not manually keep the linklist clean.

Thanks for your help,
Aleksi smile.gif
Hello again Aleksi,

My site appeared on your links yesterday and the day before. Now it's gone again.
It had to be installed correctly or it wouldn't have appeared there. What's happening ? Thanks

Hello Aleksi,

As I indicated in my last post. My website has disappeared again. Do I have to
have my webmaster reinstall it or do you do that ? Do you have any idea why
it keeps dissapearing ? Thanks.

I'm sorry Aleski I don't understand what you mean by "numbers" at the end.

All I know is that when you click on the straight egypitan link on My links page you get to Straight Egyptians.
That never changed so I am not sure what to tell my web guy to put. unsure.gif
numbers = 1,2,3
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