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Your going to fast my friend! Another year past!!!! blink.gif
From all of us far overseas behind the dunes we wish you a happy birthday, many more peacefull years and good dreams to come. Take good care of yourself, hopefully next time we finally have time for that party we are talking so looooonnggg about! rolleyes.gif

Bart and his team. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Helga Madsen

Thanks for doing such a fabulous job here at - what would we do without you??? biggrin.gif smile.gif biggrin.gif

Have a wonderful day.

Best regards,
Helga Madsen
Hi dear Oliver,

I wish you a great and happy Birthday is a real honour for me to be a member of your job...
our forum.

Best wishes and regards from
Enrico aka Daleel
zum Geburtstag und alles Gute wünschen Dir Petra und Christian von Al Muntaha Arabians

Alles Gute auch von einem "Stillen Leser" biggrin.gif

Susanne Boesche
Wie, schon wieder ein Jahr rum? Na denn:

Alles Liebe und Gute zu Deinem xten 25.Geburtstag, mein Herz! Möge die Zeit auch weiterhin so spurlos an Dir vorüber ziehen und dafür Dein Witz und Esprit in ewig alter junger Frische erhalten bleiben.

In aller (alter) Freundschaft
Susanne & Sophie wink.gif
Wir wünschen viel Glück, Gesundheit und ein langes Leben. Und weiterhin viel Energie für alle Aufgaben, die sich Ihnen stellen.
Dennis & Gerlinde
Gestüt Pabst
Sehr geehrter Herr Wibihal,

auch von uns die herzlichsten Geburtstagsgrüße, mögen sich alle Ihre Wünsche erfüllen, bevor sie zu Ende gedacht sind.

Viele Grüße von Familie Pabst
Dear Oliver,

Just wanted to join in with the best possible wishes for Your great day!!! Helga said it all,-..... Were would be without You biggrin.gif biggrin.gif (and Aleksi).

You picked a great day as it is altso mine!!! I'll send You some thoughts when I eat my cake!!

Lieber Oliver, Herzlichen Glückwunsch und noch viele, gesunde Jahre!
Happy Birthday Oliver,

tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif Have a wonderful day and thank you for keeping this wonderful site going together with Aleksi. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Bigg kiss,
Happy Birthday Oliver!! biggrin.gif
Well....has your wish finally come true? Did mr. Bart from Qatar surprise you this morning with a beautiful filly? tongue.gif

Have a very nice day today!!

Big kiss,
Greg Egan
Happy Birthday Oliver
Hope it has been one of the very best for you and you have been looked after like a king

All the best
Kindest Regards frm Downunder

Greg Egan
Guest_Annette Escher
Hallo Oliver,

auch von Erwin und mir die allerbesten Wünsche zum Geburtstag - und neben Gesundheit und Glück im Leben auch viel Zeit für alles was Dir Spaß macht!!

Liebe Grüße,
Annette wink.gif
Alles Gute alter Knabe.

Oliver stays in London but as soon as he is back at the iternet I am sure he will reply to all.
Happy birthday Oliver!

Warmest wishes,

Anne-Louise biggrin.gif
Temcy, If I had to surprice him every year with a nice filly then with this 167th birthday he is celebrating now my stable would be empty!!!!! We don't wanna do that do we! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Give it a try!!!

Auch von mir alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Mach weiter so, die Website ist einfach klasse biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday, Oliver!!! Eid Milad Saeed!!!

May you have many, many years of happiness and good health! May Arabian horses bring you many joys through out your life!


When I signed on this morning and saw the name of this thread, I looked to see if there was a new article that has captured the attention of all, when I didn't see a new update, then I thought that you made your official debut in one of the show rings in Europe and won the top prize! WAHOOEY Oliver, I would say!! laugh.gif

In honor of your special day, I thought I would share with everyone some history about BIRTHDAYS:

The tradition of birthday parties started in Europe a long time ago. It was feared that evil spirits were particularly attracted to people on their birthdays. To protect them from harm, friends and family would to come be with the birthday person and bring good thoughts and wishes. Giving gifts brought even more good cheer to ward off the evil spirits. This is how birthday parties began.

At first it was only kings who were recognized as important enough to have a birthday celebration (maybe this is how the tradition of birthday crowns began?). As time went by, children became included in birthday celebrations. The first children's birthday parties occurred in Germany and were called Kinderfeste

And for people outside of Germany, the following are some birthday traditions celebrated in Germany:

Candles left burning for the day. A member of the birthday person’s family wakes up at sunrise and lights the candles on the birthday cake. There are as many candles as the years of age of the birthday person plus one for good luck. The candles are left burning all day long. After dinner that night then everyone sings the birthday song and the birthday person blows out the candles. If all of the candles are blown out in one try then the wish of the birthday person will come true. Presents are then opened and the party starts.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER! The greatest thing about this website is the opportunity to meet someone like you. Have a wonderful day! biggrin.gif

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you (*träller*). . . häppie bööööörsday, lieber Oliver, häppie börsday tu yuuuuuuu!!!!!!
blink.gif smile.gif cool.gif

Liebe Grüße, Andrea
<_< Hmmm... 167 candles to blow out on a birthdaycake just for 1 BIG-filly wish is quite a lot...but if I were Oliver, I would give it a try anyway! biggrin.gif
Just the 1-filly-from-Qatar-wish...not 167....we don't want to be too greedy here! blink.gif
Hallo Oliver !

Herzlichen Glückwunsch !
Leider kennen wir uns nicht persönlich, aber bleiben Sie mit dieser Website so innovativ, in diesem Forum macht es Spass,sich mit anderen auszutauschen !

ciao roland palm
Auch von mir einen herzlichen Geburtagsgruß zu Ihnen.
Mögen Ihnen noch viele Geburtstage bei bester Gesundheit bevorstehen.
Alles Gute
Wolf Arabians
Dear Oliver

Best Wishes to You on your Birthday
& thank you so very much for this wonderful site.

biggrin.gif laugh.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif biggrin.gif :
Ronen & Klarit Wolf
Wolf Arabians.
Hi Oliver!

Happy Birthday to you! I wish you all the best, a great time in London for now and many more wonderful years to come!

Keep up the great work with I'm one of many that truly enjoys this site to the fullest!

Take care,
paola marinangeli
Dear Oliver,
I was away from my pc over the past four days and I have missed the chance
to send you in time my wishes for your birhtday. that I have seen all the
messages of your friends, here, may I add mine.....Happy Birthday and my best wishes
for happiness, serenity, health, love for many many many years to come

Your italian friend,

Hallo Oliver,
herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag auch von mir.
Alles alles gute.
Happy Birtday to yuuuuuuuuh, haaaappy birthdaaaaaay tuuuuuuuuuuuuh yuuuuuhhhh! *grins*
Alles alles Gute!
Hallo Oliver,

auch von mir alles Gute zum Geburtstag, wie schön jetzt bist ja Volljährig!..... smile.gif
Gabriele Schweiher
Auch ich will mich noch nachträglich in die Gratulanten einreihen und alles Gute zum Geburtstag wünschen.
deutschfahne.gif Danke für all die guten Wünsche! Habe mich sehr darüber gefreut.
gbfahne.gif Thank you very much for all your kind words. I was very touched when I read them today.

And thanks to Maximilian for quietly monitoring the Forum ("Rashad Ibn Nazeer" wink.gif ) while we were away.
I have only just read these posts so a belated happy birthday to you, Oliver, and thank you for all your hard work keeping this the best site on the internet.


idan atiq
Happy Birthday, Oliver, and thanks once again for the marvelous job you do on this website. Our world would not be the same without your efforts.
Wishing you joy, health, success, and fulfillment of all your dreams.
Tzviah Idan & Kuti Aharon
Idan Atiq Arabian Stud
Dr Daniel Wigger
... urlaubsbedingt etwas verspätet, aber dennoch von Herzen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Oliver. Ohne Dein und Aleksis würde sich so mancher manchmal langweilen ... biggrin.gif
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