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I am going to buy a horse from an other country and I feel very insecure.

How do you do so both, the buyer and the breeder feels secure. Considered the money to the breeder and to the buyer of the horse that they really get the horse they have bought.

The buyer maybe found something els during time and make different agreements with different breeders and nobody gets payed in the end.
Or the other way around. You pay the horse and the breeder sell the same horse to somebody els.

Is it common with purchase on the hire-purchase plan?
Do the breeder keep the pedegree in those cases ?

Help me with this.
What is the most secure way for both?
Be sure that if you have not seen the horse in person that you have received enough photos, video, etc about the horse that you feel comfortable buying it.

Get a pre-purchase exam done.

Have an iron clad contract and be sure each party has a signed copy of it.

Pay only by wire transfer.

Make shipping arrangements through your own transporter.
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I have bought from US many times over with myself being in Canada.

I myself like to call the seller up, talk to them, have a good chat. Talk about what your plans are for the horse etc. I think it is so much more personal to have a phone conversation than just to purchase by email.

Ask for many photos and recent photos as well. A seller should be accomodating if you want a certain picture im sure they will do it.

Also ask MANY questions about the horse from their health history to their "quirks". Try and get to know as much as you can about the horse. Then it is nice when the horse arrives and it seems you have known the horse all your life

I agree yes get your own transporter and have a contract

I however have paid by money order purchased thru a bank instead of wire transfer. But up to you and the seller what to decide

Papers should ALWAYS go with the horse whether the horse is $500 or $50,000

Best of luck!

I'm in Australia and I sold a colt to the US. It was probably a nervous time for both of us, but they wired the money through and the colt was sent through a very good transport company.

The one thing I would recommend is to get references. The purchaser in the US was able to speak with someone who knew both myself and the colt and was a very reputable breeder.

I would definately get a video and a full vet check and have a contract drawn and signed by both parties before any money is transferred or the horse leaves the country.

Good Luck

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