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morafic al lahab
Dear All,

I was looking at Nazeer's get list here and I saw this son of his, out of Moniet El Nefous, and suddenly I remembered this photo of Bint Moniet El Nefous that says that she was with Fakher El Din the only horses with (Nazeer x Moniet El Nefous) cross......

So is Ibn El Sheikh (Nazeer x Moniet El Nefous) real or it's just a mistake on the website??? Anyone have info. about him??? Was he used as a breeding stallion at the EAO??? Offspring record??? Any pictures???

Thank you in advance... smile.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif

There was a mare called Maya by Nazeer and out of Moniet El Nefous, but she died before she left any offspring. But I don't think Ibn El Sheikh is real.
That name rings a bell.... When my memory serves me right then, yes, there
was a son of Nazeer and Moniet El Nefous called Ibn El Sheikh but he
died soon after birth or never made it to the studbook. When I am at home tonight
I can dig deepter into that and can answer wit a clear "yes" or "no"...
Nadj al Nur
According to Colin Pearson, in "Horse Families of Egypt"
Ibn El Sheikh-born 25th of April, 1955, Chestnut, was indeed out of Moniet El Nefous, and by Nazeer. He was sold to S. Saab in 1958.
That's all I could find about him
Thank you Cathy - superb! Now we know it for sure. biggrin.gif
Hi Ehab,
I have this horse listed as EAO" # 25". If you follow the recorded numbers on the horses in sequence from the EAO, you'll find horses of similiar situation to Ibn El Sheikh. Otherwise it is difficult to trace some horses who have no progeny.

The Heirloom Index has recorded Ibn El Sheikh , born in 1955 (Nazeer X Moniet El Nefous) bred and born at the EAO.

Heirloom has quoted from Marshall Partlow "Moniet EL Nefous, A Collection of Articles" published in 1982...."He was doomed to disappear on the streets of Cairo, as he was bought as a racehorse and did not fare well on the race track".
{Which leaves me to wonder if there is any race records of Ibn El Sheikh, since he is not being recorded as a sire elsewhere}

There is no recorded progeny of Ibn El Sheikh.

There is no record of Ibn El Sheikh in Al Khamsa.

Arabian Horse Association has him listed as a Chestnut Stallion, born in 1955, bred by and owned by EAO. (Studbook Volume 2 , page 35)

AHA did not record a transfer to S. Saab, however his transfer of ownership is recorded elsewhere as Cathy has mentioned, by Colin Pearson.
Other notes: His closest representative in pedigree, type and color would be Fakher El Din.
Dear Oliver

Ibn El Sheikh (1955) (Nazeer x Moniet El Nefous) was sold as a three year old by the EAO in 1958 to S.Saab, Egypt for racing purposes. It was quite normal to retire race horses without breeding from some of them after they stopped racing, rather using them as riding horses.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
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