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If there was a halterr class for your riding horses at the EE would you show your horse in it?

If I had a horse I was riding in Endurance at the EE Id think it would be lots of fun to have a halter class for my horse too. I mean why not?

I dont have the first clue though how to go about getting this done. HELP!

Mike at Heirloom says someone would need to sponsor the classes. How much does that cost? Ill go ask the PS.
In the mean time, if yall would like to participate in donations to help sponsor the classes or know of people who would please speak up.
Also how many people would enter their horses in this type halter class? No sense having a class if no one wants to participate.
A pay pal account could be set up for donations to the classes. Wed need an executor for it. A endurance judge or two might be able to be talked into judging these classes. I wonder how much theyd charge to do that? When would the classes be held?
I need feedback here and lots of it.
I plan on going to the EE this year and taking my colt. If I dont take the colt I could just go to help out with this anyway.
The class sponorship is $150.00 per class. I would be willing to pay for the sponsorship of both classes. I thought it would be more but Im glad its not.

The problems with this idea here is that there were only 12 sE or Egyptian sired horses that participated in both the 25 AND 50 milers last year. There were around 65 participants total.
Also, all the schedules have been laid out for the classes for this year sad.gif . The earliest these type classes could take place is next year.

Im going to meet with the man in charge of the rides at the EE this year and well discuss getting this brought before the board for approval for next year.

Seeing how it is the King of Morocco is no longer donating saddes for the top prizes at these rides Im not sure this is even worth doing now because I somehow get the idea that getting one of those saddles was a big motivation to do the ride in the first place. Who knows though, maybe having some performance halter classes like this will be a good way to get more participants to bring thier performance horses in general.

I forgot to ask how many horses participated last year in other events like western, hunt and such. Anyone know?
We sponsored a couple of classes at one of our local class A shows taken from the Pinto Organization- theirs is called Ideal Pinto and there is a class for each discipline - we called ours Ideal Arabian.

The horses are ridden into the ring and perform a rail class and then are brought into the center line up - one groom is allowed to come in for each horse and the saddles are stripped and the horses are inspected and judged on their conformation suitable to the discipline while in the line up, horses are then tacked back up and remounted, the grooms are dismissed and the placings given. Judged 50% on the rail work and 40% on conformation and 10 % on manners.

It was a big hit at our show. We sponsored and Ideal Western Arabian class and an Ideal Hunter Arabian class. But a class for saddleseat horses could also be done.

That way the audience gets to see both and the horse is evaluated on conformation suited to his discipline. It might be a way to get performance horse conformation introduced into the EE. As to whether I would ever show there again - it would have to be in something like this, I have no intention to spend that much money to go to a show again with a clients horse and be treated with the disrespect I was shown in the ring at the EE. You pay your money you should get equal treatment and time in front of the judges no matter who you are.
Desert Tag Arabians
I like trail classes, and I think maybe the EE had these years ago ???, but that is something I'd like to do. Maybe off topic, but I thought I'd mention it smile.gif.
I like the extra ideas mentioned so far. I think their good ones.
We wish the PS would include Sporthorse In Hand classes & under saddle.

Seems to me Sporthorse has something called a working Sporthorse in hand class which the horse has to be shown in dressage or an under saddle class at the same show.

Looked this up in the USEF handbook & sorry to say could not find a thing on working Sporthorse in hand classes under the Arabian Sporthorse section. Maybe this could have been a class a show comitee came up with

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