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Please remember to contact your AHA regional directors as to your feelings about NAIS. It's on the agenda for the AHA board meeting this week. I think it starts on Friday.

This write up which is very long and was taken from many and I mean many documents on the American Horse Council and the Equine working group.

With this information you can see that the AHC and the equine working group is not working for you.. To confirm how your horses will be included in NAIS, you then have to read A Business Plan to Advance Animal Disease Traceablity. The newest doc from USDA. Read it very carefully.
This document is located at under USDA documents.

Now for those of you who think this is about tracing disease and that this program is good for horses. Here is the information on the Program for NC.
In order to participate you must have a premises id..
Now here are the facts taken from the NC site on this program. Tell me what you see is wrong with this?
Have you read this... very interesting. And to confirm what was in the PDF

North Carolina Equine Passport
1; Application to be filled out
2: Current Certificate of Veterinary Care
3: EIA
4; Head to Hooves Pictures
5: Application fee $5.00
6: complete travel itinerary listing all events and transport during passports active status & the Equine permit accompanying the horse.
7: If a microchip is used as means of identification, equine owner must provide regulatory authorities immediate access to a functional scanner if requested.
8: Violators of any requirement of the passport program are subject to the laws of the state where the violation occurs and may range from immediate return of the state of origin to revocation of passport and civil penalties or criminal prosecution.
9: Upon permit expiration, the complete travel itinerary must be forwarded to the office of the State Veterinarian issuing the permit

Another thing many people are not understanding is that the Premises ID stays with the land forever.

In the New User Guide it states on Page 22:

The premises identification number (PIN) is assigned permanently to a geophysical location. If an owner or entity sells his/her farm, the next operators of the premises use the original premises identification number that had been
assigned to that location. If the seller buys a new location to build a new operation that never had livestock, he/she would register that location and obtain a new premises identification number (PIN).

It is also written into law in Wisconsin..

One final note in small print: The premises code does carry with the land Page 3
A premises code, once assigned to a primary location, normally continues With that location even if the registrant changes. If a registrant adds or removes a secondary location without changing the primary location, the premises code will remain The same. But if the primary premises location is subdivided among new registrants, The premises code assigned to that location will be retired and a new premises code Will be assigned to each new primary location created by the subdivision.

For thoses that think this is miss information, I ask that you prove it to me
An American Breeder
I believe for my own and my horses protection and for the principles of the US Constitution that on my Sales page I need to start listing states that because of NAIS I will not sell to nor buy from.

Before anyone claims this is an extreme action, believe me, this is not what I have wanted nor have I even mentioned to anyone before this but I believe it is going to be necessary.
An American Breeder
EVERYONE go read what the Australian government is doing to the people who own horses in that country!!! The thread is here on this board.

Do you really think that with NAIS this will not happen here? If you do not, then you must be either naive, uninformed or just plain stupid!! My opine.

People in Australia could not breed, could not show, were prevented at every time while EI was eliminated, and now their government is coming after them to the tune of what? $100 per owner or $100 per horse -- either way it is terrible!

And it will be here next!!!
I'm getting very discouraged about this issue. I don't have the time to devote to it that it needs. I don't think anyone is listening ot us in AHA or the government. The wheels of government grind on and on.

I deal with the IRS and various state agencies routinely but the USDA is a whole other ballgame.

The next thing I may do is to drop into my congressman's local office unannounced.

An American Breeder

At this time it sadly appears that Colorado and Illinois will join my list of states I will not sell to or buy from.


On the federal side, the delays continue to mount with naming the Farm Bill conference committee members. The original deadline to pass the Farm Bill, March 15, would be impossible to meet now, and there is talk of extending the previous Farm Bill to April 15, and speculation that the Farm Bill might not be passed this year at all. If you haven't called yet (or if it's been a while), please call and let the Senators and probable House conferees know that you don't want NAIS in the Farm Bill. It's important that they know people are watching them with this issue, and we're not going away!


COLORADO: HB 1129, the bill to prohibit the State Fair Board from making NAIS a requirement for children competing in the fair, died in the Senate Committee.

ILLINOIS: Like Colorado, the Illinois Department of Agriculture is requiring children to register in NAIS in order to compete in the fairs. HB 5776 was introduced to reverse that policy. The House Committee on Agriculture unanimously approved an amended version of HB 5776, which included several provisions that were stronger than the original bill! HB 5776 is on the calendar for its "second reading" and is expected to be voted on by the full House early this week. !

KENTUCKY: The Kentucky House has approved HB 495 by a vote of 88-6! This bill would limit NAIS to a voluntary program only, with protections against coercion, unless the federal government took final action making the program mandatory. HB 495 has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. !

MASSACHUSETTS: The anti-NAIS bills, HB 757 and SB 475, continue to languish in Committee. Please contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to push the Committee to move the bills.

MISSOURI: The Senate approved SB 931, and it has now gone to the House. It has not been assigned to a committee yet.

TENNESSEE: The anti-NAIS bills, HB 3668/ SB 3903 and HB 3660/SB3438, are also languishing. Call your Representative and Senator and ask them to support these bills moving forward.
Any news from California? The last time I checked, we were still voluntary. I hope they don't waste any money on NAIS; we're broke.

The voice of experience talking; will we listen?



R-CALF United Stockgrowers of America
“Fighting for the U.S. Cattle Producer”

For Immediate Release Contact: Shae Dodson, Communications Coordinator March 4, 2008 Phone: 406-672-8969; e-mail: sdodson@r-calfusa. com

Fight NAIS Down to the Last Cowboy: Australia Beef Association

Billings, Mont. – R-CALF USA was fortunate to again have former president of the Australia Beef Association (ABA), John Carter, recently speak at its annual convention about the numerous problems with Australia ’s mandatory National Livestock Identification System (NLIS). Below is Carter’s presentation.

“ ABA is R-CALF’s sister organisation – we too, represent independent producers in the fight against multinational processors, feeble and corrupt bureaucrats and our sycophantic equivalent of your NCBA (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association) . I was appalled to buy the Los Angeles Times when I landed in the U.S. and read their headline article on the Chino beef recall. I worked with USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) men from 1983 to 1994. Their integrity was admired worldwide. It appears to have gone. There will be a backlash that will help our cause.

Australia, being a desert island in the middle of a huge ocean has the least disease of any continent. Despite this, Australia has had Premises ID for cattle since 1980. We used a paper or plastic wrap-around tail tag that had to be affixed before sale. Around 1990, I got individual animal numbers put on those tags for use in producer carcass quality discovery. It was hardly ever used.

Three years ago I spoke to you in Denver . I advised you not to allow mandatory RFID to be foisted on you because it would be very costly and it wouldn’t work. I am back today to tell you that I was right.

In those three years, Australian cattle producers have been the fall guys for the international tag manufacturers. Follow the money. Put your money on self-interest – you always know that it is trying. ABA has no problem with voluntary RFID (radio frequency identification) use. If I were unfortunate enough to own a feedlot, I would use it in many ways to save (from) feeding inefficient cattle.

Mandatory tracing is an entirely different matter.

We have abandoned our efficient mandatory tail tag system for expensive chaos. No other large-producing country has mandated the RFID traceback system. All the reasons given for its introduction are now in tatters. Face-saving and blame have replaced them. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure. Don’t let anyone take you down this suicidal path because once you are on it, it will become the unchangeable custom and be used by your packers to discount your cattle. Its administration will cost you a fortune – all for no purpose but to increase tag-manufacturer profit and give jobs to bureaucrats.

In Australia , the tag manufacturers beat us with lies and propaganda. They provided letters to the papers signed by producers who didn’t exist amidst a flood of propaganda. At one stage, the rural press did a poll on NLIS acceptance by producers on one of its farm polls on the Internet. On Day Three the poll showed 75 percent of producers voting the NLIS as being hopeless or a failure. About 10 percent were approving. In two hours, this was reversed. Fortunately, ABA had a computer fanatic following the vote and trying to boost the negative vote. We immediately did a press release stating that the poll was being fixed. It was withdrawn and hasn’t been attempted since. Investigations showed that hackers had the poll alteration from the database team at MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) – our Beef Board. We called for a full disclosure. MLA spent $81,000 of OUR MONEY on their auditors investigating, refused to release the results, and did not sack the two hackers. One can
only presume that someone above had instructed them. A divisional head noted for his careful work resigned and was appointed as Integrity Officer by the packer organisation.

Reasons that tag manufacturers used with their stooges in Government, the packers and our NCBA equivalent.

Market Access. In 2003, we were told that we had to have mandatory RFID NLIS because the USA was getting it and we would lose market share to the U.S. in Japan and Korea . The U.S. , with no RFID NLIS, is now regaining its market share in Japan and will get back into Korea despite your two cases of BSE. Australian producers are getting 60 percent of your prices. Brazil and Argentina – with no RFID NLIS – send many times Australia ’s small 6,000-ton quota to Europe .

Customers are demanding it. This was a farce, as the system cannot trace beyond the packinghouse. Inquiries in Japan showed that no one was asking for it. Our packers claimed that McDonald’s required RFID NLIS. Knowing the U.S. situation, I rang the McDonald’s purchasing officer in Sydney . She denied ever making such a claim.

Disease control. The inaccuracy of the system and its slowness has shown that it would be of little use in an outbreak of exotic disease. We are supposed to inform the database of any movement of any cattle off our ranches, including to another pasture. Very few are doing it. NLIS couldn’t track a bleeding elephant through a snowfield.

Prevention of stock stealing. Australia has decided that RFID NLIS is not a legal means of identifying livestock because the tags can be easily cut out and substituted. The recent severe floods in Queensland have seen police and owners rely on the firebrand to identify the thousands of stock on other ranches. However, enthusiastic bureaucrats are demanding the producers put orange RFID tags in the ears of cattle that they have identified as theirs on other ranches before they take them home. An orange tag indicates that the beast has no whole of life accountability and will be discounted by the packers.

Carcass feedback to producers. Our packinghouses were supposed to supply feedback to the breeder who put his tag in the ear when the beast was sold for the first time. They eventually agreed to give a carcass or a live weight but many are not doing it.

The minute tag number on the outside (readable with glasses) is different to the computer number inside. Australia has been sold inferior tags by the multinationals – they think that we are stupid – I’m afraid that they are right.

It (mandatory livestock identification) hasn’t been shown to work in any major beef-producing country. The UK Auditor General’s Report on Livestock Tracking released on Nov. 12, 2003, should be compulsory reading for anyone involved. At that time they had 700 bureaucrats chasing 10 million cattle at an annual cost of $60 per head sold with 20 percent missing. The committee concluded that the system was “in complete chaos”. That is a paper trail system. The European Union’s (EU’s) IDEA trial on RFID had not found RFID to be feasible. Since then we have found the UK lamb RFID trial release (late 2006). They concluded that it would not work as well as the paper trail and would cost the lamb producers so much that they would lose their European markets. This has caused our sheep equivalent of your NCBA to say ‘NO – not without a cost-benefit analysis’, which we had unsuccessfully demanded of MLA. The sheep people don’t seem to like the idea of paying $3 for a tag for a sheep
that they may sell for $1. This doesn’t seem unreasonable.

I phoned the Canadian ID Agency on Monday (Feb. 18, 2008). I was told that their system of informing on stock movement is still voluntary and that few producers send in cattle movements to the agency, as they (the producers) are not computer literate! This fact was obvious to ‘Blind Freddy’ in Australia and was uncovered in the EU trials. You can have the best computer database system in the world but it is garbage in garbage out.

Monumental Failure. When we began this war in Australia , I said that there were 200,000 who sold cattle every year. MLA and your NCBA equivalent said that there were only 60,000. We now have 160,000 on the database. We have around 27 million cattle in Australia , and the last figure on the database showed many millions unaccounted for.

Two weeks ago, I did an audit of my account on the database. In three years, I have bought 900 tags. They are on the database. I have bought 92 cattle – 79 percent are on my account. I have sold 618 (animals) – 74 percent have been taken off the account. I have had the required carcass weight at abattoir (packer) when killed on 58 percent. I have had fat depths – wildly inaccurate – given on 14 percent. I have had 20 cattle killed on my account that could not have been mine. I have had 22 recorded as deceased on ranch that never died.

I live in one of the better areas with higher stocking rates and a controlled system. I have the equal oldest registered firebrand in Australia (1853). I have tattooed every calf born with that brand since 1955. My experience would be better than most. Linda Hewitt, who addressed you last year and is now in serious floods, with her family runs 15,000 cattle. She has had error notices from the database on thousands of cattle.

We have an international embarrassment on our hands because the tag companies bribed, cajoled and fooled those in power. Those in power refused to do a cost-benefit analysis; they refused to do a trial. They mandated an impossible system and are now lying very low. They have had two small inquiries, which produced what they paid for, but with very heavy qualifications on what needed to change to make it work. No senior bureaucrat, politician or NCBA equivalent will stand up and say that it is a success. They know what any producer who goes into his account knows. It is as the UK Committee said of their system in 2003 – it is ‘in complete chaos’.

Fight this one down to the last cowboy. With 900,000 producers in 50 different state legislatures, your bureaucrats have even less chance of making it work than ours have. That isn’t the point though – you must stop the transfer of your money to multinational tag manufacturers. Follow the money and don’t be fooled as we were. I think that you will win. Good luck and thank you.”
# # #

R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America ) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. R-CALF USA represents thousands of U.S. cattle producers on trade and marketing issues. Members are located across 47 states and are primarily cow/calf operators, cattle backgrounders, and/or feedlot owners. R-CALF USA has dozens of affiliate organizations and various main-street businesses are associate members. For more information, visit www.r-calfusa. com or, call 406-252-2516.

Thanks very much for your last post. I copied it and posted it on another forum. I've used posts on this thread on the other forum to make the case against NAIS. So, please keep the info coming.

Anyone know where McCain stands about NAIS? I emailed from his website quite a bit ago and no response.

I do know that Hilary and Obama are PRO nais. mad.gif
An American Breeder
McCain = Pro NAIS
Does anyone know the outcome of the AHA board meeting with regards to NAIS? The president mentioned NAIS in his e-mail blast to the membership be there were no specifics.

Avalondales Egyptian Arabians
I just got this email today...Dealing with situations in Arkansas, but still important information and should be known by all... This really has a world wide effect... When taken in context of the current mortgage market, food prices, gas prices, and the over all state of the economy I don't think we can afford to bury our heads in the sand....Good people are loosing their homes to obscene interest rates charged for profit in the foreign money markets...Some say they were loans that never should have been made... Perhaps that is true, but the mortgage owners were able to make their payments when they were being charged 500.00 to 600.00 for the mortgage then the interest charges started to take off and the mortgage rose to 1200.00... What is interesting is that market interest rates remained flat and even the fed has continued to lower the interest rates...

Subject: LAND OWNERS will become 'TENANTS" under this program

This particular meeting is in Arkansas but the subject will ultimately affect every American whether they be a livestock owner or not. That is just the first impression since it will directly affect farmers initially. Do not be fooled into believing this is for our own good or that it has anything to do with animal disease control. It is also not something that is being decided by our voting authorities, although they can be a voice for us to prevent it if we speak loud enough.

If you think the 'powers that be' are only doing what is best for us, and prefer not to read what is in store if they have their way, delete now. If you want to know more, read all the way to the bottom:

This is not something the media will inform you about until it is too late. Please feel free to share this and do at least check out

This is not a 'theory' - this is fact. It is happening right now. At some point in the very near future, the good of the 'many' will outweigh the rights of the 'one' and you will have no say over your own property. If you think your constitutional rights have ever been at risk in times past, just wait. Some of you who own livestock, may have already rec'd a 'premise identification' form. That is the first step.

Still skeptical? Read this:


Who ever said he who controls the food supply, controls the world knew exactly what they were talking about. Research and know what is in store now while there is time. Then educate yourself and the people you care about, and talk to your elected officials. Let your voice be heard.

If you live in Arkansas or know someone in Arkansas, please let them

know immediately about the statewide meeting being held this Sunday,
March 2, at the ATKINS High School Auditorium just south of I-40 from
3 to 6 p.m. Sponsored by the Arkansas Animal Producer's Assoc., this
is about the National Animal Identification System, and our Freedom
to Farm Act bill for Arkansas. Contact me for more information if
needed. This auditorium seats 1,000 so we have plenty of room even
for children. Please also be sure to say hi to me if you come to the
meeting. Those in other states are welcome as well (Oklahoma, for
instance - we had some of you come to our very first meeting in

Anita in Arkansas


Derry Brownfield
Aug. 17, 2007

I consider Wayne Hage one of the most intelligent men I ever met. On
our very first visit he was explaining the World Bank, the
International Monetary fund and how the world bankers planned on
collateralizing the world debt with land. Not just the U.S. national
debt, but the "WORLD" debt. A listener sent me a copy of a report of
the FOURTH WORLD WILDERNESS CONGRESS, which was held in Denver in 1987. Over 1500 people from sixty countries were told that wilderness
lands were to protect the reindeer, the spotted owl and other
endangered species. Ninety percent of the group consisted of
conservationts, ecologists, government and United Nations
bureaucrats. The other ten percent were world banking heavyweights,
such as David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank, London banker
Edmund de Rothschild and the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, James
Baker, who gave the keynote address. George W. Hunt, an investment
councilor, served as official host and sat in on all the meetings. It
was George Hunt that wrote the report from which I have gleaned much
of my information. During that first three days, the group was told
that the WILDERNESS CONGRESS was about beating the ozone
deterioration and bringing the rain forests back. The following days
were closed to the public. With only the bankers in attendance, the
topics discussed centered around the creation of a "WORLD
CONSERVATION BANK" with collateral being derived from receipt of
wilderness properties throughout the world. This bank would have
central bank powers similar to the Federal Reserve. It would create
currency and loans and engage in international discounting, counter-
trade, barter and swap actions. Rothschild personally conducted the
monetary matters and the creation of this WORLD CONSERVATION BANK.
This bank would refinance by swapping debt for assets. A country with
a huge national debt would receive money to pay off the debt by
swapping the debt for wilderness lands. The plan was to swap one
trillion dollars of the Third World Debt into this new bank. In the
long term, when the countries won't be able to pay off the loans,
governments from around the world will give title to their wilderness
lands to the bankers.

George Hunt wrote: "Title to the lands will go to the World
Wilderness Land Inventory Trust. This Trust will float into the World
Conservation Bank by the unanimous decree of the world's people,
saying, God bless you for saving our reindeer. Those people at the
congress were ignorant. I'm talking about the 90% that were not the
world banking heavyweights."

Hunt goes on to say that World Bank loans, as they stand now, arenot
collateralized. They're saying, we want collateral, so when we loan-
swap this debt, we're going to own the Amazon if you default. They're
going to make their bad loans good by collateralizing them after the
fact with all of this land and somebody is going to end up with title
to twelve and a half billion acres. They have multi-trillions of
dollars upon which they can create currencies and loans and they're
going to begin to barter and counter-trade and loan-swap against the
United States. The World Conservation Bank is a scheme to monetize
land. This will function as a world central bank and out of that bank
there will grow a one-world fiat currency.

This isn't some scheme conjured up during the Bush's and Clinton
administrations. The United Nations World Commission on Environment
and Development was created in 1982. The commission published
the "BRUNDTLAND REPORT" setting the stage for unlimited enactments to
take over ecology, environmental and polllution laws throughout the
world. The report stated: "We will have a proposal for very harsh,
quasi-spiritual ecological laws for MOTHER EARTH. A MOTHER EARTH
COMES FIRST mentality will arise throughout the world."

When James Baker made his keynote speech in 1987, he stated that, "No
longer will the World Bank carry this debt unsecured. The only assets
we have to collateralize are federal lands and national parks."
Baker's definition of federal lands includes Heritage sites, of which
there are about 20 in the United States. I say "about" 20, because
they are being added on a regular basis. As I write this article
Congress is about to vote on a proposed Rim of the Valley National
Park that would include over 500,000 acres of National Forest land
and 170,000 parcels of PRIVATE property including many farms and
ranches. At the same time there is a bill before Congress called the
Northern Rockies Ecosytem Protection Act that would increase the
acreage of designated wilderness by 50% in the lower 48 states.

While our Heritage sites take in quite a large amount of territory,
such as Yellowstone National Park and Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon
and the Everglades, other countries have much greater areas. Brazil
for example has the Amazon Conservation Complex and Canada has the
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. As I write this story, the list
includes 851 properties in 141 countries, comprising over one third
of the earth's land mass. Will all this land collateralize the
world's debt? Probably not, so along come NAIS (the National Animal
Identification System).

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, "The first
step in implementing a national animal identification system (NAIS)
is identifying and registering premises that are associated with the
animal agriculture industry. In terms of the NAIS, a premise is any
geographically unique location in which agricultural animals are
raised, held, or boarded. Under this definition, farms, ranches, feed-
yards, auction barns and livestock exhibitions and fair sites are all
examples of premises." That may be the definition some government
bureaucrat will give you, but the word "premises" under
the "International Criminal Court Act 2002-Sect. 4", states: The
word "premises" includes a place and a "conveyance." Why check with
the International Criminal Court Act? Because on June 8, 2007 under
Secy. of Ag. Bruce Knight, speaking at the World Pork Expo in Des
Moines, is quoted as saying, "We have to live by the same
international rules we're expecting other people to do."

Throughout the entire Draft National Animal Identification System
Users Guide, land is referred to as a PREMISES and not property.
A "Premises" has no protection under the Constitution of the United
States, while property always has the exclusive rights of the owner
tied to it. Property rights are protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth
Amendments of the Constitution.

The word "Premise" is a synonym for the word tenement. A definition
of the word tenement in law is: Property, such as land, held by one
person "leasing" it to another. Webster's New World Dictionary 1960
College Edition defines "Premises" as the part of a deed or "lease"
that states its reasons, the parties involved and the property
in "conveyance." Webster then defines "conveyance" as the transfer of
ownership of real property from one person to another. It is quite
obvious that the bureaucrats in Washington had a very good reason to
use the term "premises" and never mention "PROPERTY".

Let's take another look at the wilderness areas and the World Bank's
plans to collateralize its loans. While the wilderness areas cover
about one third of the earth's surface, they are wilderness areas for
a good reason - they are useless or difficult to homestead, farm or
use in a constructive manner. Worldwide, the best and more valuable
land is occupied by farmers, ranchers and people with the ambition to
produce. Wouldn't the World Bankers rather have some productive
property than mountains, deserts and swamps?

I am convinced that the word "premise" will put an encumberance on
your deed. The bankers say they want to monetize land. It's your land
and my land they want to monetize.

The bankers are in the process of accumulating the wealth of the
world. Very few privately owned assets can be termed "real wealth."
According to scripture, God made Abraham very wealthy, giving him
LAND, CATTLE, silver and gold. I don't know where the world deposits
of gold are stored, but I'm sure the bankers have them in their
control. That only leaves LAND and CATTLE which I believe could be
next on the list. Genesis 47 describes how Joseph had storehouses
full of grain to feed the people but he didn't have a welfare
program. During the first year of the famine, Joseph took "ALL THE
MONEY" the people had for only one year's supply of grain. The second
year he took all their cattle for another year's supply of grain. The
next year they said, "We have nothing left but our bodies and our
land. Buy us and our land in exchange for food and we and our land
will be servants to Pharaoh." Gen. 47:21 states, "And as for the
people, he removed them to the cities and made slaves of them."

James Madison made a statement concerning how our people could lose
our freedom by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power. Is
it possible that those in power today are gradually and silently in
the process of removing the people to the cities to make slaves of
them? Federalizing our land and our cattle would certainly be a step
in that direction.

2007 Derry Brownfield - All Rights Reserved

We just want to add to this that leaders in the fight against the
NAIS have tracked back the 15-digit ISO number that is going on our
animals to a section in the ISO documents under FINANCE - effectively
turning our "real wealth" (animals) into CURRENCY that is now under
the control of the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS. And this was discovered
long before we heard about collateralizing of our lands in the above
article, verifying what they are saying in the article IS TRUE.
An American Breeder
Monsanto --- the GIANT who wants control of all the WORLD food supply

Read here and realize WHO//WHAT is pushing NAIS
Here is some more "stuff" going around from another source:

I read the LINK and I find what Judith and Karin had to say more compelling. The problem with NAIS is that it probably won't work but it will never go away. It will just be another black hole in the government sucking up our money. It will surely create more problems than it solves.

An American Breeder
Forwarded to me this morning:

And before you read, use your intelligence. This is sooo much bunk and preys on the fears of people. Please tell me how they are going to track these wild deer, etcera. Up here in Idaho the deer and the mouse have ticks galore, even dying from them. The NAIS way is to KILL everything within a 10 mile radius, all OUT livestock, healthy or otherwise. READ in the documents.

But what NAIS is really about -- taking your property rights and making you a "stakeholder" under International Law -- in other words, you sign up for premises I.D. and and property goes to the government!!!

Now, finally, states are taking a stand against Real I.D. NAIS is the same line.

I am forwarding the following news release from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for your information. Carla Everett, TAHC Public Info
Release No. 0088.08
Contact: Rachel Iadicicco (301) 734-3255; Angela Harless (202) 720-4623


WASHINGTON, April 2, 2008 - The U.S. Department of Agriculture today
announced the availability of $16.8 million in emergency funding to
continue efforts to eradicate bovine tuberculosis in California, Michigan
and Minnesota.

"Working cooperatively with state animal health agencies and U.S. livestock
producers, we have made great strides towards eradicating tuberculosis from
the nation's livestock population," said Bruce Knight, under secretary for
marketing and regulatory programs. "We are another step closer towards
eradicating bovine tuberculosis from our Nation, and this should serve as a
reminder why the National Animal Identification System is so critical. By
participating in NAIS, we protect our livestock and the future of American

The emergency funding will be used to depopulate known
tuberculosis-affected cattle herds, which is crucial to prevent the spread
of the disease and to indemnify producers. The funding also will be used
for enhanced surveillance not only to identify affected herds but also to
determine the source of infection. This enhanced surveillance will include
free ranging white-tailed deer in Minnesota and Michigan, a possible source
of the disease.

While USDA and the States have robust surveillance and control measures in
place for tuberculosis, outbreaks of the disease are costly to both
producers and the government. Outbreaks also affect domestic animal
movement and international trade. Programs such as USDA's voluntary
National Animal Identification System-a modern animal disease response
system that will enhance the country's animal disease tracing
capabilities-provide an added opportunity to stop the spread of
tuberculosis and minimize the impact of disease outbreaks on producers.
Bovine tuberculosis is a contagious and infectious disease caused by
Mycobacterium bovis. It affects cattle, bison, deer, elk, goats and other
warm-blooded species and can be fatal. The disease can be transmitted to
humans through direct contact with infected animals or consumption of raw
milk. It is not transmitted through consumption of pasteurized milk.
An American Breeder
This explains the underhanded deals done with the cattleman's assns, farm bureau, state vets, state dept of agriculture and all connected employees and "suck-ups" who want to snort from the federales' tax bank. In 2007 USDA invested $298,100.29 in the NAIS enrollment program just in Ohio. A half dozen office personnel get the lions share. The "suck-ups" do the foot work and encourage their members to surrender properties.

In Ohio for 4 years only 13.3% of the farms have surrendered. The federales spent over a quarter million a year trying to force them into NAIS. Ohio farmers know the nation is the most disease free of any country and any time in history. If the USDA does their job to prevent disease from entering the nation from other imported livestock there is no need for NAIS.

Don't bother calling or writing the Dept of Agriculture in opposition to NAIS. They have been bought. USDA has contracted their alliance and they signed the deal and cashed the checks. Don't argue with Farm Bureau----they are sold out! Don't argue with NCBA and the state cattleman's association----they are sold out. Your state Vet is being paid more to sign up NAIS premises than to do anything with real disease----he sold out.

Every USDA connected office is working on NAIS. The budget is far larger than the attached bribe agreement. Every USDA employee is required to support this worthless effort. (At $29 per hour all would agree it beats farming.)

Regardless if our government has bought their own employees, it don't make it right. I respect and honor the 86% of Ohio farmers who refuse to surrender. Hold strong and encourage your Senators and Congressmen to oppose NAIS. It is illegal for USDA to bribe a Senator. We have that one un-bought segment left.

Please read this attached plan and try not to retch.

Darol Dickinson 740 758 5050

There is also a pdf 2007 Cooperative Agreement that shows all the details and WHO is being bought. 2007nais. CA(2).pdf don't know how to get that link up here

This will still be shocking on how NAIS is buying out your state officials and state organizations with money.
An American Breeder
USDA has promising confidentiality and that the information collected under NAIS will not go anywhere ------ NOT TRUE


USDA Releases Farmer Data
News — walterj 9:31 am
Promoted from comments:

FSA forced to disclose detailed farm information
Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 4:16 PM
by Peter Shinn

On February 15th, by a two-to-one vote, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia court ruled USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) must, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), provide its compliance database, its geospatial information system database and 11 other databases to Multi Ag Media, LLC, a publisher of dairy magazines and seller of custom lists to ag marketers. And Monday, April 28th, USDA delivered those databases.

An FSA press release described the databases as “complex and statistically detailed,” allowing the revelation of “details of farming operations at specific geographic locations. Associate FSA Administrator Glen Keppy addressed the issue with members of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting who gathered at USDA headquarters Tuesday for their annual Washington Watch event. According to Keppy, the legal decision opens up a treasure-trove of data about any farmer who has participated in virtually any FSA program since 2005.

“So it’s the information that when a farmer - when I go in and sign-up for various programs - the information that’s on record with that program,” Keppy said.

About the only thing the court decision allowed FSA to hold back from the databases is personally identifying information protected by the Privacy Act of 1974, things like Social Security numbers and names. But USDA Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Ag Services Mark Keenum told Brownfield, which ag producer belongs to which file in the database won’t be hard to figure out.

“These individuals that want this can take these identification farm numbers and can match it up to the property and can determine who this information is specifically attributed to,” Keenum said. “You can get it down to the person and exactly what that person’s doing.”

Keenum and Keppy both expressed dismay at the outcome of the legal ruling. Keppy added that he’s worried on both a professional and personal level.

“The Agency is very concerned and I as a farmer am very concerned,” Keppy said. “When I go into the county or local [FSA] office, I expect some confidentiality.”

The company that requested the information under the FOIA, Multi Ag Media, LLC, appears to want the information to more effectively target ag producers for its marketing efforts. The company, on one of its websites, bills one of its subsidiaries as “the nation’s leading agricultural database marketing firm.”

But now that USDA has been forced to disclose the FSA databases, there’s nothing that will keep anyone else from getting that information who wants it. And although the court’s decision did not apply to any information gathered through the National Agricultural Statistics Service or National Animal Identification System, Keenum predicted Monday’s release of FSA-related data would call into question by producers any future USDA assurances of confidentiality.

“It does cause, I think, some concern out there in the countryside in farmers in what’s going to be protected and, you know, what’s not going to be,” Keenum said.
Hi there,
I'm curiuos about the status on NAIS in the just passed farm bill. Did they implement it or not?

Thx, Nika
An American Breeder
It is unknown how much of a victory it will be since the USDA is determined to have NAIS; however, no mention of NAIS was in the recently passed Farm Bill.

The Western Horseman poll hopefully will be an eye-opener to many. 95% voted against NAIS, the other 5% included those un-decided.

The fight continues in each and every state.
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