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Thank you very much for the photos of the Israel National Championships. So many straight Egyptian horses that were honoured with the champion awards is very seldom to see. Well, only Qatar is another place where this happens often. We all love Arabian horses and it's good to see that in every corner of the world they are bred and loved and cared for. No matter who you are, no matter what you believe, no matter in which country you were born - we all share the same love for this horses and stand united as their caretakers. Wow, this is a good feeling! Peace to the world.
I totally agree with you. smile.gif
This is so true and gives as much hope I think.
idan atiq
Shalom from Israel!

Yes, we love Arabian horses here in a BIG WAY! And Straight Egyptian horses are our favorites here by far.

One of the most positive aspects of being involved with Arabian horses in our country is just this....the fact that we all are ALL passionate about them.....both Jews and Arabs, and, as a result we are naturally thrown together by this passion.

The friendships, understanding, natural ties that spring from this passion make us realize just how alike we are (no matter what our political persuasions) and we truly are like a large, extended family, tied together by this common love. We buy and sell horses from each other, breed to each others' stallions, organize local Arabian horse events, compete against each other on the race track, prepare year round for the "big event" - our National Show - and, in essense, "shed" our politics, religion, and cultural differences within the context of being united as Arabian horse lovers.

All this is something to see and it makes our National Show a very rare and enlightening event and reminds us of the truth that we are able to live together and are able to cooperate to accomplish wonderful things, even in such trying times.

In addition we Israelis...both Arabs and in droves to the Middle Eastern Championships in Amman every year, where Princess Alia and the Jordanian people welcome us with warmth and graciousness...and where we both enjoy seeing the best horses in our region compete and actually rub shoulders with the rest of the Arabian horse community from our region....people we normally don't get to meet because of the realities of Middle Eastern politics.

Horses are, indeed, the great equalizer, and I daresay, if it was left to us horse lovers rather than to the politicians, peace would already be upon us all.

All the best,

Tzviah Idan
Idan Atiq Arabian Stud
Dear Tzviah,

Congratulations on your National show!

I am glad to hear that Arabs and Jews are able to meet in peace, both in Israel and in Jordan, through the Arabian horse. I am sure that sharing a passion for this wonderful animal brings many people to realize and acknowledge the similarities and the shared roots and history amongst the diverse people of the Middle East.

Many of us hope and pray for an end to the conflicts and suffering in the Middle East, where all can live, with respect for all that is common and shared between us, and appreciation for all that is different.

Building bridges through Arabian horses is a wonderful way to move beyond the conflicts and towards a better future.

Best wishes,

Dear Tzviah, well done on te success of your Nationals,and thank you for your kind words and always positive attitude.May the future be brighter than the past In sha`Allah, the world over! Alia
Hi Tzviah

thank you for your lovely post. I so much agree with you.
Another example are the WAHO meetings, when 62 nations are under one roof, respect each others cultures and believes, and communicate in friendship, with many a common interest.

Also I pray that all conflicts be over soon.

Take good care and peace be with you

Hansi biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
idan atiq
Shalom, shalom to Alia, Majid, and Hansi and thank you for your lovely comments.
Believe me, it is these very friendships that spring up between us through our love and passion for the Arabian horse that make me certain that we can all learn to live together in this region , and that eventually peace will reign - insha'allah, very soon.
This belief keeps me both optimistic and sane in an otherwise chaotic world.
I feel in my heart that God's primary role for the Arabian horse lovers in our region is that we use the opportunity to create positive and strong bonds between different peoples. What we actually accomplish in the breeding barn and competitions is definitely secondary to this to my way of seeing things.
All the best,
Liz Salmon
This is what is so wonderful about the breed—the great friendships that develop between enthusiasts from all over the world. It's such a terrific example of unity. I can't wait for the next WAHO conference—I'm sure it will be a big one next year as it's being held in Poland. Liz Salmon

It is more likely that more good deeds are done each day in the world than there are bad; the sad reality is that the media are only interested in bad side of life. We in our world can thank god that we have all seen the light, the brightest star in the sky the Arabian horse.

Long may they shine?


What a wonderful gift we as Arabian horse breeders and owners have been given. What a positive example we set for the world. Where even in our diversity we are bonded together in the love for the horses. It has been fourty years since the death of John F. Kennedy, and in his words " we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our own children".
Guest, thank you for the quote. Indeed, we do breathe the same air, our hearts beat in the same way, and we cherish our children, and hope to build a better world for all children!

Unfortunately, through out history, people have often been taught to view the other side in a conflict as the enemy, rather than being encouraged to understand the other side. With understanding and empathy, it is possible to lead people towards reconciliation and peace.

In reality, the enemies of peace often come from within, whether they are leaders, or individuals. As we know many of those that were striving for peace and a better world, in the past century, were killed by their own:

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by an Indian;

John F. Kennedy was assassinated by an American;

Anwar Al Sadat was assassinated by an Egyptian;

Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli.

We must honor and support those that are striving for a better world for all children by doing what we can, in our own small way, to build bridges and increase understanding amongst all of the diverse people of our world.

Salaam, Shalom, and Peace.

Liz Salmon
Majid, you are so right. People fear what they don't understand, whether it's culture, religion or gender preference, from which stems frightening intolerance and violence . Phil and I feel so enriched to have so many wonderful friends around the world, and from our travels in 42 countries we have learnt so much. Liz Salmon
Dear Majid,

You are so right!
Many years ago, the former Ambassador of Egypt Mr. Mohamed Bassuni visited out stud, on that great occasion he said "May the love, care and admiration of the Egyptian Arabian horses become a bridge between people across borders." His words had never left my memory.

These words have been prophetic, for over the years that have passed since, we have met great peoples along the way from different countries who have become true friends and colleagues.
We (the Arab Horse lovers) have an advantage over others; we have common denominator; we all share the some love, passion and desire for the some things; the Arabians Horse. We should use this advantage, even if it is on a small scale, to bring the peoples closer to each other.
No, we are not going to change history; we are not naïve! But in our own small way, this is our contribution to make a change, even if it causes barely a ripple in the larger scheme of things.

Sorry for my poor English,
Chen (always optimistic)
Nadj al Nur
I think this is a wonderful topic, and deserves to be revived, and Chen.........sometimes little ripples do wind up changing the world. Constant dripping WILL wear away a stone. And sometimes, all it takes, is one more drip to make a rivulet.
Nadj al Nur
I am bumping this thread up AGAIN because right now, on this forum it has a special meaning.
I hope, this time everyone reads it and REALLY understands it.
There is so much kindness and understanding here, and the potential to do so much many truly wonderful people, and so much we can all learn.................
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