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Liz Salmon
I've just had a phone call from my nephew who is a senior customs officer at Heathrow Airport, London. They have been alerted about drugs being inserted into horse's rectums and taken across borders, and they had a lead from the US. Apparently, the horses are starved for a couple of days to empty the rectum, then the package is sewn into the rectum for transport.

I've never heard of this, but maybe some one else has, in which case I would be glad of any information to pass on. It seems that there's no limit to what drug smugglers will do. I had heard of it with dogs. It's really disgusting.
oh I know this IS aweful :-(

I have also heard about them smuggling but using a mare for reasons that one can imagine.. utterly horrid people ! mad.gif
Nadj al Nur
Liz, this has been happening for a long time. There was a case about 10 years ago where a mare had been imported from somewhere in South America and she dropped dead on the dock when a balloon full of drugs ruptured inside of her. Can't remember who the mare was, and could never find out if anyone was even arrested over it.
Carol Cooper-Hall
I saw this during one of CSI's episodes on TV but never in my wildest imagination would think that someone would actually do this in real-life. ohmy.gif The length some people will go to is just horrific. mad.gif
This would have to be the lowest act a human being could commit. I'm afraid they would have to be glad that they weren't found in the act of doing this be myself. I know where the drugs would be going & it wouldn't be up the horses a####.

I wonder just how low the human race can go???
ellesmere park
QUOTE (tiawarra @ Feb 18 2008, 04:33 AM)
This would have to be the lowest act a human being could commit. I'm afraid they would have to be glad that they weren't found in the act of doing this be myself. I know where the drugs would be going & it wouldn't be up the horses  a####.

I wonder just how low the human race can go???

I would let the horse do the inserting!! I don't know of a horse that would sink that low though. Why are some people so cruel?
Unfortunately they will use anything to move the drugs.
I have seen case reports in my vet mags where they will also use dogs.....
They will make an incision like a spay and insert the drugs in the abdomen. and knowing the dogs only have so much time before they go septic they will ship them right away. When they arrive at their destination they will kill the dogs and get the drugs... and usually not put to sleep in a nice matter- I have even heard of cases where they will just cut them open and let them bleed to so wrong in many many ways.

It is unreal what these people will do to get the drugs over the borders- and unfortunately a lot of animals get killed in the process.

These people are sick and hopefully will get the same treatment they have done to these helpless animals on the day of their judgement...... if it works that way-

There was a story about the very same thing around 15 years ago, horses from South America I think, going to the World championships in Paris. Police and customs were both involved but then there was silence. : blink.gif
Perhaps it was the same story as yours Cathy. I wonder if Sigrid remembers?

When you think of the acts of cruelty that man is capable of against other human beings, it makes me sick to think of what they could be capable of when it comes to animals.

Nancy Bourque/Ibriz Arabians
I have heard of this too, as far back as the 1960's when I was operating a boarding stable. There were people who didn't seem to ever work (except with their horses) and always had lots of money to buy trucks and trailers and more horses from the US and board them out and go everywhere to horse shows. We all wondered where the money came from. One day I asked someone about it. They laughed and told me a few things, about drugs and how they were being brought into the country and told me that horses boarding in my barn had been involved. It was pretty hard to take, I admit. I can still hardly think about it. After we sold that farm and moved I heard there was a drug raid and some of the persons involved went to jail.

I, too, wonder what some people will do next for ill-gotten gain.

I just read in one of the horse periodicals that an equestrian organization was taking steps to ban the use of some topical that causes hypersensitivity in horse's limbs. Competitors were caught using it in jumping competition. Apparently if a horse accidently strikes a bar while jumping, it causes real discomfort and makes him tuck his legs higher than he normally might do so.

Unscrupulous horse trainers at cheap horse racing tracks were often arrested for sponging. They'd insert small sponges in the nostrils of horses in order to restrict their breathing and thus make it easier to "fix" races.

You simply wouldn't want to know what I'd do to those caught and arrested for commiting such horrible crimes.

Susan mad.gif
gbfahne.gif But surely there are very stringent vetinary checks, not just once on home territory, but several times - before the horse is released into another country?

If this is a risk then it would definately be the first thing a vet would check?

If the vet condoned this then surely they would lose their licence to practice?

Horrible thought but I can only hope that this is just an apocryphal story.
Nancy Bourque/Ibriz Arabians
Think about it. Vets do rectal palpations all the time. I don't mean to be gross but their arm goes in there a long way. If the trailer stops just before the border and the package is inserted who will know? It won't be pooped out until later, especially if food is withheld.. Are they going to stop the trailer at the border and check "inside" every horse that crosses the border. Not a chance. (and here I am speaking only of the US/Canada border. I'm not familiar with any others). For one thing, horses being transported are often upset anyway. They have health papers which are provided when they leave their home, at which point nothing is wrong. Think how long they would be held up checking them at the border. Some would need sedation etc. Also, when the horses start to get impatient and act up and the "irate" owners start getting upset about how their valuable horses are being treated, they are usually let go anyway. This is how it was explained to me. I have been told that a lot of this is done. In most cases no harm is done to the horses and it's seldom detected. Personally, I think it's awful. mad.gif
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