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I had the SUPREME joy of getting to visit with SF Sonbolah TU Sat.
She was born Jan 14, 1975!
She was sired by SF Ibn Nazeer and out of Serenity Sonbolah
Pedigree here
What a wonderful example of LIVING history she is.
LOOK at her conformation at 33 YEARS OLD! blink.gif

She is alive and well at Hidden Springs Arabians in Newton, MS USA. She has the run of the farm and is called 'Grandma' by all there. She is well past her production years but is kept in excellent health and loved by all at Hidden Springs.
She has her good days and her bad ones . On Sat. it was 70+ degrees and she was feeling fit and fine, wandering all over the farm at liberty just enjoying life.
( one photo shows her talking to a fine SE stallion in a stall hehe! biggrin.gif )

I got this email from Mrs. Hansi after sending her the photos I took :
'Dear Gina

thank you so much, you made my day. She was born Jan.14/1975 and had 8 daughters and 2 sons.

I wish you could put these photos over the Se Forum- so that they see what Serenity mares even at that time looked like. She is now 33 years old. amazing how many of our horses reached a ripe old age.

thanks so much again. I am almost on my way to the uAe, so bit in a hurry, checking last moment e-mails, etc.

Big hugs
When she was younger.
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Nadj al Nur
What a grand old gal ! I've got a thing about old mares anyhow.......just love em. They have such personalities.
What a beautiful lady - young AND old!!
Good morning all

Dear Gina

thank you!. I used to call her "Puppe" (doll) because she always was so sweet too.
I brought her down to Florida in 1976 and sold her reluctantly to Lyle Bertsch in 1981.

It is amazing how animals want to live when they are loved and cared for.they hate to miss one day on earth.

It is obvious that she is loved and cared for well at her final home at Hidden Spring. Thanks for taking such good care of her.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Cassiosum Acres Arabians
What a stunning grand old gal!!! I love the older mares - they are absolute treasures!
I enjoyed visiting with her but do want to make it clear that she is owned by Hidden Springs Arabian, not me, Arabian Fancy! I just get to visit her and see her!
Photo credit to Stephanie on the above body shots Sat.
Hello all,

I've been lurking here awhile, reading, studying, and trying to learn. I am brand new to the SE and have fallen desperately in love. I hope to become a small breeder within the next few years. The research and study is overwhelming at times. I feel as if I am in the presence of celebrities with many of you here as I look back in time and study the wonderful breeding programs of the past.

Hansi, I have so enjoyed reading your stories and seeing pictures of the horses that I've come across so far. These horses are amazing!! Your stories, thoughts and opinions in the posts here are very influential for me. I just have the greatest respect and admiration for your history.

In my quest, I am trying to visit as many of the local farms as possible and on Saturday I had the great privilege of meeting "Grandma" or "Puppe", and Gina as well!! I took TONS of pics, some of the above. I was absolutely in awe of this magnificent mare. She was so beautiful and so glorious, still, even in her old age, her legs and feet just a sight to behold. The beauty and excellent conformation that still shine through at 33 years of age is a testament of the impeccable breeding. For me it was much like being in a museum of living art and I kept getting goose bumps. Having just begun this journey a few months ago, it was such an honor to see and talk to this sweet, sweet gal. "Grandma" was just beautiful, definitely the queen of the farm. She ambled slowly about the farm at her leisure, stopping for naps frequently. She did indeed seem happy and content. I also have great respect for her owners for the love, time and money that they obviously devote to caring for this wonderful mare. It really was a great pleasure to be in the presence of SF Sonbolah TU.
Hi All,
What a Beautiful & Atletic girl she was and what a Beautiful & Gracious lady she still is laugh.gif ...just WONDERFUL rolleyes.gif ...
Greetings sas.
I was fortunate to see SF Sonbolah several times
in her younger days when she was at Zahara.
IMHO, there was not another SE mare there
remotely close to her in quality and charisma.
She remains on my all time favorite mares list.

So nice to see her happy and healthy at such
a ripe old age!

Kind Regards,

thank you dear WIDHTRANCH. Its is so rewarding, so wonderful to me to know that one of my "children" is so well cared for. I am indebted to Hidden Spring Farms and thank them from my heart.

I often stated, that breeding does not lie, and all Serenity Horses are produced through natural breeding. their lines are totally predictable. I sometimes hear over the SE forum, that we Only breed for athletic horses. I need to state that many of ours also are very beautiful and type with georgeous heads and excellent conformation. And all can "fly". some look like ugly ducklings at age one-3, and then turn into beautiful "Swans" when more matured. some lines mature faster than others and only we know what the end results will be and advise accordingly.
Most all mature at age 12, even had one growing another inch at age 13.

I think our success is that we test our horses, mentally and physically, give them the best care money can buy and enduce them to be competitive. None is alike the other so to speak, each one is a "different person".Paying attention to this and training accordingly has been our success.

Some of our best mares are abroad, but some are with American and Canadian Breeders, such as Ray Ellis, Nampa, Idaho, Ken Keele, Greenwood, Ca,
Ackermans in Monument Colorado, etc.etc.Each one is bred to produce, provided
the new owners listen a bit to our advice.

Mohammed Bin Humooda in Al Ain, UAe possibly has the largest collection of about 24 or more head with truly some outstanding stallions to match.I am on my way over there tomorrow to assist in any way I can. They are very open minded
and my "children" are in a georgeous place, with lots of room, love,attention and expertise caring.Some others are qwith Lutz Petersen and Klaus Denart,Germany and of course Marbach has our bloodline through Serenity Habib, another truly outstanding stallion in my opinion, who ones won the EE in Kauberplatte with "20" points in each factor, which included "legs"...

If I may issue another advice, those interested in good stock should look at some of the older horses, even if in their twenties because many can still give a super FOAL by NATURAL SERVICE!! And it could be that one foal which can create an impeccable breeding program. SF Bint Mamlouka, Serenity IbnKhofo's dam had her last one at age 28 and passed away peacefully in her sleep at almost age thirty, one of our greatest producing mare.

One needs to look at that strong Mashhour, Antar,Sameh and Nazeer blood,
stay with the Nazeer blood because already it is far down in many pedigrees and percentual watered down. It is Nazeer who gives that incredible front end, that immense girth and withers, while the other ad to the rearend and of course speed,stamina,courage and sweet disposition. When I read "with no Nazeer blood" I shake my head and wonder what one is thinking and doing.

However, each horse should be examined for its good and bad points, and the bad ones not duplicated. Breeding for ONLY a head is in my opinion insane and far removed from breeding a good horse. Some are, but many are not, they cant move, the way I like to see it, with hocks well bent and rearend powerfully engaged.

Therefore young lady, if you need help, advice please contact me at any time. I be back in my office/farm March 30th/08 if God is willing.

Take good care and good luck and God bless you.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
QUOTE (HLM @ Mar 17 2008, 04:27 PM)
Therefore young lady, if you need help, advice please contact me at any time. I be back in my office/farm March 30th/08 if God is willing.

Take good care and good luck and God bless you.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms

Oh how I wish I were still a young lady. tongue.gif But thank you SO much for your words of wisdom. I do place great importance and value on all your advice.
I'm certain I will have questions and seek your opinions as I move into this wonderful journey. Thanks again.

Have a wonderful and safe trip.
Hi Stephanie,
I too was mesmerized by SonbolahTu in the 80's when I was privileged to see her several times. She was my favorite of many, many SE mares. Magnificent mare! I hope you might consider coming to the Egyptian Event the first week in June and meeting several of us who post regularly on this forum. I will be working at the Al Khamsa booth the entire show and would love to meet you. Often Hansi hangs out with us and we have quite a jolly time together, if you love the SE Asil horses of course!
Pam Studebaker
Hey Pam, I am considering the EE this year. I'm trying to work it out that we (my daughter and I) might be able to attend, don't know as of yet and right at the moment it is not looking to be possible. Oh how I would love to be there though. I will definitely look you up if we are able to attend.

Being around Sonbolah TU held such a reverence for me. It was so surreal to be standing in front of this horse, being able to talk to her and rub her. A legendary mare from Serentiy that had so litererd my recent research. I'm already thinking about riding the 35 or so miles to visit her again!! She was an absolute joy to be around too. I totally fell in love with her. There were numerous other very fine horses there, but she certainly stole the show for me!!
Well, if you can manage it, you will have a blast! My daughter Jill who posted earlier on this thread will also be there toward the end of the show and believe me it will be a pedigree lovers smorgasbord! Once she and Hansi get going, the rest of us just sit back and listen to the exchanges!
I hope to get to the Event for at least 2 days again this year. We really enjoyed it last year. We will have to start a thread closer to it and make sure everyone meets!
It was great fun meeting Stephanie and finding someone close by that LOVES Arabians like I do . I do not have any desire to breed, but just LOVE studying bloodlines and looking at horses. I forsee many day trips in the future for us to go see horses ( hubby better make me leave my checkbook and trailer at home biggrin.gif )
As she said, there are many tremendous horses at Hidden Springs but that mare just gets you by the heart and does not let you go! wub.gif
It was such a joy to meet and talk horses with you Gina. You certainly impressed me with not only your knowledge of the horses and pedigrees, but your outstanding artistry. The halter was just really beautiful. I enjoyed the day so much and am looking forward to many more. And yes, trailer and checkbook has to be left at home, for now . . . I really must make very slow, deliberate, educated decisions!! Learning it all and meeting so many wonderful people is tremendous fun though and all of you are really enriching my life already.

Here are some more pictures I took of this lovely grand lady;

This is one of the most wonderful postings of the last months!
Thank you, you made my day with the photos of such a graceful old lady.
Is she beautiful or what? smile.gif
Hansi, congratulations for breeding her and to the owners my best wishes --
this wonderful mare obviously is treated with "golden hands". smile.gif smile.gif
Dear Oliver

thank you, I appreciate this. We just send some more mares over to Al Ain, Mohammed Bin Humooda and most all are so similar, with such georgeous heads and super conformation/legs.Oliver, believe me they can fly, just like you see on that video you have. So it can be done

It is funny, SF Ibn Nazeer did not have a very dished head, neither did Serenity Sonbolah. Yet she and others came out with more a dish. More so, to me is their outstanding powerful movement and their golden dispostion, their excellent health.You see, one does not have to strive to only breed for a "head" or "Type" one can get it without asking. Its in the pedigrees of all SEs I think, its just what nature decides to bring forth and of course with the vision of the breeders..

Take good care and God bless you. See you all when I get back.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
I am truly awe struck. Thank you so much for starting this thread Gina.

What a treasure.

I agree Oliver, this should get the Grammy!! biggrin.gif

Allison of Talaria
What a beautiful mare! Thank you, Gina, for sharing the photos--and my hat's off to all those wonderful caretakers in the life of this grand mare who have made it possible for her to live happily and in continuing good health to such a grand old age!

Allison of Talaria
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