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Arabian Star
This pic was taken by a friend of mine. Maghrib (Sun Set) came and i was about to miss it while working with my new stallion. I was ready to pray so i saw no one standing around and prayed Maghrib ...but she snaped the pic. I just wanted to share that moment with all my friends....its so was as if me and my stallion shared the same faith and prayed togather ... i was amazed how he knew that i was praying and he did not move at all untill i finished ...sobhanallah
Nadj al Nur
What a great picture ! I think they understand a LOT more than we give them credit for.( and most of the time, are more respectful than we are too, LOL )
Mr Prospector
Sometimes God's creatures know him even better than we do.
How can you look at a horse in full flight and not know that it is the most treasured creature of all.
Beautiful picture and thanks so much for sharing such an intimate moment with your friend.
Arabian Star
you will never belive that after that prayer, me and him so much united. It was a special moment. To me working with a horse is like a prayer, and that how i feel. My friend asked me where you not afriad that that stallion with stomp you or try to run or somthing. I do not know an answer to her was time to pray and so I did and he was there and he was very very quite...and when I would put my head to the ground he would do the same ...i do not know an explanation!!!!!
Your story is truly inspiring. Yes, I believe animals exchange prayer with their Creator. It is the reason why animals are so grateful and at peace with themselves.

You are amazing and so is your beautiful horse!

--Susan smile.gif
Arabian Star

It was so strange what happened to me. I really felt a connection. This stallion is not as quite as you may seem in the pic, and at that time he was just 1 week in my ownership. Its was amazing....I just did what i would do back home and prayed at whatever place iam at ...!!!
Nadj al Nur
I believe that animals, especially our horses, understand the peace that comes with prayer, and also, by going down on your knees, you showed total trust in him, and he has returned that trust to you.. Maybe, if more of us did that with our horses, there would be no need for the rough handling. I think most rough handling comes because people don't quite trust their horses, and think that they have to show them who is the boss, when in reality, nearly all horses are quite willing to do whatever we ask them to do, as long as they have no been mistreated and LOST that trust.
I think that spiritual connection with a horse is one of the best feelings in the world.
Nadj al Nur
PS....It would be nice to know your name...............
Arabian Star
I am a muslim and our prayer require some special motion. one of the motion is "sojood" or kneeling and puting your head to the ground. I think I was a little hasty in the trust of a rough stallion that hardley knows me and I do not encourage anyone to do so. However, it was time to meet my God and speak to him and ask for protection and guidance. I will tell you this ....after that prayer was done that stallion opened up to me in the strangest ways. Even the lady that took the pic noticed that. Since that day I can do anything with him at my side, and he would play with me with no bad behavior. I guess he was blessed, we are encouraged to keep our horses close. Even in our religion we have been told to take care of our horses specially in there older age. By the By that stallion is named Shaliiq and he is 8 years old, he is a hadban enzahi strain
Nadj al Nur
He is beautiful and I wish you MANY years of your special relationship with him.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful pic & story with us!! I wish I had been there to live that scene, it would have been an amazing experience!!

I wish you all the very best for the future with your stallion.

Kindest regards..................Debbie
A very beautiful picture indeed!
Nadj al Nur
bump, for Princess Alia
Arabian Star
Thank you again can visit my website

there you will get to know more about us and see some rare old pics.
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