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Could I please add the following links for your consideration And to stop this mindless abuse please sign the petition

Hope these links work, and many thanks in advance.

Carla, xx.
Riverside Arabians
I'd sign my support if I could! How horrific! So sad that monsters can commit such injusticies against such innocent creatures and be given little more than a slap on the wrist. I certainly pray for justice for Maggie and all others.

I would love to sign this - as I too have lost a mare to inhumane humans on Jan 1 ,07 to a man who drove his car through our pasture and killed one of our mares.

If I only lived in Britian my name could be on that petition....
however I will say I support this!!!

Good luck and push on - keep the horrible people away from our wonderful family of equines.

Hi...Thanks Carla for posting this....I finally managed to get on here!!!!

Please support this campaign....I am sorry that it couldn't be an international one, but when this campaign is a success, maybe other countries will follow suit and make sure that attacks on horses, ponies, and other equines are met will proper severity of punishment.

If you would sign the guestbook on the Maggie's Law website...any support from any area of the globe is fully appreciated!

Emma xx
Well done Madmare for spreading the word.
I've already signed the petition on 'the other website'!
Keep up the good work. X gbfahne.gif
already signed

good luck and spread the word


Signed. gbfahne.gif

Keren gbfahne.gif
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