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Kimberli Nelson
I received my copy of the new Al Khamsa Arabians yesterday and I love it. Great job on the book. I am at a loss as to what I am supposed to do with the DVD that is included. What does it do? I can't seem to open it or play it or get it to do anything. HELP! unsure.gif
Thanks for reminding me I need to get it ordered.

Kimberli Nelson
You won't regret it, the book is worth twice the price!
Hi Kim,
The thingy goes in your computer and then you can open the file for the 30,000 eligible Al Khamsa horses for North America. I have bought 3 books so far but each has leaped out of my hands for presents and such before I could get a look. The one I bought finally at the EE was the last one we had down there and then someone at the end of the show wanted to buy one so I let it go. If Pat Lawrence hadn't popped the CD into her laptop during the EE I wouldn't even know how to answer your question.
Glad you like the book, Jeanne Craver and her faithful publications committee have truly done us proud. It is an amazing volume and I must say in the brief look I got at the advertising section, in color, the horses are amazing. Most ads are from small breeders so it is a gold mine of seldom promoted horses, excellent and a forever reference work for beginners as well as more serious students of the Al Khamsa horse.
Pam Studebaker
Dear Pam

I second this, it is truly a "Masterpiece" nothing like it anywhere in the world I know off. the price is unbelievable low and affordable I think.

Yes Jeanne and her dedicated people did a fantastic job, thanks so much.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Riverside Arabians
Sounds like a treasure. How does one go about obtaining a copy?
how i can find the link to these books on the Khamsa site ?
thx ,
Hi all,
Go to and under the word "publications' click on the horse picture at the side of the word. Scroll down a bit on that page and it says AKA III and gives the price and the Pay Pal connection.
Good luck all and enjoy. It doesn't look like I will be able to really study it until the snow starts to fly.
Oh sorry, the address is www.alkhamsa.ORG. Sorry all, my bad.
I try to get one copy but it does not work for International order no?
if someone can help regarding this! Thanks!
Hi Clothilde,
I have emailed you privately and also sent your address to our business office to see if they can help you. Sorry for the problem.
I picked up my copy at the EE. I haven't had a chance to really go through it yet but now I'm extra interested to see the small breeders advertizements.

Nadj al Nur
It really is a wonderful book, and worth far more than the price in my opinion. The amount of information contained in the AK publications (all of them) is astounding..
Oak Grove Arabians
You can pick up your copy of the new AKA 3 at the 2008 Al Khamsa convention in Tulsa! wink.gif There will be a booth at the Fantasia stables for this book and also some extremely rare books available during our fund raising auction. These are valuable resources one cannot easily obtain any place else!
Hi Pam

Could you send me the details too, please. I am in UK and would love to get a copy.


I have tried to order the book through the Al Khamsa site, but to no avail. I wonder if someone could e-mail or PM me a phone number where I could contact someone that way.

Hi Barbara,
So sorry we didn't get you one when you came by our booth at the Egyptian Event. It was very nice to meet you there.
To order, you will need to go to the web site and click on the small horse picture below the word "publications". It will give you the information. If you are going to be in the U.S. or Canada, you can order one on line. If in other countries, you will have to email the business office for the postage charges and how to pay. The book itself is just $50.
Pam Studebaker
Hi Jeanette,
I just tried the order buttons on the Al Khamsa website, trying to see if the ordering for Canada would go through and it does not. I will notify the web presence committee of this glich and hopefully they can get that fixed quickly. If not you can contact our business manager, Kim Davis, at or call her at 815-737-8102.
Sorry for the problems, our web site re-do should be done soon and available. If you have any more trouble just email me.
Thank you Pam.

Do we need a pay-pal account, or can we pay directly from our charge card, as we do for AHA?

went to order mine today and the link goes to paypal but no info from there to order book. nothing to do with country's Ken..
Barbara, Jeannette, and Ken,
I have just emailed the website committee and our president, to find out why this web page is not working. Will advise when I get an answer. You can also use the web email address, for the business office to inquire. So sorry for the inconvenience.
Pam Studebaker
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