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I like CH el Brillo's offspring very much and I think he is very interesting for my breedingprogram,but I can't find a contact or email- adress. On the la Movida website I found nothing either.
I hope someone on this forum can help me. I would be very gratefull. !!
( my email-adress is )

The email-addy is:


Greetings Conny
Guest_Tsahal Arabians
I saw a wonderfull video of La Movida Arabians. You can order it at their site. Of course El Brillo is there in all his glory. And ... his very beautifull offspring.
shangri- la
thank you very much Conny biggrin.gif .

merry christmas and a happy new year
Bert C
Yes order the video this is a nice one! wink.gif
Verry beautifull horses!! rolleyes.gif

Contact: Ferdinand Huemer
(07249)46287 46443-0
Fax: (07249)46761 46636
I was told that CH El Brillo is not at public stud - does anyone know if this is true?
Michelle Salmon
Hi Claire, he IS at public stud (or was when I enquired) but he is only availiable to I think they said 6 outside mares a year and only by natural covering. His stud fee was also very expensive, especially after you have forked out to get the mare over there.
Shame as he is a very nice man, I would have loved to use him!
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