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[B]I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lisa Roberston of Royal Legend Arabians in Byron, Texas.
Lisa has leased Saareef for the next 2 years and he will be standing there.

I am SO grateful for her, as I do not think he would have made it through the winter where he was!

Several of you know that my financial situation made it impossible for me to keep him with me (I lost my farm), and he was housed temorarily at a "friends" home. They are QH people and did not understand him at ALL! He was injured 4 times in the 6 months he was there, was at least 150-200 lbs under weight. Lisa has been very patient with me calling to check on how Saareef is healing from the injuries he incurred just days before the move, and has even sent me photos of him in his new home. He has a huge paddock all to himself, and I am sure he thinks he has gone to heaven.

Hopefully in 2 years I will be able to be back on my feet and able to bring him home. I miss him terribly, but I know this is the best thing for him and an opportunity to for him breed some outstanding mares.

My mares are at a different friends place, but she had no room for another stallion there. The mares are doing very well, are fat, sassy & happy.

I would also like to thank Bill Blackman, who was the hauler. He did a wonderful job getting Saareef to Texas from Michigan. He was where he said he would be, when he said he would be there.

When he got tied up due to a semi accident closing the highway he was on, he called & told me he would be late and why. He was very understanding when I called to check on how Saareef was handling the move (he has been in a trailer accident and is slightly claustrophobic), and was very re-assuring to me.

Again, thank you to everyone who wrote to express their support and who inquired about Saareef.

And BLESS YOU Lisa!!!

Dee Bozek
An American Breeder
WONDERFUL ! ! And now you move on, get yourself situated again, and find yourself a place where you can all be together. Might mean moving, finding new jobs, etcera. Keep your Arabian friends and family informed!
As happy an ending as this is turning out to be, it also shows great responsibility and perseverence on the part of Dee, who in the face of adversity and financial setbacks, was focused on settling her horses in safe hands and seeing them to good interim homes until she recovers! Way to go Dee! And way to go to those who are helping her.
Pam Studebaker
Dear Dee

thank you for telling us what happened and I am so happy that your beloved stallion is now safe and sound.

It again shows me how many wonderful people are out there to sacrifice so much to keep their horses.I salute you

I also pray that your financial situation will change to the better and that you again soon will have your own place. I feel you have the strength to go on and make it happen.

Take care and God bless you and your horses
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
I am so pleased that your stallion and mares have found good homes while you sort things out. Unless one is wealthy it is always a woory what will happen to our horses if things go wrong.

All the best for the future; I hope you can have at least some of your horses back before too long.

kay cochran
Dear Dee, I am the one who saw your post on your stallion and called Lisa. She has some nice mares that she needs to breed either this year or next year because they are getting older. The stallion she was planning on using died and she was left without a good stallion. She tells me that Saareef is a real sweetheart and had had a rough time. I wouldn't have suggested this to her unless I knew how responsible she is and how she cares for her horses. She is very well trained having graduated from A&M a science major on her way to becoming a vet. Life called and she got married and became a Mom but not before her husband Ron, knowing her love for Arabians, bought her an Egyptian Prince colt as a wedding gift at A&M where he works in a supervisory position in computers. She still has Prince who is very happy spending his life as a gelding. She has been trained as an instructor for equitation, english and western. She also shows halter. She gives open shows at her facility where her students can exhibit their talents along with the equine general public. She is a true Arab horse lover, especially loving the Straight Egyptian. She's one of the good'uns! K
I am so relieved that he is somewhere special and with someone who appreciates him and understands him! He truly is Mr. Personality, and he loves to talk to "his person".

It sounds like he has really taken to Lisa!

When she first contacted me, she told me you had told her about him, but I forgot who she said it was, bad...
I also spoke to several people who know Lisa, before I leased him to her.

Every person I spoke to gave her a glowing reccommendation!

BTW, Thank You to Shannon Cruz, also, who posted the intial post about my situation. Shannon put in a lot of time letting people know he was available for lease.

Lisa has been wonderful about keeping me updated on how he is doing.

[B]Hansi, Thank you!
Coming from you, those kind words mean a lot!
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