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Anyone have recent experience with cost of shipping horse from USA to France
or Europe?
Liz Salmon
Candi, it's about $6-8,000 depending on the shipping company. The horses that go out of Houston all fly into Amsterdam on KLM regardless of their final destination. They then go by road to their owners.
I imported a broodmare from the USA to Germany this year. My horse started in Houston and arrived at Luxembourg Airport with CargoLux Airline. The transport from the farm in TN to the quarantine station in TX, the time at the quarantine station in Hockley and the flight to Luxembourg costs about 4000 Euro. All this was organized by EMO-Trans and they made a really good job.
Liz Salmon
Some of the flights do go into Luxembourg with CargoLux, I have a shipment going to the Middle East that is going with CargoLux. 4000 Euros is about $6,000 at the present exchange rate.
what is so expensive is the quarantine at the airport and in Frankfurt.Latter charges through airline LH $ 270.00 per night per horse. And in Atlanta $ 150.00.
Then there is insurance to be considered and the quality of overall handling and transport. LH charges fuel surcharge, ranging $1.40- $ 1.05 per kg and charges 3000 kg per pallet of 3 horses. Since rates flactuate, one never knows all the costs until shipment is booked and paid for.Also the Agri has increased rates and double charges for overtime and weekends.($ 100.- per normal hour).I guess these rates depend on port of shipment. We ship out of Atlanta via Frankfurt/Germany.
and thence to the UAE. A 5 hour quarantine and 4 hour Airport-already comes to some $ 900.00 - or $ 1800.- and the latter usually is the case, plus $ 125.- to 150.00 Quarantien charges for 5 hours. PLus travel charges for the Agri vet..
I guess overall it balances all out.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
I wanted to thank you all as this imformation was very useful!!!
It is very convenient to have instant knowledge!

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