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I know he's not SE but wondering if anyone has details NOT on datasource regarding the Tersk bred stallion *Plastun?
Wendy B

Not that this is helpful, but my old magazines have photos of this horse and all remember is "Plastun trots on!" The slogan. I wish I could be more helpful. I am sure someone else will know more. Good Luck!!
Wouldn't know what's in the database, but as Plastun resided in Europe before his export overseas, this is what I have :

- Russian National Champion on the racetrack - holded the 1600 m record
- once in Holland beated the Dutch national race champion by 18 lengths
- racerecord : 25 (6-8-4)

He's a Seglawi Jedran (Emese)
Dear Amanda,

*Plastun came into the showring at the East Coast Arabian Horse Championship show in Devon, PA back in '79 or '80 (can't remember exactly) and awed the crowd. He was a tall, irridescent chesnut with the most amazing, big trot! Because he was so different and could move like a locomotive, the crowd was mesmerized.

He was one of the better Russian bred horses but definitely different looking than what was being shown at that time. I believe Hugh Parker used to show him in park classes.

I've not paid attention to his offspring and how he stacked up as a sire.

Hi Amanda,

Got any photos of Plastun? I can't find any. I'm curious to know if he was similar to RD Five Star (I started a thread on him not long ago).

I've only been able to find a head shot....would love to see a whole body....
Click to view attachment
Thanks for the photo, NadiaKA!

What do you think, Amanda? Looks like quite a lot of horse, to me! What's going on - you got a line on offspring, or ??

Ray biggrin.gif
p.s. somebody snuck in some Skowronek, if that matters...
I know about a daughter of his in the area......
Timecapsule Arabians
Plastun I think was owned by Carol Thompson of Salisbury, CT-- El Hamel Arabians---( if I am thinking the of the right one) A few years back ALL of the remaining horses at El Hamel where dispersed---- quite cheaply.
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