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Does anyone have this book yet?
I am wondering if it is a must have for my library. smile.gif
Nadj al Nur
I would say it will be a "must have"
It is still at the printers and not quite ready yet. They told me "within two months when I placed my order a couple of weeks ago.
Thank you Cathy.
I see the Pyramid Society is selling copies so I had thought it was out already!
Tous crins
The more I see Babson horses, the more I like them. I am really looking forward to this book.

Nadj al Nur
QUOTE (Solita @ Jan 24 2009, 11:21 PM)
Thank you Cathy.
I see the Pyramid Society is selling copies so I had thought it was out already!

I think that there is quite a list of pre-publication orders, and I believe that there are a limited number of these books being published,( although Anita would be the one to check with on that score) so a person might just be wise to order early.................
Cheryl L
Hi Katarin,
You can purchase it from The Pyramid Society and they will ship to Germany.
Rising Phoenix
Just want to say that the Babson horses have great working minds & SUPERB manners, not to mention great legs, bone so on. I was told by many long time SE breeders that a little Babson in the "mix" is a great thing.
I can't wait to read this new book.
I just came across this page that offers a sneak peak at some of the advertisers.
I am going to buy the book, it looks very interesting!
Hi Everyone,

If you have any interest in Babsons
(or Straight Egyptians in general actually)
you should add this book to your library.

It is a major work and filled with information
it has taken years (if not lifetimes) to amass,
research, and publish. If you don't read a
single word of text, the photos alone are
worth the price.

Just my opinion.

Is this publication available through Al Khamsa, or just TPS, or ??


You should go through the
Pyramid Society for this one.


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