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I found this on aolnews......Archaeological Discoveries.

Wooden chariot, in one picture you see 2 wheels, and the other you see where the driver would have stood....found in an ancient Tracian tomb near Karanovo, Bulgaria.

pictures #8 and #15 of 33.

Interesting to think about where this was from, who built it, and what type of horses would have pulled it.......... cool.gif
"what could have been pulling it"--typing too fast again.
idan atiq
Could you post photos of the chariot?
I looked it up and found a link. I also did a screen capture of the photo.

Unearthed from Thracian tomb near Karanova, Bulgaria. The cart was decorated with scenes from mythology.
Thank you for posting the pictures and the link. So what do you think???? Would that be cool if there was hair (dna) somewhere left to trace back (and forward )from?
Macedonia is not far! Must be an Arabian horse chariot
I would love to see a close up of the mythological scenes on the cart. Let's keep searching and maybe we can find more images.

Check out my thread on the front page of the forum called "Caspian Horse Ancestor Of The Arabian Horse". Could there be a connection?

Very Interesting smile.gif
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