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gbfahne.gif Hello Everybody,
Questions about this site had been around for some time now and Oliver
and me want to say a few words on how we have decided.
We have been online with now ten years, ten years
with a lot of fun, a lot of new friends and a lot of work for Oliver and me.

In fact it had been hard to know, when being away for a week that the
forum needs attention, the server was down or a hundred emails
need to be answered. That is why we have thought and thought again on
what to do. How could we make sure that our visitors and forum members
are provided with a better assistance and better support?

One of our members approached us with an idea...
...the idea to partner up, follow the needs of our growing community
and to take away the responsibility from two shoulders and spread the responsibility across many shoulders.

A team of four people, Jerel and Daphne Kerby along with Scott and Kelly Hughes,
will work to continue and further its success, but moreover give
it the resources for new additions and features and participation.

Please also understand that after this long time this website has grown to something
that simply can not handled anymore by two people with two day-jobs to make a living
and working for the site in the evening and weekends. is by far the most visited Arabian Horse site
online, in fact it is one of the most visited all-breed-horse sites on the net!

Over the next couple of months Oliver and me will go on with
adding features, portraits and articles, but then -- step by step -- we will
"retire" ... with the joy and confidence of knowing will stay.

Let's the tenth year of be the true beginning of a new decade:
with new visions, new ideas, fun and exciting new features -- and old friends!
Congratulations to everyone at Kerby-Hughes and please join with us to welcome them to our team.

Oliver & Aleksi & Nemo


Hallo Miteinander,

seit einer Weile schwirren ja bereits einige Gerüchte herum, dass sich bei einiges ändern wird.
Oliver und ich möchten deshalb ein paar Worte dazu sagen. ist nun seit zehn Jahren online, zehn Jahre mit viel
Spaß, vielen neuen Freunden und viel Arbeit für Oliver und mich.

Wir hatten immer wieder das Problem, dass wir einmal eine Woche nicht online
sein konnten und genau dann im Forum sich die Meinungen überschlugen, der Server
abstürzte und hundert Emails auf Antwort warteten. Wie haben immer wieder überlegt,
wie wir dieses Problem lösen können. Wie wir es schaffen können, dass die Besucher
und Mitglieder dieser Seite immer einen Ansprechpartner haben.

Eines unserer Forums-Mitglieder sprach uns dann mit einer Idee an...
... der Idee, sich zusammenzutun, um den Bedürfnissen der gewachsenen Seite
gerecht zu werden, die "Last" sozusagen von zwei Paar Schultern auf viele Schultern zu verteilen.

Ein Team, bestehend aus vier Personen: Jerel und Daphne Kerby zusammen mit
Scott und Kelly Hughes, wird in Zukunft weiterführen und die Site um viele neue Ideen bereichern.

In den letzten Jahren ist diese Webseite auf eine Dimension und damit auf
ein Arbeitspensum angewachsen, das einfach nicht mehr von zwei Menschen,
die Vollzeit-Jobs haben, an den Abenden und Wochenenden "abgearbeitet"
werden kann.
Wir hoffen, jeder kann dies nachvollziehen. ist mit großem Abstand die meistbesuchte Araber-Site
im Netz, und generell eine der meistbesuchten Pferdesites!

In den nächsten Monaten werden Oliver und ich weiter Berichte, Portraits und
Artikel für die Seite gestalten, aber dann -- Schritt für Schritt -- "in Rente gehen"...
mit dem guten Gewissen, dass noch lange nicht reif für die Rente ist
und weitergeführt wird!

Also lassen wir das Ende des ersten Jahrzehnts "" zu
einem Neuanfang werden, mit neuen Visionen, neuen Ideen, neuen Rubriken,
viel neuem Schwung -- und alten Freunden!
Heißen wir also zusammen das Kerby-Hughes-Team herzlich willkommen!

Oliver & Aleksi & Nemo
Hello and Welcome,

We wish to thank Oliver and Aleksi for making this site what it is today, and wish to thank every one of you for your commitment to Straight Egyptians. It is with great respect for each of you, that we realize the importance of this home for all of us where ideas are sparked, dreams are encouraged, and friendships are made.

We feel it is very important that everyone knows the heart of this site will remain the same as will all the same features you’ve come to know and enjoy. We feel this is a ‘People’s Site” and it will become more well known as just that, a place where stories, news, photography and other valued contributions are made world wide..

We will begin the process of working more closely with several Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse organizations in an effort to bring people together and create an atmosphere of unity within our world wide community. We will seek to see many of the members become more involved with gathering the news and stories as well as making a pathway for even greater creativity from our current contributors to this site. From all across the world, and from our home to yours, we recognize and appreciate the excellence found in the diversity of everyone who comes here as well as the versatility we have come to know and love in the Arabian Horse.

With over 5500 members, and over 2.5 million consistent page views per month and growing, Straight is considered to be a media leader in delivering the news to your home and also allowing for interaction of those who support and interact with Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses worldwide.

Many blessings to you and yours,

Jerel and Daphne Kerby
Scott and Kelly Hughes
Dear Oliver & Aleksi (and Nemo smile.gif )

the first one I will say CONGRAT`s to 10 years SE, the best Site for Arabian Horse Lovers all over the World in the WWW.
does a great Job, SE com makes the World to all arabian fans "small" and makes at the last 10 years a "big SE - Arabian Familiy"

many many thanks for this great Site, this great Job and your Visions for make this Page

best wishes and my special thanks
to Oliver & Aleksi (and Nemo biggrin.gif )

Dear KGH

many welcome smile.gif
many thanks, this is a nice idea for help Oliver & Aleksi and all Arabian Horse Lovers.
I wish your (s) allways fun and a nice Job

all the best & wishes

flying hooves
Oliver & Aleksi & Nemo

You will be greatly missed.

My family and I wish you much happiness and success in your futures and in all that you do biggrin.gif

Lisa Tucker and family
Missed????? blink.gif Too "soft" a word for the true feeling. What is the right thing to say? That I will miss the perspective that you bring to this place, the insight, the point-of-view which notices many of the same things I do? While we are all unique, it was significant that a horse would bring us all together and convey that we are not so terribly unique as we once believed...we stand on common ground. Whether happy, whether angry, frustrated, joyful, surprised, is out of this rainbow of passionate feelings that we got to know each other more and appreciate each other more. This is a bitter-sweet moment, as it is difficult to say good-bye to two people who over time have earned so much love and affection. The only consolation is that your departure is not immediate but gradual. Congratulations Oliver and Aleksi, for building something that is so meaningful to many peoples and celebrates the true beauty found in Egyptian Arabian Horses, on a daily basis.
First of all, THANK YOU for the with all its wonderful features and, of course, the forum. I understand you put a lot of passion, time, work and nerves into this project, especially the forum biggrin.gif

On the other hand, your message makes me a little sad. There were rumors and questions about new moderators, policy, and the future of this forum which gave the new team a bad start.
What I really appreciated was your patience and fairness in all the discussions run amok. Not going public about the new moderators and the new moderators not answering questions made them appear, well, not very concered about other members' concerns. I understand the comments spreading those rumors were not the nicest ones, but an awkward aftertaste remains... sad.gif
How about the German features and discussions? Not every member or guest is fluent in English. How about fairly judging heated discussions in German? No automatic translation program can really handle that. I hope there will be a solution smile.gif

You will be missed, that's for sure.
Oliver & Aleski - Thank you for It's become part of my daily routine for the last few years.

Kelly, Scott, Jerel and Daphne -- Congratulations. I know you all will take good care of this place.

Dr Daniel Wigger
Congratulations to Oliver&Aleksi, the Kerbys and the Hughes. This fantastic site is vital through it's guests. Oliver&Aleksi are/were our hosts and often showed us the right way. There is no obligation for the host to follow the guest to the destination. I'm sure, there will be nice guides for the way into a new decade of

Thank you to Oliver&Aleksi for all the work and enthusiasm in the past decade.
Astrid Schmid
Oliver & Aleksi - Thank's a lot for create It's a wonderful place to bring all the arabian lovers and breeders worldwide a bit closer together. Thank's also for your work, it was for sure not always easily. biggrin.gif

Kelly, Scott, Jerel and Daphne, a warm welcome and good luck with your new hobby. biggrin.gif

I have an idea. Many threads are off topic postings disrupted, usually because of interpersonal differences. I think it is something quite human, but unfortunately, often disturbing. How would it be with a new sub-group? Once for all Off topics and what ever we wanted to say to the others. biggrin.gif Of course taking into account the forum etiquette. What do you thinking?

Oliver & Aleksi - vielen Dank für die Erschaffung von Es ist ein wunderbarer Platz der alle Liebhaber und Freunde des arabischen Pferdes weltweit ein bisschen näher zusammen bringt. Vielen Dank auch für Eure Arbeit die sicher nicht immer die einfachste war.

Dann habe ich noch eine Idee. Viele Threads werden immer wieder durch OFF Topic Beiträge gestört, meistens durch persönliche Differenzen zwischen den Mitgliedern. Meiner Meinung eine ganz menschliche Sache, aber leider oft störend. Wie wäre es mit einer neuen Untergruppe? Für alle Off Topic Beiträge und was man jemand anderen schon immer mal sagen wollte. Natürlich im Rahmen der Forums Etikette. Was denkt Ihr?
CAFRA Arabians
Dear Oliver & Aleksi,

thank you for and all the work you have done for the lovers of purebred arabians.

Kelly, Scott, Jerel and Daphne, wellcome and good luck!

Barbara Schwarz
Oliver and Aleksi,

Thank you for the first 10 years! You have done a great job of bringing people from around the world together. I wish you well on your future endeavors.

Kelly, Scott, Jerel and Daphne,

I wish you well with the site over the next decades. May it continue to flourish.

Majid Alsayegh
Imhotep Arabians
Hello to all...

Oliver and Aleksi,
I am truly grateful for the years you put into this wonderful forum and Straight Egyptians.Com. Much has been learned through the many topics presented here. Though you may retire from the everyday in and outs of running this forum, I am sure you will still be involved with many of the discussions through posting, etc.

Thank you so very much

Scott, Kelly, Jerel and Daphne,
I am so glad you are partnering on this venture. I know the four of you will continue what Oliver and Aleksi started so long ago, and I am sure you will add much more with all the knowledge and experience the four of you bring to Straight Eqyptians.Com.

I look forward to many more years of discussions, beautiful photography, new friends found, and information that can be learned from an array of people from around the world.

God Bless,

Claudia Fazzino
Imhotep Arabians
Finally the cat is out of the bag wink.gif

Thank you Oliver & Aleksi for creating this wonderful forum and for your patience with us stressful forum members!

I hope the forum will continue in this well proven way.

Al Badia
Oliver & Aleksi,

Thank you for your insightful inception and development of labor of love, done with skill and aesthetic beauty. It has grown into something unique; a site with a wealth of information and images, and a special community of Arabian horse enthusiasts.

To Jerel and Daphne, Scott and Kelly, congratualtions on the new endeavor. Yours is a real commitment to the breed, and we look forward to the next decade of!

All the best...

Carol Cooper-Hall
Dear Oliver and Aleksi
THANK YOU so much for the first 10-years and wishing you both much success, happiness and many blessing in your future pursuits. smile.gif

Dear Kelly, Scott, Jerel and Daphne
Oliver and Aleksi has definitely left in good hands...CONGRATULATIONS on being the new team and wishing you all much success always!! smile.gif

Oliver and Aleksi,

Thank you for the memories; it was grand.
Robert 1
Hi to all,

Oliver and Aleksi,
The has become known worldwide for it's excellence in bringing facts, pic's, information, discussions and horse lovers from around the world together with tolerences and respect for each other, and for this I extend a heart felt thanks to you.

Click to view attachment

Scott and Kelly Hughes, Jerel and Daphne Kerby, a great challenge has been placed upon your shoulders to continue this world renowned and to continue moving forward with even higher and greater expectation.

Congratulations to you all for one of the greatest internet sites in the World. biggrin.gif
Robert Gobla,
Echo Hill Arabians, USA
Cheryl L
Dear Oliver and Aleksi,
I know how much you have struggled with this decision, one not taken lightly. I wish the 2 of you much happines with your new found peace. I understand how maintaining a site such as this, leaves you both precious little time for your own personal lives. I have enjoyed being here and not once did I feel like a guest, but a member of a family. Thank you for the wonderful place that has become.

Daphne, Jerel, Kelly and Scott,
I wish you the best of luck in your venture. A lot of hard work goes into maintaining a site such as this. Congratulations and I wish you all continued success.
kay cochran
I have only been a part of this forum for a year. That is because it took me a long time to learn how to operate computers. In that time I have come to realize what a significant forum this one truly is. Oliver, Alexi, I hardly knew ye! With the new operators of Straight, I sincerely hope they can continue with the same high quality and intelligence which all of us have become used to. You all have very big shoes to fill !! Here's to "High Hopes" , "Common Sense", and "Freedom Of Expression " which Oliver and Alexi have been so very attuned. Here's a " Toast" to the two men who have been the foundation of one of the most successful equine forums in the world! Thank You ! Oliver! and Alexi! JK
Dear Miri, Sue, Dr. Wigger, Astrid, Barbara, Majid, Claudia, Laurie, Carol, Robert, and Cheryl, and everyone ,

Thank you so much for your kind words of support and congratulations. smile.gif I thought I would post again about some of the thoughts and feelings we all seem to share.

This is a time of new beginnings and new ideas. This is a time when we are asked to renew former commitments, and refocus on the common goal to protect and preserve the Arabian horse, and his longstanding history and what he signifies to the world today.

This is an open invitation to all organizations, leaders and members as well as everyone in the world wide community of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses to come and work together to help further unite our community.

We seek to set forth an energetic and accessible platform which allows for the formation of a positive atmosphere. We ask you to help us welcome everyone to a place where togetherness, loyalty to the breed, and renewed commitment to excellence is able to grow and prosper.

In the near future we will be announcing the new features being added to this site, we believe this will improve relationships, and improve communications across the world for those who share in a common bond of the Egyptian Arabian Horse.

We will be asking many of you to participate on a larger scale, and we wholeheartedly welcome your ideas and suggestions. Let’s work together, as a team, and celebrate our commitment to the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse and this community.

Today is the day, we begin in earnest to work towards the creation of solidifying past and present relationships, strengthening our bonds, forming new relationships, focusing on the future of this breed as well as the commitment to all those who share in the love of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse

From everyone at smile.gif

Kelly Hughes
DinFayez 7
Congrats! Robert, Kelly, Scott, Daphne & Kerb!!

Best Wishes!
Daphne, Jerel, Kelly and Scott- Congratulations to You all on becoming an important cog in this communications link for the Straight Egyptian horse.

As for Oliver and Aleksi welcome to a new world! you can now join us as part of the forum. to participate and not have to be in charge! Please continue to express your thoughts and insights as we will appreciate them even more now.

farewell should not have to be good bye. biggrin.gif

I thank you for your efforts and the wonderful and educational community you have created.

Mark Sobiski
windward Farm
Oliver and Aleksi, many thanks for your creativity and committment to the SE horse and to the Arabian community in general. And to Kelly and Scott, Jerel and Daphne, very best wishes for continued success with this site. Kelly, your words mean a great deal to everyone within the preservation community and the fact that this site is open to everyone around the world who shares a passion for our horses means there is an enormous opportunity to build on the very strong foundation laid down over the past decade by Oliver and Aleksi. Wishing you continued success.
Pam Studebaker
kay cochran
AND! A BIG TEXAS WELCOME TO TWO FELLOW TEXANS, JEREL AND DAPHNE, AND A BIG WELCOME TO KELLY AND SCOTT, I know you guys aren't Texans but from the historic Liberty State of Pennslyvania!! Good luck and Best Wishes! Jan
@ Aleksi and Oliver

danke für die viele Arbeit und Grosszügligkeit , die sich vor allem in Eurer liberalen Forumsform äusserte, sicherlich mit ein grosser Grund, warum SE so erfolgreich ist. Ich hoffe, dass vor allem dieser Liberalismus - auch anderen Blutlinien gegenüber, in der neuen Forumsleitung weitergeführt wird , sichrelich mit ein grosser Grund Euren Erfolges.

Ich hoffe ebenso, dass für die deutsch geführten Diskussionen eine akzeptable Lösung gefunden werden kann.

Ich verstehe gut, dass Euch diese Arbeit langsam über den Kopf wächst und wie heisst es so schön: alles hat seine Zeit und man soll gehen, wenn es am Schönsten ist.

Alles Liebe und Gute wünsche ich Euch 2 für die Zukunft.

@ Daphne, Jerel, Kelly and Scott
welcome here - we are a big community and enjoie to discuss various subjects and various bloodlines I hope you will be as liberal as Aleksi and Oliver has been - one big part of the sucess of this forum.

The german speaking peole hope that you will find a good solution for the german discussions as it was in the past.

Good luck for the future
Thank you Oliver and Aleksi for all that you've done. Your fairness and insight in handling difficult matters is unsurpassed. We hope you won't be strangers but will step in often to visit and share smile.gif

Congratulations Scott, Kelly, Jerel and Daphne! To the future of the Straight Egyptian.... onwards and upwards!

Dear Oliver and Aleksi,
I've spent far too many hours perusing the topics on in the years since I first joined this community. I don't post a lot but I sure read a lot! I have learned so much about horses and straight Egyptians, in particular, thanks to you. The wealth of knowledge you've made available to all of us via this site is invaluable. I have also learned a lot about people from my visits here. Some can practice the art of discussion without wrinkling a brow, and others use a hammer. I've learned from both. I think you and Aleksi have done a remarkable job keeping this site at the top, considering all the strong personalities present here. I commend you and thank you sincerely for making this site possible. I will miss your wise and calming influence, but wish you both well in your next endeavours. I hope you will still offer your insight on topics of interest.

Congratulations to Kelly, Scott, Daphne and Jerel! I believe is in good hands and hope to see it continue to flourish in the years to come.

Thank you so much to Oliver & Aleksi for connecting us alll through this wonderful site. You did a fantastic job. I will miss you both - good luck with whatever you choose to do now. I am sure you will suceed there also.

Welcome to Jerel, Daphne, Kelly and Scott. I am looking forward to getting to know you and am sure you will do a great job as well. If there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,
Helga Madsen
Erna Kornelis
Hallo Oliver und Aleksi,

Ich bin mehr eine stille Leserein geworden, bin aber immer noch jeden Tag da. Ich möchte Euch auch für diese Plattform danken und hoffe auch, dass für die deutschen Diskussionen noch eine Lösung gefunden wird.

Ich wünsche den neuen Moderatoren viel Erfolg!

Hello Oliver and Aleksi,

Over time I have become a silent reader, but I still drop by every day. I want to thank you for providing this platform and I hope as well that a solution will be found for the German discussions.

Success to the new moderators!

Erna Kornelis.
Thanks Oliver & Aleksi for your effort and your devotion to SE you really made an improvement in our knowledge wish the best of luck in your upcoming lives.

As for Jerel, Daphne, Kelly and Scott best wishes and looking forward to see your ideas coming real, welcome and good luck
Nur mal aus Interesse: Loggen sich eigentlich alle neuen Moderatoren unter dem Namen KGH ein oder hat jeder einen eigenen Namen?

Ich hoffe auch, dass die deutschen Beiträge nicht langsam verschwinden und hier alles "amerikanisch" wird. Da gibt es schon genug andere Araber Foren. Hier gibt es bisher noch immer einige Themen, die uns hier in Deutschland näher betreffen.
Dear Christina, Donna, Connie, Helga, Erna, Mohamed and all,
Thank you so much for your well wishes. It's great to see you here !

Thank you for your concern. This is a good question and as you know, this is an international site, and never in favor of any 'one' particular direction or over american-ized, rather it will remain as always. wink.gif
Ich würde mich sehr interessiert zu wissen, ob die Reaktion von KGH Highlights jeder europäischen / deutschsprachigen Völker betrifft. Bei der Untersuchung wird in Deutsch, aber die Antwort ist in der Regel in Englisch?

Nicht-Bi-lingual mich Ich würde mich ärgern, wenn Oliver beantworteten alle meine Englisch gepostet Anfragen in deutscher Sprache ...

Gedanken zur Lösung dieses Problems?

Dear David,
It's not a problem smile.gif Same as your website, is in English. The features of course will be in German and English, same as always. Maybe we'll add Italian and Arabic soon too. wink.gif
Kelly I was thinking more for the members who's first language isn't English - rather than the moderation management side of things.

I think the site will benefit if you can include other other lanaguages. I think that the management and moderation was previously able to respond to people in the same language made things simpler and easier for the German speaking peoples? Is that still going to be possible moving forward?


Kelly Ich dachte mehr für die Mitglieder, die die erste Sprache nicht Englisch ist - eher als die Moderation Management-Seite der Dinge.

Ich glaube, die Seite wird auch von anderen lanaguages - aber die Tatsache, dass die Verwaltung und Moderation wurde zuvor der Lage sein, Menschen in der gleichen Sprache, die Dinge einfacher und besser für die deutschsprachigen Völker. Ist das noch möglich sein?

Rosi Straub
Vielleicht haben wir ja ganz viel Glück und Aleksi und Oliver behalten die Moderation für den kleinen deutschen Part bei rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (sgarabians @ Feb 13 2009, 05:32 AM)
Kelly Ich dachte mehr für die Mitglieder, die die erste Sprache nicht Englisch ist - eher als die Moderation Management-Seite der Dinge.

Ich glaube, die Seite wird auch von anderen lanaguages - aber die Tatsache, dass die Verwaltung und Moderation wurde zuvor der Lage sein, Menschen in der gleichen Sprache, die Dinge einfacher und besser für die deutschsprachigen Völker. Ist das noch möglich sein?


An automatic translation program is definitely no solution unsure.gif
Agreed Connyi - my point would be that it requries continued moderation by someone such as Olievr/Aleksi who first language is German - as interpretation can leave thoughts and intents - a little (or a LOT - smile) ambiguous at times.

Hello everyone,
We know a lot of you have concerns and of course those concerns are formost important to all of us. Oliver and Aleksi have been wonderful and are wonderful people and they are committed as we are to make sure all needs are met in all lanquages.
You all are very important to us as are your ideas, wisdom, comments and knowledge about our world of SE Arabians. In the past couple years I have learned a great deal from many of you and have enjoyed so many threads on a wide range of topics. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of your horses, your kids and their horses and pictures of many of you.
I could say so much more and will in the future, but for now please know that we all love and it is a part of all of us.... that is what makes it what it is today...... and you all share in making it what it will be tomorrow. Our common bond all over the world ....... our love for our SE Arabians and their influence on the rest of the Arabian breed.
Thank you all for being whom you are and making our world better.
Hi all,
Is it possible to keep the CA and GPT topics pinned, please? I am sure that as one of the most read forums on the net, you want to be leaders in creating awareness of the genetic problems in our breed. With new members supposedly joining up every day, I feel it is important to keep all of the information involving research and testing within easy reach. Timely intervention with surgery or testing prevents foal deaths.
Thank you,

(These are the topics that were unpinned last night, that I'm referring to: )
We are making a new section for announcements and other important notices such as CA and GPT. They will link directly to the source, to ensure all information is up to date and accurate, accountable, and reliable. Please be patient the next few days.

Thank you,
QUOTE (KGH @ Feb 16 2009, 10:17 AM)
We are making a new section for announcements and other important notices such as CA and GPT. They will link directly to the source, to ensure all information is up to date and accurate, accountable, and reliable.  Please be patient the next few days.

Thank you,
It's a pity these important topics had to be unpinned in the mean time Kelly, but, I guess you have your reasons. I can assure you the direct links provided in those topics by Lisa (Szed) and myself are the most up to date, accurate, accountable and reliable sources* for research of CA and GPT. I hope the information within will be retained and available for all forum members. I will wait patiently for your next announcement.

Institute for Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, University of California Davis
Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Studies, Vetsuisse-Fakulty, University of Berne
The Arabian Horse Foundation, philanthropic arm of the Arabian Horse Association
Cheryl L
Thank you, Kelly............that has been one of my concerns also, regarding CA and GPT.
Sounds like some changes will be happening.
dear david and all

english is a world language.other than in german public schools, it was mandatory in middle and high school. i started in grade 5, so did all others except public schoolers. has this changed.?

hansi biggrin.gif
serenity arabian farms
The vast majority of schools in Germany is public in the sense that they are funded by money from the state and that teachers are state employees. I started English in 7th grade at age 13, others in 5th grade at age 11 and my younger sister,who is 9 has aready started English in elementary school at age 7.
However, the school system in Germany is rather complicated with 3 types of schools one can go to after elementary school. How long and to what level of proficieny students are taught English depends on which type of school you go.

I think, though, it is a very sanguine presumption that any person from any country in the world should be able to express himself or herself in perfect English. It's not just about "hello, my name is x", there are very complex topics discussed in this forum which require a high level of knowledge of English in order to properly understand and participate. Not everybody has had sufficient education and training in English language, nor the practice, nor the skill, nor the time to refresh knowledge etc.
I will be a moderator in due time and much more! You will see my name as moderator (etc.) some time in the future.
Change is not easy on anyone and of course there is a lot to learn and we have very busy lives as well as do Oliver and Aleksi.
Please be patient.
p.s. I posted before as dogwoodsrprings
this is my son Jered Kerby just this last spring just before his first trail ride on his SE gelding Shateef..... Jered is now 11. I think you will see that we are not so much different from anyone else on here who love their Arabian horses... we show, ride, breed and just plain enjoy.
Thank you for your comments!
Demelza, Connyi, David and all,
We understand your concern. There are several who read this forum and also translate who are very proficient in German and English for us. However, they wish not to be identified as a 'moderator' simply because of how they might be treated by some. wink.gif Yet, I can assure you we are well aware of all posts, threads, and such on this forum. As mentioned earlier, we will be adding additional languages in the near future for the featured sections. We believe this is an international forum, and the Egyptian Arabian horse is an international horse, which bonds many countries, languages and cultures for their sake and is a place where everyone is welcome.

No need to question like this. We are not uncomfortable by your questions, but rather wondering why. There are several hundred on this forum who have only a few number of posts at this time, and they are just as welcome here as you or anyone else. And, I think of one member who posted hundreds of horses to the pedigree and photo database for everone's benefit, yet only has a few posts. I think we all are very thankful to him for all he's done for everyone.
Nadj al Nur
QUOTE (KGH @ Feb 16 2009, 04:17 PM)
Demelza, Connyi, David and all,
  There are several hundred on this forum who have only a few number of posts at this time, and they are just as welcome here as you or anyone else.

Just because I was curious, I did a little research on the breakdown of the posting history of all the members.
There are actually 2280 members who have never made a single post
944 who have made only one post
1062 with 2 to 5 posts
793 members with 5 to 20 posts
341 members with 20 to 50 posts
243 members with 50 to 100 posts
200 members with 100 to 200 posts
50 members with 200 to 300 posts
50 members with 300 to 400 posts
50 members with 400 to 500 posts
50 members with 500 to 1000 posts
and 50 members with over 1000 posts
There are only a total of 450 members who have more than 100 posts and quite a few of them have two or three different names that they have posted under.

Of course, all of this changes a wee bit every day.
dear connyi
that's not a good excuse. at my time, if you did not have the grades, you could not go to middle or hihg school. i started english at age 9 when i entered high school. one instantly knew education level, if one did not speak english.
apparently things changed. there was nothing complicated at my time..
those who could not attend middle or high school because of poor grades had to take a three year apprenticeship of some labor subjects, butcher,baker, shoemaker etc.after completing 8th grade, age 13-14. they then could start their masters- 5 year program, finishing at age 21-22. many excelled.
many learned english at later age.

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