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I would like to know if someone can give me some background on Legendary Nahdaan, born in 1973 and supposed to be US Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt in 1979 (which seems a bit odd as a 6 year old) by Shaikh al Badi out of Debonette. He sired 123 offspring.

I would like to know if a picture is available and more general info from those who remember him.

Thank you !

Nobody ? smile.gif
Hi Sigrid,
Legendary Nahdaan was a very popular show horse here in Michigan as a younger horse. He was a very beautiful stallion of striking chestnut color with some flaxen in the mane and tail. He was a real attention getter, very spirited and showy. He reminded me more of his grandsire Ghaliis Comet also a chestnut and very spirited horse but Nahdaan was more refined. Ghaliis Comet was sired by the Nazeer son Ghalii and out of the imported Crabbet mare Silfretta who I saw at age 26. She was a half sister in blood to the famed Serafix. She was big chestnut mare of incredible movement and very noble. Ghalii had already passed away when I visited the breeding facilities at Michigan State University, but he was a gift from the Egyptian government to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture who in turn donated him to MSU where he was often bred to Silfretta. (Oddly enough Ghalii was alive at MSU all the time I was going to school there but I had not yet been exposed to Arabians, not until after I was married in late 1969). Nahdaan's sire Shaikh Al Badi and grandsire Ghaliis Comet were both owned by Russell and Mildred Jameson of Ranch Ruminaja who are famed as the breeders of Ruminaja Ali and others. Because Ranch Ruminaja was only about and hour and a half from us we visited the farm a number of times. Both Ghaliis Comet and Shaikh Al Badi were among the most popular stallions in Michigan responsible for many show horses. Likewise Legendary Nahdaan was a popular sire in Michigan and sired a good many foals. His grand dam Dolly Debonair was sired one of the MSU stallions, Ali Kazar descending from the famed W.K. Kellogg breeding program, which breeding is also found in numerous international champions today. I have some old Michigan Arabians magazines which may have an advertisement with picture of Legendary Nahdaan. If I find such I will post it.
Hello Joe,

Thank you very much for all this precious info.

I'm currently looking at a Legendary Nahdaan granddaughter in Europe which I might buy to serve as a nurse mare for my soon to be born (and soon to be orphan) foal.

These lines are very rare in Europe (I think she is the only mare in Europe out of these lines), and thus unknown for me.

Thanks again... and I would love to see a picture if you find one !
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