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idan atiq
Dear Oliver,
We would like to congratulate you on your article about Imperial Imdal. It is beautifully done, and it truly communicates Imdal's uniqueness as a first class individual and his priceless legacy as a sire.
Imdal was indeed "the Nazeer of Israel" and we hope to send you in the near future a survey of his progeny and their accomplishments in our country.
The sons and daughters that Imdal left in Israel that have competed in Europe have put our country "on the map" as first class Arabian breeders. We have much to be grateful for and we would like to express both our thanks and condolences to all those who brought Imdal into the world, made his career, and blessed our country with his presence. And our thanks to you, Oliver, for helping the reader "meet" Imdal.

Among the Imdal progeny in Israel, are of course the lesser famous....Our own Imdal son Elan Imperial (out of *MB Alina) - a young sire now in race training, sired his first four foals in 2003 out of four totally unrelated mares....the results were three fillies and a colt, each one an improvement on his/her dam, and each with that broad forehead, wonderfully expressive eye, tiny tipped ears, excellent conformation and overally quality that recalls the best of Imperial Imdal.
When all is said and done Imdal has truly proven himself a sire of sires around the world, and all Arabian breeders in Israel know that there never will be another Imdal.

Thank you again for a lovely Portrait.

Tzviah Idan and Kuti Aharon
Idan Atiq Arabian Stud
When I read the article I remembered my first encounter with Imperial Imdal. It was in Paris at the Salon du Cheval and it was the first time for me I saw an American show horse. To be precise I saw THREE of them at the same event as Imdal was accompanied by two of his stablemates: His half siblings Imperial Im Tarib who was en route to Morocco and Imperial Phanilah.
All three horses had heavy make-up on and were body clipped which was unusual at that time in Europe. They looked almost unreal and at first glance I didn't know where to put them. They did everything their handlers asked in a very obedient and threatened way and acted more like robots than horses. After their first appearance I followed them back to their stalls but you could not have a look because they had many people there who carefully watched that no-one had a look into the stalls. I asked Imdal's handler Steve Dady to look at the stallion and surprisingly he showed him to me without that meke-up and all the glitter. Here he stood, a normal horse right in front of me and looked far more beautiful than in the ring. More relaxed, more natural, his very own beauty was there to see for me. Under all this make-up slept a wonderfully beautiful horse! The next time he appeared in the ring I cheered for him. His stablemate Imperial Im Tarib, a chestnut, extreme beautiful horse was his competitor and Im Tarib managed to beat Imdal in the so-called "International Show". Next was the "World Championship" where Imdal rightfully took his place as the champion stallion. And there it happened, both stallions awoke and transformed from robots into fiery horses. They stood back to back and their handlers watched not carefully enough and suddenly both stallions kicked out, reared and trumpeted to each other. Even this was a dangerous situation I watched in awe as both looked more beautiful as ever before. I will never forget this picture!
Why not join in and share your personal experiences
with Imperial Imdal here with us all? smile.gif
I saw him win at the Egyptian Event. It was a great show with a friendly atmosphere and not one stallion could hold against Imdal. It was obvious that he was going to win Supreme honors against all others. He was near perfection and well-balanced in every way. He had quality written all over his body. I liked him a lot but some of his sons are even superior to him. VA Sirius is just perfect in my eyes.
When I first saw him, he was standing quietly in a huge foaling stall. Just another new horse at Chapel Farms... or was he something special. There was a quality about him that went beyond good conformation and all the normal stuff we look for in a horse. Then I found out who he was, and Chris led him out for me to see. I was smitten, completely and forever. He was not posed for me... he just stood and looked over his world with confidence and the certainty that we should understand the king had come to Georgia! I never got to see him show, but I was able to get to know the horse and fall completely under the spell of a truly great stallion smile.gif

I had bought a mare, an Imdal daughter, a couple of years before... and she stole my heart. She is sassy, and bold and sure of herself and beautiful. There is an inner quality about her that just nearly glows and I have seen people come to my small farm to enjoy an Arabian horse visit... and they forget all the others when they see her. When I met Imdal, I found out that this wonderful quality in my mare flowed from her sire.

I have seen Imdal at the Event in the Stallion Presentation, at home in his relax time, at Open Houses and I can tell you that he is the first horse in many, many years to bring me to tears with his beauty and presence! Now I have 3 Imdal daughters, a grand daughter and a grandson, and they all have that specialness (the daughters more than the grandchildren, but it is there!)! He solidified my focus as a breeder. There are many fine horses out there with beautiful conformation and much quality.. but if I can have that kind of ethereal beauty and presence... well, that's what I just HAVE to have smile.gif I am currently raising the next to last foal sired by Imdal, and she is out of my Imdal grand-daughter smile.gif

Tim Feurig
It is wonderful to read your personal Imdal memories and comments. Please go on! biggrin.gif smile.gif
Hi all..I can only add to Julia's post how very special this stallion was..and the fact that every time I visited at Chapel Farms, I went into this magnificent creature's stall and put my arms around his neck.

He was a truly beautiful stallion, and loved being loved on..he always let me whisper sweet nothings into his ears, and I loved doing it!!

I have also visited a few times, when all the "guys" were being shown, and if ever there was a more etheral was when they were all standing together, and you could just see the radiance exuding from Imdal! Too wonderful for words!!!!

I waited too long to acquire a breeding to him, one of my deepest regrets since becoming a breeder, and I haven't visited Chapel Farms since his passing...I wonder what I will do.

He will truly be missed, especially by me.
biggrin.gif Since it is quite obvious that we all loved Imperial Imdal, and rightly so...which of his sons (or daughters) was your absolute favorite, and why? Which of his sons do you believe is producing the best, and why do you think that is? (Which dam lines did it seem to you he crossed the best with?)

What a lovely horse and a lovely way to remember him...through his legacy of great sons and daughters!!!!
As has been well said here (Great job Tzviah, you "wordsmith" you smile.gif ), this is a tremendous article (geezus, what a horse he was) and if an enthusiast was not really sure of the influence that Imdal has had, they would certainly leave this site with a great appreciation for all that Imdal has accomplished. Thank you Oliver, another job well done smile.gif

Julia, that is impressive. This horse made such an impact on you, that your breeding program is significantly Imdal-influenced. WOW!

Laurie, that is a great suggestion...and for me, the most exciting Imdal son has to be Laheeb, since he was the first straight Egyptian stallion used in Poland (and the sire of the beautiful Al Lahab, who will be with Om El Arab International in California, USA smile.gif ). Not to mention the courage this horse had in dealing with an injury that may have threatened the life of another horse. Just everything about Laheeb, leaves a person marveling about him. I know I have found myself "deep in thought" after reading his stories and seeing his photographs. Since Laheeb is a total outcross for the Polish horses, what is the extent of the Imdal influence in Poland? How will the next generation be used? In the NEW POLISH FOAL thread, I had asked Dick Reed this question, to which he replied:

Laheeb has had a significant impact because the numbers were large and the quality is high. SIKLAWA (Laheeb X Siewka by Eldon) is an excellent example. She was Reserve Junior Champion Filly in 2003. The oldest Laheebs were three last year and were at the race track. The real test will be in 2004 when they return and are shown in Poland and Internationally.

It will be interesting as we all watch the developing influence of Imdal in Poland. I can't wait. smile.gif

My favorite Imdal offspring... gosh, that could be any number of show horses, from my own stallion to quite a few others I could name... (Shahir IASB, Hawkeye, Shahdal, Hadaya El Tareef and many of those Imdal offspring that have been pictured on this site). The stallions are impressive. The mares are beautiful.

But my favorite is a mare named Imajaz. She has not been shown in a long time. She is not a dressage queen or a performance horse in the sense that is written about on the internet so often. BUT, she is a real beauty and my favorite riding mount. I have seen her (needing a brushing and a haircut) stop people in their tracks when they come to my little farm. I have been on her back on the side of a mountain where we got off the trail and had to go 100 feet of what I thought was nearly straight up!! Happily, she put her head down and climbed, not thinking anything about the difficulty of what we were doing. I thought about it, and wondered if I should let her alone or try to turn back. I left her alone!

She does not step in puddles.... but there is no fear... just a prissy aversion to that nasty ole goopy stuff. I see her do exactly the same way at home when it has rained and it is muddy. How she can maneuver her feet and body to NOT step in the mud is beyond me, but she does it!

The presence of this mare is something as special as the rest of her personality!

I was able to purchase her as a pet mare, since she had not ever gotten in foal in 6 years of trying. She and I must have clicked, or it was just her time to begin to produce as she has now had 2 beautiful babies, neither of which I will ever get to show because one (the first one) has been sold, and the other sadly broke a leg at 2 1/2 months of age and had to be put down... but she will be bred again this year smile.gif What's her pedigree?? She is an Imdal daughter out of a Prince Ibn Shaikh daughter.

If I live another 60 years and have all the funds I want to buy the best mares available... I will never be fortunate enough to have another Jazzy smile.gif

Here is a picture... she needed a bath... but it was too cold for that!

Here is that pretty second foal (by Zandai Abu Zeidan) who would have been a fine show colt!

This one is her first baby... he was nearly 2 years old in this picture. We called him "The Brat" as he was quite the little mischief maker!!

I first learned about Imdal when I got my colt who is by Hadaya El Tareef and out of an Imdal daughter. I spent quite a bit of time looking up his ancestors on the internet, but one that really drew my interest was imdal. Then in 2001, I got to see him for the first time at the Egyptian Event. It was during the stallion presentation and this magnificent stallion enters and everyone jumps to their feet, screaming and clapping! This was my first introduction to Imdal. Later I went by the stalls and I got to see Imdal and Tareef up close and personal. Of course during the second stallion presentation, Imdal still drew the biggest screams. I will never forget him, how he looked and what a big influence he has made to me and the world. smile.gif

Guest_Blue Pyramid
I remember phoning Barbara Griffith to ask her about breeding my mare to Imdal. It was just a few days before he was being shipped to Israel and I was heart broken at missing the opportunity. After his return to the U.S., I didn't have a mare for him, but after searching for his sons, found Shahdal. I bought one of hShahdal's daughters, Shahloura, who reflects that famous personality and beauty. I liked her so much, I bought her mother, in foal to Shahdal and got a colt that surpassed his sister in beauty. I think if he hadn't been lost in a freak accident, he would have been another great Imdal grandson. He was 15 months in this picture and was already 15 hands. So I have to pick Shahdal as my favorite Imdal son because I have had the great fortune of living with descendants of greatness.

Samantha, your colt looks adorable. Isn't it odd so many of the special ones have to die too soon?
I remember seeing Shahdal at the Event at the stallion presentation and he impressed me much. He had that special quality about him that some call "look at me attitude" and others "star quality". He certainly is one of Imdal's finest sons. I am not a head hunter at all but his head is beautiful beyond words. That doesn't mean he has nothing more to offer, the contrary is the truth. I wonder how many foals he sired so far?
Long before I saw him I knew his name. When I vistited him he stood at his paddock and did not move one muscle. He stood right there like a statue and looked into the distance. My heart beat like a hammer as I approached him. He looked me in the eyes. Distance. He came to me and I gave him a stroke. He was interested. I gave him a sweet. He was VERY interested. biggrin.gif Later he was posed to me and did that perfectly well but my first impression was my lasting one: A proud and eager stallion, sure of himself.
idan atiq
Hi Ralph,
Very glad that I opened this thread. Its great to hear everyone's thoughts and memories.
And, Ralph, I agree with you - Laheeb is also my favorite Imdal son. I love him as an indivdual and love his pedigree as well.
One of our Babolna maiden mares, *Hila B (Effendi B x Haniya B ex Salaa el Dine) is in foal to Laheeb and beginning to build an udder - you can imagine our excitement.
Will keep you posted.
Keep the Imdal memories coming folks.
Just want to say: Wonderfull article - fantastic horse, all credit to him. That he long may be remembered in the produce of his sons and daughters.

Further thank you to those who shared a beautifull constructive comment.
Extreamly nice to read and further educate yourself this way.

Congratulations, best regards, Bart. smile.gif
I don't like this kind of competition. There are many fine sons of Imperial Imdal and though I am sure everyone of us has a favorite among them I would suggest not to try to make a competition. Imdal delivered so many good individuals it would not appropriate to single out just one son as "his best".
Imdal lived with me for three years after his return from Israel, and the love that I have always felt for this horse cannot be put into words. He had a presence about him that you rarely see in a horse; when I took him outside to go for a walk, he seemed to increase in stature, and it felt like I was leading an electric current - sometimes it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He was VERY aware that he was special. I used to tell him, "Imdal, let's just relax", and he would plop down in the stall and just let me lay down with my head on his shoulder. I couldn't go anywhere near him without him rubbing his head all over me - I walked around for three years with white hairs all over my shirt! It has been almost unbearable to think that he is gone - he has really helped me refine my breeding program. I am very fortunate to have 2 Imdal sons and three Imdal daughters to help me keep his presnce in my breeding program. I have a grey son out of a Shaikh Al Badi daughter (who is out of an Egyptian Prince daughter) that looks and acts more like Imdal every day. The day Imdal died , I walked into his daughter Tara's stall, and she was staring out the window looking out in the distance, just like he used to do. She looked so much like him at the moment, I just burst into tears. She turned to me, put her head against me, and started rubbing her head against me, the first time she had ever done this! It felt like she was trying to tell me that he was still here. It somehow felt amazingly comforting to be walking around with those white hairs all over my shirt again!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing that touching story...that is one of the most beautiful stories I have heard. What a horse, and what memories you have to treasure! Again, thank you. :-) Please, share with us your stallion's name that is looking more like him every day! Do you have photos of him, or of Tara? I know I for one would love to see them, especially after hearing this story.

Pete Hiatt
It was in 1988, I believe, when I went to my first Egyptian Event. I was only contemplating getting into Egyptians at that time. I walked from stall to stall throughout the entire show. Suddenly in an unpretentious stall, I happened upon VA Sirius. Wow! He was like a breed apart. I guess the judges thought so, too. Some time either before or after that, Sirius became the highest point horse ever at the event with 8 perfect scores. Imdal had two other sons and a grandson who also won the Event. He won it three times himself with the first time being before the title of Supreme Champion was coined, but he was high point horse. He was quite young and untrained. Barbara Vallee and her husband Pat, bought Imdal as a baby. Imdal was rather puny following an illness, but Barbara Vallee always had a superb eye for foals. Anyway they went to the Event with no one in mind to show Imdal, but found someone (I forget his name) at the show. He took one look at Imdal and stated "I can WIN with this sucker!" Prophetic words. He practiced setting up that night an swept the show.

A number of years later, Imdal once again came to the Event. It was a last minute decision and a certain horse coming from out West was sent back home before reaching the Event. That horse later won the Event, US, and World championships. But it wold have been unwise to risk competition against Imdal.

I once met Danni Barbieri (name mispelled, I believe...sorry) at the Event. She is a most gracious lady and judged Imdal in Paris. She had the most incredible statement I have ever heard about ANY horse. She said: "Who am I to judge this horse." Incredible statement.

When Imdal returned from Israel, he went almost immediately to the Event. When the stallions were shown inside and people allowed to come down and see them up close, it was embarrassing that EVERYONE surrounded Imdal. He was a sweet horse and it was interesting to see the "laying on of hands" that is genetic in humans. I began videoing Imdal and eventually switched to videoing the people looking at him. The expressions were unbelieveable. Later, he and Sirius and , I think, Hadiya El Tariff were shown together. I have some wonderful videos from that show.

Would it not be wonderful to have a Get of Sire class with Sirius, HET, and Imtariff shown together. All three Supreme Champions of the Event.

I think some people mistake Barbara Griffith who produced Imdal and Barbara & Pat Valle who bought him as a baby. All wonderful people.

My favorite Imdal son is the first Straight Egyptian bred by the Vallees. Rahima was the first foal by their Straight Egyptian foundation mare, Apple Hill Agiba. Rahima has the best neck I have ever seen on an Arabian. I have many of his gorgeous daughters now and hope to breed them back to some other Imdal son. Bint Rahima is the most beautiful mare I have ever seen.

Imdal crossed well with every line, but Barbara Vallee always thought the crosses to Ansata were the best. I would add the crosses to Pritzlaff.
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