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I am considering staining my box stalls this spring to give the 100% oak barn an updated or cosmetically improved look, and to protect the wood. Realizing that various products can sometimes be toxic ... are there any specific name brands that I would want to search for? Specific name products that I would want to avoid?

There are numerous varieties of stain available to the market, but before I jump into this project which can be fairly expensive ... I thought I would ask my peers what their thoughts and experiences have been. Hoping to hear from you guys!!

Susan Gilbert

Good question! Outside of scrubbing the walls with soap, I've left mine in their natural wood state, but maybe you could use berry juice of some sort to stain, or peanut oil?

Thank you for yielding suggestions ... I should have known that I could count on you! I know part of my concern is that I remember lead base paints and what happened to horses that licked the bars that were painted with that product ... not good. But, now that that ingredient is fully disclosed ... my question would be are there safe products for horses stalls now? I have seen many barns' stalls stained to give that finishing touch and varnished ... but just don't have a clue what products are safe.

Soooo, I turned to my peers to see what others may have done to research this ... I will not be using any paint products ... and at the rate I am receiving information ... I will not feel comfortable doing anything at all unless there is good resolve online here.

Thanks Liz ...

We have used Linseed oil on the outside walls of our stalls. It works well as a preservative for the wood gives it a nice finish and acts as a sealant .
It is non toxic to horses.
I would not suggest it being used on the inner stall because some horses like the taste.
We are also fans of linseed oil for wood and fences - and have used it for 30 years. In the days before automobile oil could be recycled, we mixed it (small amounts) with the linseed oil (lots) before painting fences. We never had any bug problems! Of course, we all know better than to do that now.

I'd not put any on the inside of stalls for the reason mentioned by Kat. If the wood isn't getting terribly wet, it should be just fine anyway.

I am a "green" freak and there are lots of new products on the market now that are safe enough for children and so should be for horses. Even some milk based products. Do an on line search or pick up a good book . Lots of info available.

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