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Cassiosum Acres Arabians
Just came inside and we got some new pics of Gabby my new SE mare i got last weekend LM Gharibah (Double Gharib, German bred SE mare). She has been here only 1 week tomorrow. She was feeling good and decided to show off some moves so my oldest daughter Lauren got these photos of her

She did roll, still has winter hair and keep in mind she does need some weight and muscling - especially in her hind end
But i think they turned out pretty nice considering. Enjoy!!!

Cassiosum Acres Arabians
Couple more...

Had to throw this one in too i know her head is cut off but it shows what great extension she has - this girl CAN move and I think definately will produce the sport horse types with my boy PT that iam after
Cassiosum Acres Arabians
Today must indeed be an affirming day for good decisions on your part.
Can't wait to see the cross.
Have fun with her.
Hi Sue

She looks lovely, I wish you all the luck in the world with her. I remember the excitement when I got my first SE mare! I have attached a photo of her for you, the beautiful Iceni.

oh here they are biggrin.gif love these photos, I can't wait to see what she'll look like in a month's time
Cassiosum Acres Arabians
Thank you!!!

I too think she looks a bit better already - she was definately enjoying her run and we had such a beautiful sunny day here on Saturday. Too bad it did not last and it is cold once again

She looks lovely. I am sure she will be a great assett to your farm.

All the best with her. Some photos of her in one of your lovely halters?

congrats Sue she is beautiful. BARB
Carol Cooper-Hall
Cassiosum Acres Arabians
CONGRATULATIONS on your new mare, LM Gharibah...wishing you many years of happiness together!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Cassiosum Acres Arabians
Thanks so much everyone!

Barbara i most definately will show her off in a nice halter once she is all shed out and we have warmer weather and some green grass in a few months time.
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