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can somebody please tell me what has happened to Magic Dream
and why they are selling breedings for free??
I am really surprised! blink.gif

You beat me to this, I was about to ask as well.

I'd be first on line to breed to him, but he and my mare do not match up in conformation for improving one another
Nobody out there knows what is going on??
Nothing has happened to Magic Dream, and as I understand it, the free breedings, which by the way cost you a $500 US handling fee, were on a limited basis and the opprotunity to aquire them has long since expired. I own a son of his, the full sister to EF Dream Diva, and I was one of the fortunate ones to pick up on one of the breedings. If I had to venture a guess as to the reason for the "free" breedings, I would think that they were looking for a quick influx of money or they wanted to increase the number of his foals that would then be shown and enhance his standing as a sire of show winners. Personally, I thinks it's pretty cool that his owners would take a chance with such a move. Obviously some people will try to turn this into a negative situation. Isn't it ashame that a wonderful opportunity like this would be exploited by Magic Dream detractors?
If the opportunity to aquire one of these breedings has long since expired I wish they would take the message off of their website still advertising 25 free breedings.
Wendy B
Long-since expired? I don't think it would just now be making any forum if it had come out months ago. The particular letter that is run under the paragraph (however in the letter sent out in 2003, no mention was made of free breedings in 2004) was sent out last spring to owners of Magic offspring. I know because I received one in the mail.
I purchased my breeding before Christmas last year. I was told at the time that another party had requested one of these breedings and had been denied the opportunity because all of the breedings of this special offer had been taken. Somebody may have lied to me about these breedings being all spoken for, I can't say for sure. All I was trying to do was pass on information as I understood it. If you don't like the information, please feel free to disregard it.
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