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I would be interested in getting people's opinions on Shahir... Someone I know recently paid him some high compliments, and would be interested in hearing other people's opinions about him as a sire... Would like to hear what people think about his offspring from different Dam lines, etc...
I love Arabians
Wich Shahir do you mean???
Because, as far as I know, there exist at least three.
Carol Maginn
The one that is from Israel...
Hi Carol...the best person..and perhaps the one most knowledgeable about *Shahir is Linda Stephenson of Jamal Arabians..she and Bob own him, have watched him grow up and develop and can probably tell you anything about him, his get, his show records etc...

And I bet they will be delighted to do so!
Carol Maginn
Thanks Suellen,

Yes I asked Linda for a video today - but I really wanted to know if there was anyone else who had any thoughts on him as a sire. It would be of interest to me to get multiple perspectives from other mare owners who have bred to Shahir...

When I attended the stallion review at the Event last year, *Shahir and one other horse were the only two of the entire bunch I would breed to. What a well conformed and gentle stallion he is. I think *Shahir does a wonderful job. I have an Al Baraki baby out of a *Shahir daughter and you should see the head on this baby!!! While I don't find *Shahir to be the finest in performance blood (which is what I am looking for now days...)and as he has a weak performance show record he isn't on my list as a potential sire for my '05 foals but a very nice halter sire. JMHO
Dear Schneider,

I would love to see any photos of your baby you may have... Also curious to know who the other Stallion was at the Event that you would have considered....Also if you have any photos of your mare that would be wonderful to see... I'm assuming that you feel that he dishy head came from the dam side more than the sire?


I think his name was Fortune Hunter or something like that, I remeber him being a Nabiel son but I could be wrong. I would love to share photos but do not know how to get them on my computer. I wish I was more intelligent about these computer things. Honestly, I feel Al Baraki has a wonderful head and I attribute the baby's head to both sides of the pedigree.
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