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there is suposeto be a new show on marchthe 29th and 30th of march !!! it is also the worlds richest show !!! and it is o this 2oo4 !!! this is suppose to be the best show ever !!!
yes i have heard of it, but only people that have got that mail may enter it is like a key to a door .
the total prize mony is $186,000
Following my info 189 000USD!? biggrin.gif
Well Heaven Help us, I hope it goes well-I have strong reservations on big money at shows for obvious reasons! It`s so good at shows where you hand over a sixth place rosette and the owner says, Thanks, I`m thrilled!.....I know, I`m a bit unrealistic but do love the shows where everyone is there for pleasure!!!Alia
I agree. Everytime big money is involved big problems are involved, too. We are in for the fun of competition and not to get rich at a show. But I think I am unrealistic, too. smile.gif
Well, then, there are, I am happy to say, lots of unrealistic people around! biggrin.gif

Where exactly will the show be and can everybody go there as visitor ?

i agrre copletely princess and i dont think guests can come sorry !!!!
Of course geust could go, why not! it's 29th and 30th March in the Dubai World Trade Center, Halls 6-7.

Well here in Qatar we have already as long as I know of a very good price money, about 8500 USD for a champion , 5500 for a reserve and 3000 for a classwinner + price money second and thirth place. I never fell under extra pressure for the money!

You forget that if you chose your proffesionality in this business, you know you are not going to be rich from it. If money is an issue, you will choose an other proffesionality very fast. Secondly the poeple who own the horses and go mostly to these shows with the star trainers (lets say) are not really in need for the money either. I think at the end of the day their picture with a nice trophee in the magazine is more important then 5000dollars!

So the only thing I think it's going to bring is just a bid more bonus maybe for the grooms, my indian and nepali boys are very very happy about - and they can use it well to.

In Europe, it might make some small and middle class owners happy as at least they can use it to cover extra expenses they have and in this way it's not just an elite sport.

So at the end if it's going to make a change inside the arena, I truly don't think at all. And as I said we have it here now for more then the six years I'm showing here. I like to win as much in Qatar as in Jordan or the UAE this year or in Paris - where ever! biggrin.gif
Will Ghajariy compete in any of the middle east shows?
I heart SC Dagash will compete at the Qatarshow, so if it's true I will keep my fingers cross for him. wub.gif
Gharjariy was arrived yesterday, I hear looking very good. Dagash was inscripted but I hear isn't coming, why - I don't know!
some bad news and some good, bad is that i just tore all the muscles between my pointer finger and thumb and im now in a cast good news is i might be going to the show i want to se how it looks and i wnt to see the horses that ar there does any body know of any other horses that may be competing ? and did any one hear of the judges going and dos any on know or think how much THEY are going to be payed and of any judges that are just going beauss they are or were invited ?
thanks being very nosey
electra biggrin.gif
Is there any website? And will put pictures on the site?

I'm so excited for what Ghajariy will do, he's so beautiful rolleyes.gif
Who will show Ghajariy?
Bart wrote:

Gharjariy was arrived yesterday, I hear looking very good

Hi Bart, what do you mean? arrived in UAE and the show is at the end of March, or do you mean the Quatar show?


Michelle Salmon
Hello, can someone tell me if SC Dagash now resides in the Middle East?
Hi Bart

may be this price money can be doubled for those champions/winners, when starting in the endurance race?
Of course, the best conditioned horse arriving would count too.

I never could understand how price money can be given for "Beauty" only, because that is in the eyes of the beholder.
But for sure I can see it when performing in stress performances.

Just my opinion

Hansi ohmy.gif
DEar Hansi, The price money for a 120km endurance race here in Qatar runs up to 150 000 USD. That means that first ten get money, ofcourse best condition is caculated in it. The winner makes about 65 000USD / a race. Their are about six spread over the season from october till april.
Hi Michelle,

SC Dagash is owned by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Bin Sultan al Qasimi, Sharjah, U.A.E
Michelle Salmon
Thank you Carina, I didn't know that.
it is the same here i need to go i'm so exited .
electra (exited mood ) biggrin.gif
aleksi there is something wrong my name every one gets it
finnaly back to normal there is something wrong i have peoples names and they have mine !!
Good morning Bart
Thank you for the information. that sounds really great.
some people say, when money is involved, the horses are run to death. I say, there is also the "Best conditioned Horse"
and such cant be run to death, ha! And of course, the true horseman/woman who would always FIRST consider their horse, and then the possible win.

I envy you all so much, being able to train in my beloved deserts
and wish I could still ride in some of those great races.
However, I can still train horses, from the ground including riders, which I still do.

Bart, can you tell us the names of the Se's competing in these races, past and present? Are you running any?
I am so interested in learning who is doing what.

Take care and have a great day
Hansi biggrin.gif
does anyone have some results? how did Ghajariy do?
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