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I received the following message from a concerned Cynthia Fraser. My condolences from our family to the family of Duane Chellevold who obviously loved these horses very much. The community, horses included will miss him. -Daphne

Daphne, I received an email regarding 50 straight Egyptian arabs in need of a home---maybe you know of someone that would be interested. Details are below. Cynthia

Some of you may know Duane Chellevold through the Arabian horse industry. Duane passed away this week, leaving 50 Arabian horses at his ranch in South Phoenix . According to a conversation I had earlier this evening with Duane's daughter, Tarah, their family is desperately trying to find homes for them, as they cannot afford to continue feeding them. They have enough feed for a short while. Neighbors are helping the family with feeding. All of the horses are registered, purebred Arabians, mostly straight Egyptian. The horses range from yearlings to 24 years. Most of the older horses have already been given away. Many of the mares are in foal. There are also colts, fillies and stallions. Tarah mentioned much of the breeding is Egyptian Prince.
Please contact Tarah, 818-321-1191, if you would like more information.

Thank you,

So sorry to hear of this loss and blessings to his family. Is there a farm name or website up with photos?

Susan G
I don't think I need to tell anyone how much I love and stand by Egyptian Prince Breeding. Remember my exotic filly - Amira is sired by Vanylla Ice - who is an EP son. For those of you who can take a few more horses or a horse, if you can get your hands on this blood - I suggest you jump on it... Its getting more scarce all the time. Vanylla Ice is now 18 years old I believe and I don't know of many other sons out there who sire as well as he has for us...

I would love to have more EP horses here... Jeez - Reilly would kill me though... I'll ask some friends and clients... But seriously I can't recommend it highly enough, especially on Ali blood or Anaza Bay Shahh blood.. Ask Mauri Chase - she will also tell you this...

This woman’s husband, Duane Chellevold, passed away last week. She is “selling/giving away” about 40+ purebred Egyptian Arabian horses of various ages. Many need immediate rescue from poor conditions, including a 23-yr-old mare just foaled a colt 5 days ago (the one being offered for $400). The woman told me she couldn’t manage the upkeep of so many horses. I had heard she was giving them away free, but then learned she is selling most of them at greatly reduced prices. Her name is Hertha Chellevold (480) 969-6609.

These horses need help YESTERDAY!! I went out to see the horses and was sickened by the condition of so many of them. There were probably 40 or more in unsheltered pipe corrals with little or no cover from the Phoenix sun and none had fly masks as protection from flies, dust or the sun (temps are in the high 90's, low 100's). Many drank from barrels of water that looked fouled. Almost all had eye infections, many with abscesses or eyes half closed, several with unknown skin conditions. Several were so thin that every rib showed and hip bones stuck out through the skin, appearing half starved. A stallion had gashes around his eyes and nose. There were many young ones (under 6 years old) that the woman claimed were Ferzon granddaughters. There were several that appeared to be in better condition, but coincidentally she was asking $500 or more for them, $2000 for one stallion, and various prices for others. One stallion she was offering for free was about 20 yrs. old (?) and had dropped rear fetlocks. Some had not been shod for quite awhile. There were several mares in foal – again, without shelter from the sun. Another horse appeared blind in one eye with flies crawling over its face.

The mare advertised for $400 just had a colt 5 days ago. Her eyes were swollen almost shut, infected, and covered with flies. If not already blind, she could barely see her foal as he tried to nurse. She looked in pain but was sweet and didn't seem to want to leave the comfort of my hands stroking her head. The colt was thin and all his ribs showed.

Any of the handful of horses that looked in much better condition were “not for sale”.

None were broke to ride. I was sick and near tears to see these conditions, and many of the horses came up to me at the pipe rails and leaned against my hands, as if begging to be rescued. I have no horse property, so it was agonizing to leave them behind.

Please post this so that hopefully some Arabian horse folks will be able to help these horses in time. I'm sure many of them would have a great future with rescue.


6241 S. 30th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (Hwy 51 south, Exit University Dr/32nd St, Turn right on 32nd St. to Southern Ave., Right on Southern to 30th St., Left on 30th St. ¼ mile to driveway just past row of tall oleanders. Gate is only open when owner is showing in late afternoons/early evenings.)

Please help if you can to get these horses out of there ASAP!

I saw this also on another thread!!!!!!
Hi Monique,
Well, whomever wrote that is trying to steal the horses under the guise they are being abused so they can take advantage of someone's death. There are creeps like this out there who like to take horses for free. It's complete and utter BS to put it mildly.

I spoke with Tarah, Duane's daugher and she gave me her website of the remaining 6 horses who are for sale. Although some look as if they are pregnant they are just a little on the chubby side.

you can see them at or email Tarah at
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