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I really need some advice here. Have been trying to get my mare in foal, live cover to my own stallion. She showed a good heat in May, and we covered her, but she did not conceive. Had the vet out to do a culture---which tested positive for staph. He did a flush and followed up with
10 days of oral antibiotics. She showed another good heat, and we covered her on the last day of heat. Vet was out on day #13 following the breeding and did an ultrasound which showed the mare to be open. Now here comes the tricky part-----she has not been in heat since, and I have been very astute on checking her with the stallion ever since. She has always been very reliable to come in 21 days from the first day of her cycle. Today she should be in the second day of a cycle, and she is showing absolutely nothing.
So the question is ----would a woman's home pregnancy test work on her??? I have heard that it does. But I guess I don't understand why it would since I am thinking there would be a big difference between the hormones of a horse, and the hormones of a human!! Or should I just now resort to giving her the shot to get her to cycle in and then breed her?
Thanks in advance for your advice.

Gideon Reisel
Why don't you scan her first ? It is possible to see on an echo starting 2 to 3 weeks after conception...
Suellen Taylor
IMHO, I think day 13 is a mite early..I would wait a few she on *Regumate?

Could be that little thing is still floating around and not readily readable.

Good luck!
Allison of Talaria
I think Suellen's question is very pertinent. Is she on Regumate? That alone could be the reason she's not showing heat.

Otherwise, she might be in foal. Years ago I natural covered one of my foundation mares, *Fardousa, with Botswana when he was two. The vet came and checked her and said "not pregnant." So at what seemed to be another heat, we brought her back together with Botswana--and she would have NOTHING to do with him. Finally, since she was so agressive towards him, I was afraid she would hurt the stallion, and, since it was late in the season, I just decided to wait until the next year.

The next February, when our vet came to check *Fardousa out to see that everything was in order for that year's breeding season, he reached inside to palpate her and said "OMG, there's a foal already in there."

So...perhaps your mare is already in foal.?

Allison M.
I agree with Sue Ellen. Thirteen days is a bit early. We usually check at 17 days.

Valerie Clinkenbeard
Bloodstone Farms
idan atiq
Back in the US, in the late 70s and early 80s we used to test our mares with human home pregnancy tests and it worked really well. What I cannot remember is how many days after breeding we checked.
It was a cheap way of getting early information.
Hope this helps.
If the mare tested positive on staph and you had her live covered, how about the stallion and reinfection?
I agree day 13 is sometimes soon. Sometimes the follicle can be behind schedule. I had a mare that was as many as 4 days behind where she should have been. We rechecked and there it was on day 21.

Tell us how many times during her cycle did you cover the mare, and on what days.?

And...Good Point was brought up by bterlaan....You have to test those boys to make sure they are not staph carriers.
Hi everyone ---
Thank you to everyone for their ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Here are the exact dates on what has happened thus far. Mare is 20 yrs old, and in excellent health. Was bred by AI in 2007, foaled a filly in 2008 after normal pregnancy and delivery. Did not breed her back in 2008. She is not, and has never been on Regumate. Mare came into a strong heat in May 18,19,20, 21,22,23. Was bred on the 23rd. Mare showed heat again on June 8,9,10,11,12. Mare was bred on the 11th, vet was out on the 12th. He did a culture, and at that time said that he could see that she had already ovulated, and this was 9 am. An ultrasound was done on the 24th which did not reveal any pregnancy, so a uterine flush was done and mare was put on 10 days of oral antibiotics for showing a positive staph infection. Mare has been checked regulalry to stallion ever since, and has shown no heat, or even the slightest interest in the stallion. The stallion is a large 2 yr old colt, and this is his first breeding experience. We are doing this live cover. I obtained a home pregnancy test late yesterday, and later this eve I will try to get a urine catch from the mare and see what it reveals. I will post again when I have the results.

Hello again --

The home pregnancy test reveals that mare is not pregnant. So now I have to decide whether to try and use the L. shot to induce her into showing a good heat, or whether to just let her go, and wait til next spring. But thanks again everyone for your input.

Also something to think about...some mares will stop cycling as it gets hot, we've been so hot in Waco that my 16 year old has only come into season once in 2009.
Hi Everyone:

well here is the latest update on Abbey. As you know from a different topic, we lost Elvis last weekend. Elvis had been out in the pasture with Abbey for the last two yrs, and they were absolutely best friends and really loved each other. The other horse in the pasture is Abbey's yearling daughter. So when we had to put Elvis down, Abbey was wandering the pasture looking for him for days. And then on Wed eve when I was out doing chores, I noticed that her hind legs were a bit dirty. Thursday morning she was pacing the fence, and whinnying across the driveway at our stallion, and showing signs of heat. I teased her with him on Friday eve, and she had an immediate positive reaction to him. So later that eve we did a successful live cover. We will give her tonight off, and live cover again on Sunday evening. So we are hoping that she gets in foal. If she does not conceive on this cycle, we will stop and wait for Spring, and then try again. I personally do not think this is a coincidence----I think that with Elvis no longer here, she was more focused on the stud.
Any opinions on that?

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