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idan atiq
The first Israel Egyptian Cup was a tremendous success. Over 100 SE and Egyptian-sired horses competed under judge Ferdinand Heumer of Austria in a most exciting show.
Here are the highlights:

Straight Egyptians:

Gold Medal Filly: Nashwah AA (Al Ayad x Insha Sha Latifa)
Silver Medal: Layyanah AA (Al Bilal x Luiba)
Bronze Medal: Nawal AA (Al Maraam x Insha Sha Latifa)

Gold Medal Colt: Al Raheeb (Laheeb x The Vision HG)
Silver Medal: El Amir Ibn Mawardi (Mawardi x JPJ Talei)
Bronze Medal: *Extremme RSA (True Colours x Bahiyaa)

Gold Medal Mare: Al Halah AA (Laheeb x The Vision HG)
Silver Medal: JPJ Talei (MB Talman x Shalai)
Bronze Medal: Malaak Sabha (Al Minar x Silar)

Gold Medal Stallion: Moheeb ZK (Laheeb x Tanjara)
Silver Medal: MA Baader ((Sinjabi x Blue Bint Zarlula)
Bronze Medal: Simeon Sharav (Asfour x Simeon Shuala)

Gold Medal Filly Foal: Lutfina AA (Nader al Jamal x Latifah AA)
Silver Medal Filly: AA Mabroka (Nader al Jamal x El Thay Madoura)
Bronze Medal: Badriyah AA (Nader al Jamal x Baraqaa AA)

Gold Medal Colt Foal: Abyad AA (Nader al Jamal x Al Amal AA)
Silver Medal Colt Foal: El Amam (Arbuk x Mazuza)
Bronze Medal: True Sirin (True Colours x Chamami)

Egyptian Sired Champions:

Egyptian-Sired 2009 Filly Foals:

Gold Medal SA Al Zahara (Nader Al Jamal x Al Duqa AA)
Silver Medal Qatar Al Nadar (Nader Al Jamal x U.D. Tamer Henna)
Bronze Medal Noora (Nader Al Jamal x BK Laila)

Egyptian-Sired 2009Colt Foals:

Gold Medal Bahir Al Jamal (Dal Al Azim x M.A. Sinnaya)
Silver Medal Prince Sinan (Nader Al Jamal x D. Rasulla BT)
Bronze Medal: (info not in program - owned by Magal Arabians)

Egyptian-Sired FIllies 2006-2008

Gold Medal: Zlota Gwiazda (Al Maraam x Zlota Ksiega)
Silver Medal: Donya (Nader Al Jamal x Aroussa)
Bronze Medal: Ranya (Nader Al Jamal x DK Laila)

Egyptian-Sired Colts

Gold Medal: El Barazan (Entebbe CA x W Camila)
Silver Medal: Kobra NA (Nader al Jamal x W Camila)
Bronze Medal: M A Sinan Jamil (Laheeb x M.A. Sinan Jamila)

Egyptian-Sired Mares

Gold Medal: Al Duqa AA (Al Maraam x Dumka)
Silver Medal: M A Mouna Bint Sharook (Wahaad x Sharook)
Bronze Medal: Sabra Dahir (Baahir x Dany)

Egyptian Sired Stallions

Gold Medal: M A Sajeed (Laheeb x Sabra Sajaa)
SIlver Medal: (not in program - owned by Magal Arabians)
Bronze Medal: A Nadim (Kamsin Rodan x V.D. Daquebria)

Congratulations to one and all on such a successful and beautiful show!

Tzviah Idan

Thank you for the results!
idan atiq
You are quite welcome, Lydia, I know that quite a few people around the world were 'holding their breathe' and waiting to hear the results. Perhaps we will be able to do coverage of the show, including all the classes on international when we get photos.
All the best,

QUOTE (Lydia @ Nov 22 2009, 12:05 PM) *
Thank you for the results!

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