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I received the new Arabian Horse World (March 2004) and was thrilled to see Imperial's two page spread introducing this stallion for the 2004 season. He is awesome. I can't begin to tell you how exciting this stallion is. I got to see him at Imperial in February and when he trotted out, it was like seeing the Sameh daughters all over again. What memories he brought to my head. I just sat there, hypnotized, as I watched this horse move. He has the most incredible shoulder and moves very big. Sometimes, you see horses that have very big movement in the front but nothing behind and vice versa but this horse is incredibly balanced. He drives with his hocks and his hind feet were just eating up the ground! He just moves really BIG!!! He is an Imperial Al Kamar son out of the Imdal daughter, Imperial Falaah. I saw both the sire and the dam too and they were lovely, however, their son, is a better horse than they are. The consistency that Imperial al Kamar has a sire is particularly amazing. He really sires some super sons. Falaah traces to Sameh through *Fawkia, and Imperial Al Kamar traces to Sameh through *Serenity Sonbolah. Later on, as I saw him in the stall, he is very focused on people and very friendly. And he is a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. How could this horse be any better?
Hi Ralph,

I have been told that he had an accident and that is why he was not shown? Do you know what happened?
No Sliver, I don't know what happened.

Have you ever been paying attention to someone speaking and then someone enters the room, distracting you and all of a sudden, the talking that held your attention only a few seconds before becomes a very distant murmuring, as you focus on this very interesting and captivating person? Well, that is what happened to me, when this horse started flying around the ring. He is brilliant, just brilliant. Imperial really did it this time. They have somehow managed to breed a very spectacular horse.
did you make a photo of him you can post?
At Imperial's website I only saw some pics
of him as a very young horse. He turns three
this year I think. Anyone who can supply photos?

I had planned to take my video camera with me, and left it by the front door (where I had put it so I wouldn't forget it!). So, unfortunately, no pictures from me but I saw a few people taking pictures (Anne Louise, did you take any of him?). I hope that someone will post pictures because I saw the same ones at the Imperial website and he does not look like that anymore. He is more mature looking.

wub.gif wub.gif

Hi Ralph,

See I told you that doubling up on the Rodania line does not necessarily produce coarse, plain horses without type! smile.gif This colt looks very much like the KR chestnuts that I have seen in this strain. Actually this colt has four crosses into the Kuhaylan Rodan family, one through Hossny's dam Sanaa to Yashmak (Rodania), one through Serenity Sonbolah's dam Bint Om El Saad (Rodania), one through Romanaa II's dam Nazeera (Riyala) and then through Fawkia back to Malaka (Riyala). It's no wonder this colt can move as all these mares produce that super movement that you described.

I'd love to see a current photo of this colt as well. Do you remember how tall he was?

Hi Judi,

As a matter of fact, I was waiting for you to find this thread. smile.gif I think about 15 hands, maybe a little bigger?

Dear Ralph,

Next time I visit my mom in York, Pennsylvania (just about 45 miles from the Maryland border), I'm gonna make it a point to visit Imperial again and really look at this youngster.

I used to visit Imperial frequently and have always been a big fan of Ansata Imperial, and of course the Queen--Serenity Sonbolah.

I was lucky enough to visit in the late '80's when they had *Orashan, Ibn Safinaz, and *Madheen all together there. Each of those stallions is/was exquisitely beautiful but *Madheen took my breath away. Such an incredibly exotic and ultra refined stallion, but still masculine!

This new young stallion is very eye-catching. I know the feeling you were describing. I experienced it years ago when the big, chestnut Russian stallion * Plastun came trotting into the ring at Devon. Oh, my! Did he ever make his presence known! When an Arabian horse has a really highly developed sense of self, they just know how to bring the humans to their knees!

--Susan wink.gif
Ralph, your photo question has made me chuckle - I did (attempt) to take several photos of Amir Kamar and ended up with a spectacular series of empty arenas and disembodied tails floating in front of that picture window. Rather foolishly I had brought my husband's digital camera, and obviously still need to master the whole timing thing. blink.gif I did get part of his rump in one of them.

He is a beautiful horse. His injury occurred while he was a youngster - yearling or weanling, I can't remember - he caught his foot in the fender of a Gator (a type of farm vehicle - like a tractor crossed with a golf cart) and ripped off his hoof. Beverly Sziraky wouldn't give up on the colt and the first time I saw him after the accident his foot was made up of cotton and duct tape. Incredibly, he has grown back a "hoof" - in fact you wouldn't know the extent of the injury to look at him and certainly not to see him move. I agree Ralph, I think he is just a beautiful boy.
I can do alot of things with horses but to see something like that, I really think that I would have hit the floor out cold.

I hope that he turns into one of the next superhorses because to overcome something like that, he already is.
My question is not exactly topic related but I thought you all are familiar with the Imperial horses so I try it. smile.gif Has anyone seen the colt of Imperial Baarez and Imperial Mistilll? A bay one. Any comments?
Hello Birte,

I saw the Baarez x Mistilll colt, Imperial Mistaar, last summer and thought he was an elegant sort of fellow, and typey as one would expect.. He was very much still a baby and needs to have time to grow up but in particular I thought he had a lovely front end on him (Baarez is most consistent with this, from what I have seen) and holds a great deal of promise. I haven't seen him since. Sorry I can't be more specific but again, he was very much a baby.

Does anyone have any idea when or if Imperial Baarez breeding book will ever open to public? I have the most incredible SE filly (SVA Sheherazod) by AK Khazar out of a double Shaikh Al Badi mare "Galladriel." I think she looks just like the Baarez daughters I saw at the Egyptian event in Get of Sire class.. she would cross FANTASTICALLY with Baarez! I had toyed with breeding her to Imperial Imdal.. but he passes before she was of age...SO sad! sad.gif Thanks! Holly
I have a SE mare that ALSO ripped half her hoof off! She was Imported from Egypt "Fahda EAO", the Vet said.. PUT HER DOWN THERES NOT ENOUGH Artery left to feed her foot theres no hope.. well.. I begged her to wait a couple of days and see.. we had the blood loss under control.. Horse was grazing happily.. Vet returned expecting cold hoof and to do the unthinkable.. hoof was WARM.. we gave her a FEW more days.. Vet returned LOTS of new granulation!! 6 months of everyday soaks/bandage changes and theres a NEW HOOF!!!!! These SE horses are AMAZING!!!! Vet was so amazed she did photos and articles! Holly
What horrible stories that turned out to have a happy ending!!!! Great (and great site!!)
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