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I just had to open the eblast from AHA about the Sport Horse Payback Stallions and was pleasantly suprized. There are some doing SE's there: My favorite looking boy is:
Prince Imatep Too (pedigree)
Prince Imatep Too on SHN Payback site
He has a lovely body, was the 2008 US Nationals TT in SHIH (and they tend to go on quality not type) has got some substancce and broader pedigree than usual.
Of course, my favorite overall who should need no introduction considering his show record:
Imperial Saturn (pedigree)
Imperial Saturn on SHN Payback site
There are more SE's, some with SHIH records and some that are actually under saddle doing some work. This kind of information isn't publicized enough either from or to the SE community, so figured I'd try wink.gif Hopefully people will float around that site and find a few more SE gems that are under saddle and consider them for their mares.
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