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please correct the portrait of hassan sa and centerfold for nebras as infamous means the horses that are infamous like Ansata Halim shah in nebras al rayyan centerfold and El Halimaar in Hassan Sa portrait , are evil or have nasty temperaments or have done something bad which is different then they r famous which halim shah and el halimaar are .

sorry if you think me the word police but inadvertently u r giving two great stallion s a bad reputation by calling them infamous they r not infamous or bad or evil ( which what infamous means ) but FAMOUS to tell you the truth dont even know why i give a rats ass but it just bothers me that no one edits and rereads these things before posting something that may damage a horses reputation just by simple mistake in translation that should have been proof read
Cheryl L
Barb is very correct......Infamous in not a good word for describing a horse. Infamous....meaning, having the worst reputation ever.
Absolutely concur with this. Needs changing immediately..
Thank you all for taking the time to read each of these stallions stories, and to point out that change which we will make as soon as possible. I do appreciate you taking your time and effort in doing this. I love both of these horses very much and they are the kindest stallions you'd ever meet so I wouldn't want anyone to think it was the opposite.

Best wishes,


Update: Requested/Suggested changes made. Many thanks again :-)
What about the change to Hassan SA's write up?


Yes that was updated as well and thanks for asking. Both updates were made immediately last night as requested. I am sorry for my mistake and learned something new as well. Every day I learn something new - usually by making some silly mistake.

Have a great Sunday...


QUOTE (mckulley1 @ Apr 10 2011, 07:29 PM) *
What about the change to Hassan SA's write up?

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