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As we count down to the release of Volume II of our book "Authentic Arabian Horse Names: let us talk more about the book each day...The first story in the book is titled "Hikayat Al Hadiyah". the Story of The Gift.....and the story begins..'In a time long ago past, in a place in the hot desert of the Middle East, a beautiful black filly was born to a lovely Seglawiyah mare named Maaroofah....

The second story in volume II is titled "Hikayat Al Mousabakat", The Story of the Race...and so the story begins.."Abdullah Bin Habban, a high ranking member of the Banu Zahl tribe had acquired an exquisite mare named Moubarakat, meaning Blessings. At first glance one would know why she was bestowed with such a name. She was a kind and gentle, purely white mare, possessing a delicateness to her that could not be explained, but only seen with one’s own eye. "

The third story in volume II is titled "Hikayat Al Mahrousseh", The Story of the Protected One".....This story begins ...."Every Muslim dreams of one day to make the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, called the Hajj. Thus he will be closer to heaven. It is a long and difficult journey for most. When an old man from Hamah, Syria went to the Hajj, he had finally realized his lifelong dream. At peace with himself and Allah, he returned to his tribe. Upon his return he learned that his beloved mare Mahrousseh, meaning The Protected One..."

Bachir welcomes discussions on this topic of naming our beloved Arabian horses with beautiful Arabic names, as well as the Middle Eastern culture, language.

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