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Many of you here know Bakr. I would like to Congratulate him & is new Bride Mariam on there recent Marriage. Which occurred on Friday at 4PM, in Cairo.

Wishing you both all the very best for the future. Debbie
Warmest congratulations!
QUOTE (tiawarra @ Mar 17 2012, 07:32 AM) *
Many of you here know Bakr. I would like to Congratulate him & is new Bride Mariam on there recent Marriage. Which occurred on Friday at 4PM, in Cairo.

Wishing you both all the very best for the future. Debbie

Nadj al Nur
Congratulations, Bakr and Mariam. May you have many, many years of happiness.
Mr Prospector
Congratulations Bakr and Mariam! I wish you many years of health and happiness together!
Many congratulations; I hope you have a long and happy life together. May Allah send his blessings to you both. We would love to see some photos of the happy couple!


I am sure you will need to get rid of a few fillies as you will be busy with your new wife Bakr so please send them to me. I will take very good care of them.

Debbie and everyone;
Thank you so much for this wonderful and very touching topic, I'm very sorry that my reply came way too late but I haven't had any chances to get on the forum long time ago but just logged in and found such very nice surprise. Thank you Debbie and everyone,you really made our day with your warming and very kind wishes. I and Mariam are truly grateful for this.

For our wedding party, we had a small one with close friends and relatives to share our very special day but we had a little surprise for them,
While everyone was waiting the groom and bride to arrive in a nice decorated limo, Me and Mariam had a different plan, we arrived to the place where we will have the wedding ceremony and celebration but we stepped by near the place but far enough that no one could notice us, I previously arranged with the stable owner that I used to put my horse in his place to send me Two of his best dancing horses with a local band consist of 4 persons (2 drummers and 2 using horns).
A grey and Chestnut horses were marching in front of us and the band was in behind playing beautiful traditional Egyptian music, people noticed the noise and start coming out of the hall to check out whatís going on and they were really surprised that it was us.
We stood for a while before we enter the hall; the atmosphere was really wonderful, horses were dancing, music playing and everyone cheering up and I couldnít not dream with anything better than this but things got even more exciting when that rider whom I already knew offered me to ride the Chestnut horse who can really move nicely and very enjoyable when he dance, for a moment I had a fear that something wrong could happen Ö yeah itís the wedding suit that was my worse fear hahah but I couldn't really resist and I was on its back in a second with so much joy and pride, stayed on its back for nearly 5 minutes and then went off to be next to my beautiful bride and grateful that my suit was OK wink.gif. A wonderful experience that always put a big smile on my face when it cross my mind, for me and my wife our wedding couldnít be anything better than this, horses really add so much fun to our life Ö. Arenít they??

What a wonderfull memory and story to have to tell!
Congratulations Bakr and Mariam
Nadj al Nur
That sounds wonderful. I do hope somebody captured it on video. A story to tell your grand children.
That's really a wonderful memory to keep ... the fact that you were able to ride the chestnut was the icing on the cake (not the wedding cake).
Glad Mariam was tolerant of the horse hairs on your suit
Many congratulations
Once again I'm truly grateful for all of your very warm wishes and thoughts, they do mean alot to me and YES it will be always one of my BEST ever memories that always bring happiness to me and my wife smile.gif

Thank you dear friends wink.gif

Rising Phoenix
Huge Congradulations! We wish you many long and very happy and blessed years!

How wonderful to have dancing horses. I do hope someone captured it on film for you both. We all would love to view the blessed event.

Again, wishing you many Happy Years!

K.R. Lisa and Family
Bakr & Mariam,

Your Wedding day was truly one to remember!! I very much regret that I was unable to attend.

I look forward to seeing more pics. You both look so happy Mariam is so beautiful.

Kindest regards, Debbie
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