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Thought you might like to see my beach ride with Elita HRN (*Ecaho X S S Heiress by Amurath Baikal) taken on Sunday.

‎2012 NHAHA Spring Beach Ride at Hampton Beach, NH Helmet Cam!;v=lgdr0Soqfe8
Lovely mare. Were the horses used to water before, or did they just do well being introduced to the beach, surf, and flowing water for the first time out there? Never having ridden by the ocean or seeing Arabian horses on the beach by the Atlantic side, this was cool for me to watch. It gives one the height of your viewpoint and the movement of the horse, and was almost like being there oneself. Thank you very much for sharing. You got a good turn-out of riders.
Some of the horses took right to the water. Others need help and still some wouldn't touch it. Elita is good with water but this water...with waves....was a lot for her so she would go in if someone went in with her.....
Nadj al Nur
That just looks like way too much fun. Are there always so many riders out there ?
I don't know, this was my first time EVER! smile.gif
Rising Phoenix
Hi Amanda,
Elita looks so wonderful,,she is such a beautiful mare.

Maybe you viewed our home grown boy? Do you remember seeing a woman with brunette hair on a grey Arabian stud?
I recieved a call from Tayna S. who purchased our SE colt Amir Al Ahlam just geting off the beach. She was so pumped up and wanted to tell how well he did and how proud of him she was. She mentioned that she viewed a girl with a helmet cam. I believe she was one that states "hey helmet cam " in the video. ( Amir is a grey 4 yr. old Straight Egyptian stallion) Personally I have never to date ridden on the beach so I must admit that I can't wait to do so.

Hope to go on this ride next yr.

Thank You for posting this! K.R. Lisa
There were a couple of grays....because people arrived with friends, and I didn't, I sort of just weaved through people stopping here and there, but not for very long to talk about our horses or such.

Thanks for the compliments on Elita.
Cheryl L
Amanda....What a great experience! I viewed the pics on FB and was seriously jealous. Beautiful horses, on the beach. You and Elita should be an inspiration to all....get out and ride and have FUN!
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