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Hi all,

What do you think about this nice stallion? Who are the offspring standing i Europe? Any info is welcome

I am interested in this stallion to. Unfortunately they don't send semen to Europe. Perhaps next year and you need to buy at least two breeding before they even consider it. :-(
Best regards,
Dakar El Jamaal is a real beauty!! Tall and elegant and good natured too!

I have a mare in foal to him and am waiting on that foal now... should be born toward the end of July. If my foal is anything like others he has sired, I am gonna have something very nice (if a colt it will be for sale) to hopefully breed back for an Egyptian sired filly in a few years smile.gif

Have you seen pictures of Dakharo? That horse almost outshines Dakar!!

In belgium there is a beautifull daughter from dakar,

MAHITY EL JAMAAL, her head and neck are incredible, she is out off a menes daughter, she is owned by jean mattens.
He maybe can send you some pictures.

She was shown in deurne were she became a lot off 20 for head and neck and typ.
Maybe you should also say that Mahity El Jamaal is by far the typiest offspring around,
but please don't judge only head & neck!!!
The tail & croup are set like on a Quarter-Horse..and she moves in a very strange way.
A very good example when judging only head & neck!!! Of course she gets a lot of points there...
But the rest is also very important!!!!!! blink.gif
Is she the only Dakar offspring in Europe??
Strange they d'ont send semen.

Ema it sounds like you saw him, can you tell me more about him?
Hi Lora..

I have seen him and he is beautiful. He is tall and wonderfully made, and he is very graceful when moving smile.gif His fine son Dakharo, a bay, is actually bigger than Dakar I think....

Dakar is trained for riding as well, and was 3rd in a class of 15 in 2002. Most of his showing has been halter though and he has won everything, or been reserve a couple of times, that he was shown in. He is good tempered and I am so hoping for a filly that I can keep and cross back into my Egyptians for a really nice Egyptian Sired horse on down the road smile.gif I am pretty firmly an Egyptian person, so it takes a fine stallion to turn my attention enough to breed one of my mares to him smile.gif

If you want to email me I will show you pictures... (halter pose, but beautiful!)

Liz Salmon
He's a very nice stallion and I've seen some good babies by him. Liz Salmon
Some friends of mine just had a *Dakar filly born (out of the mare Khe Ree), and I think she's a knockout!! Very exotic head and very correct!!

Here are a couple of pictures:

These were taken when she was just a week old. She was 41.5" tall when born. She's going to be a big, bold BEAUTY!

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