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blue nobility arabians
Hello breeders in the world,

someone told me, that breeding with frozen semen leads to get more colts than fillies. I´d like to know, if this is true. Please let me know your experiences of breeding with frozen semen. Did you get a colt or a filly ? Please one vote for each foal !

Hope to get many votes and answers.

And on that same note, those who have used frozen semen, how pleased were they with the whole process, experience..etc?
I used frozen seemen last year. Am still waiting for the foal (expected by 3 may).
I will vote whe it comes tongue.gif

My experience with the insemination etc. where positive.
The mare got in foal at first try ! We used only one straw.
The paperwork that needs to be done when importing the seemen can be a bit confusing - so many rules ! SO many things to remember. But It is worth it I think. To be expecting a foal by a wonderfull exciting !
I could only add one foal to the poll!

So far I have had two fillies and one colt with another on the way. Two different stallions.

There is no doubt that you need good semen, a good mare and good vets to get frozen semen babies! Expect high vet fees and frustration, but the results have been worth it for me.
Valentine Arabians
We have had 2 colts this spring - one by frozen semen and one by natural covering - both different stallions.
Liz Downe
Valentine Arabians
We have had 2 colts this spring - one by frozen semen and one by natural covering - both different stallions.
Liz Downes
Dear Posters,

last year, we've had three mares covered by froozen semen from our arabian stallion. Two mares were Warmbloods and one Thouroughbred. Two were in foal from the first hit, the third one from the second attempt. The mares were between 5 and 7 years old, non had been bred before. All three resulted in filyfoals. To be honest I have to mention that our stallion has a rate of 70% fillies so far, even with natural breeding. As being grey, he gives 70 % non-greys ( so far: +/- 20 foals ).
According to the Artificle Insemination Station younger mares are mostly easy to get in foal with froozen semen, older mares can have trouble. The Station had a succesfull rate of 72% for AI breedings last year ( all breeds ). They work on a 24h/24h base with their own vets. An average of 3 cycles has to be taken into account for getting a mare in foal ( older mares included ).

with kind regards,


PS: how to add this result to the "votes"?
Patricia Hampton
Five breedings, two colts, three fillies.
Fredenslyst Arabians
Ahh....I cant vote wink.gif
By mistake I clicked the "View results", and after doing that I could not vote !

Well, just wanted to tell you all that I got a FILLY.
A wonderfull chestnut filly.
This is the first time I have used rozen seemen and insemination - but not the last.
Next year my mare will be breed to the same stallion.

I just got a filly using cooled; my clients have gotten 2 fillies and 2 colts. Hmmm...
Barbara Lewis
Two trys, two very fine fillies. These are not included in the poll, as I am not registered.
Guest_Astrid Schmid
3 clients of us used frozen semen, now they have gotten 2 fillies and 1 colt.
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