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Michael ByattGuest
Dawn, that was a great post -- many times things are said without the basis of knowledge -- your clarity and intellegent post will educate many. Thank you.
I am truly sorry if i upset or offended anybody with my original post. sad.gif
i wasn't trying to say that he might be unhappy due to him being mistreated in anyway, i just skimmed through some of the posts and saw that one member had said he was unhappy. I'm new to posting and still have a lot to learn about it and the Arab world. From now on i will make sure i have read the whole thread properly and get my facts staight before i post.

my sincere apologies once again. sad.gif

Gran'ie smile.gif

Your post was great, very true. How fortunate you are to have been with these truly great horses. As you say, they all have different characters just like people. I lived in Saudi Arabia for over five years and rode there and while the horses have a different life who is to say that they don't prefer that to the rain and mud we have here in UK, I know I certainly did.

As to fertility and freezing and chilling of semen, some sperm are hardier than others and some males more fertile than others. Better to sire less tip top foals than a multitude of second rate ones. Al Adeed certainly has sired some fabulous foals and the talk of "problems" seems ill founded. Wish he was here, would have to remotgage the house to use him but could persuade myself it was a good investment.

All the best with him, Michael, I am sure he loves the trail rides and being at your farm and I hope you have several happy years together. I hope all you lucky people who use him will post photos of your foals for us to drool over.



No offense taken. ...really. If you look you will see that yours was not the only post suggesting problems. There were also several OTHER posts from what should be very knowledgeable people in the person suggested they believed they knew the source of his unhappiness, and another person suggested he (al Adeed) needed "affection and contact with people".

Trust me, all these horses have had TONS of affection and plenty of contact with people. Thats the main point of what I wanted to get across....each horse is different, each reacts differently, and each has his own individual personality and that should be obvious to anyone who has had any number of horses....or dogs, or cats or any other animal really.....they are not all the same and although personality CAN be affected by the handling, it is not always the entire reason for any animal reacting the way it does.

Best regards,
Thankyou Dawn,
i feel better now i know you didn't take offense by what i wrongly said smile.gif smile.gif
How long will Al Aadeed, Gazal and Marwan stay in Texas??
Can anybody tell me what kind of temprament Al Adeed and his foals has?? I have a wonderfully laid back mare whom I am hoping to breed to him next year and temprament is very important to me when making breeding choices. Thanks in advance.

Katie Condit
Al Fadee Egyptians
Home of Instigator ae
An American Breeder
Besides temperament of his foals including attitude, how about defining what conformation in the mare fits him best? For that kind of money in todays market and life, one is breeding for a "keeper."

Didn't Bart at one time say that they felt he needed to be linebred as he did not do as well outcrossing? Or am I mistaken? please no hard feelings or flaming. Has he been tried with the Sameh lines we have in the United States? Has he been bred to all Babson mares? Has he been bred to the Ibn Rabdan line, as in Ibn Safinaz?
Curious in the US
In the Arab Datasource, there are only 6 foals, 4 stallions, 3 mares shown as sired by Al Adeed. Presumably by now there are more. How many foals are there now? What are his best crosses to sE lines? What are his best crosses to non straight lines? Will his stud fee be the same for straights as non? What are the show plans for him? Presumably Scottsdale? Nationals?

Thank you.
He has many more foals on the ground than just the six mentioned in the datasource. His first daughter that came to international stardom is Amira Al Shaqab out of Imperial Phanilah who combines the Ansata and Sameh blood through her sire and Tuhotmos and Ibn Moniet El Nefous blood through her dam. That nicked perfectly well.
At Al Rayyan Stud Al Aadeed was bred over their mares of Ansata Halim Shah x Hanan bloodlines and sired more than just a winner. Look at the show reviews of the Qatar Events at this site and you'll find lots of pics and data.
Al Aadeed's most successful cross with non-straight mares so far is Polish blood.

Being that Al Adeed and Imperial Phanilah nicked perfectly well - do you think that a crossing Al Adeed with a Nabiel/Makhsous line would work well? I am speaking of my mare PrimaBella KA. Some people have told me that I should choose a mare with a very extreme dish instead and I am interested in your opinion.

Here is a web page with a photo of her head on it

Here is a web page with her dam's photo, and you can kind of see Bella in the faded background.

Feel free to be totally honest in your opinion...


Larry M.
huh.gif Just the other day, we received a video of Al Adeed. I was so impressed with him. The benefit of the video over the excellent pictures we have seen in the past, is that one can see his movement and feel his presence...a *tangible* in this instance. In one shot, I would see the influence of the Ansata lines, another the Imperial and of course Ali. He is all energy and charisma. He has all the traits essential in the makeup of a fine Arabian horse. What more can one ask for?
I have to add that it somewhat irks me that we cannot realize that this horse breeding is not, for all we desire, an exact science. l feel a horse like Adeed can enhance in any direction one desires...he is certainly as versatile as any stallion I have seen. That is the difference between a good stallion and a great stallion....and I will bet that history will show him as one of the greats.
I do not know about all of your horses, but my Arabians all have their own personality? I do not find this one bit odd, and I find this exciting. No robotic horses here. biggrin.gif
Thanks Mr. B and staff for the video.
Pat M.
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