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Robert Cass
We can now announce the arrival of Al Adeed Al Shaqab to America!!!! He has arrived safe and sound and will debut at our Open House in September.
We invite everyone to join us for the festivities and presentation of some of the World's most beautiful Arabian horses.
Hope to see everyone in Texas in September.....

Best to all,

Michael Byatt Arabians
Liz Salmon
That's fantastic news—he's such a lovely stallion. I hope to come down in September, but it's going to be close as I leave for Sport Horse Nationals on the 13th. Liz
Oh my Gosh Robert! I am FREAKING OUT!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! And I get to photograph him at the Open House!!!! I'm just beside myself with joy... Sign me up for a breeding. I am so happy! I can't believe I was asking you about him and he is now here!!!! Holy tamole!!!! I also have another friend who wants a breeding or many!!! What an accomplishment! Congratulations!!!! Ya Hoo!!! I need to calm down... I just can't believe it!

Carol Maginn

One more thing - I can't believe that I am so fortunate to be only an hour and a half away from my dream stallion. It is shocking to me!!!! Please tell his owners how thankful we are to him for sending this great horse over here. It is a dream come true for us in America!!! I was so impressed after watching him win in Paris - I never imagined he would be close enough to actually touch. Its like getting to meet Elvis or something!

Liz Salmon
Carol—you crack me up, I LOVE your enthusiasm !! Liz
What is his breeding fee ?
Yes - after all my excitement it occured to me to ask this question too. I am afraid to ask now though blink.gif
I am sure he is not cheap. But look what he has sired so far................
He's worth every dime.

Grasso pic
Jamila Al Rayyan
Qatar International Junior Champion Filly 2003
(Yes Hansi, she has a body too but I only have that pic on hand biggrin.gif biggrin.gif )

Grasso pic
Naifa Al Rayyan
Champion Foal Qatar National Show 2003

Grasso pic
Jaflah Al Rayyan
Qatar Nationals 2003 - Second Place

van Lent pic
Hathfa Al Shaqab
Qatar National Senior Champion Mare 2003

Toischel pic
Ftoon Al Shaqab
Qatar National Junior Champion Filly 2003

I have fixed the picture.
Oh my this is so exciting! How long will he be in the country? Will he be making any appearances outside of Texas?
Erna Kornelis
Although I'm still a bit grumpy about Al Adeed beating Kubinec at the All Nations Cup 2 years ago, I must say I do like his offspring, especially Hathfa Al Shaqab - she looks like being a good riding horse, too rolleyes.gif

Any new pictures of Naifa around? I like her as well...
The picture of Naifa is a new one -
we just added it to the Al Rayyan website two days ago. biggrin.gif
HI Eva and all

First of all congrats to the new lessees And good luck.

Secondly this stud fee, which would be equal to about US $ 10,000
should warrant to ONLY get super mares. Now I am looking forward to
$ 20,000 foals, and by what I am seeing in the photos, it can be done.

I am so sorry to hear that this beautiful stallion is not happy,and I think I know why. So may be he can be ridden and enjoy the life any horse would. Believe it or not,that will also increase the potency of a stallion.

Have a great day
Hansi biggrin.gif
Liz Salmon
I have just spoken to Robert Cass. His stud fee has not yet been set in this country. If his semen was as weak as Eva says, he would not have got all those mares in foal in Qatar. It is sad that people have to post negative comments so soon. Liz Salmon
Liz, I'm sure he was happy at his home in Qatar but he hasn't been there for a very, very long time
The successrate of getting mares pregnant from his semen in Belgium was very high, I've heard. As far as I know most of the mares was in foal in the first heat.
Liz Salmon
He seemed perfectly happy when I saw him in Paris last December, just as he was when I saw him in Qatar. I have him on video from the Paris show. Liz Salmon
Ralph, he`s a lot closer now so I hope you get to see him in the flesh! I know you like him a lot! wink.gif Best wishes, Alia
Liz, I agree.

People often forget that the proof lies in the pudding.

Nancy P
How exciting to have this stallion in our country - I will HAVE to go see him (until then, Carol, you will have to give me the report!) Yes, the stud fee is pretty high, but we're talking world champion stallion (for starters) with many champion offspring already.

Hansi, with all due respect, I think a person would be VERY hard pressed to find an Al Adeed Al Shaqab foal for $20,000 - am I wrong? I would be extremely surprised if anyone has ever been able to purchase one that inexpensively.

And while a $10,000 stud fee will keep some people from breeding mares to him, it doesn't necessarily assure that he will get only top mares. In this industry especially (the SE industry), there are plenty of people with more money than horse sense. Many "investment breeders" without ANY prior knowledge of horses or bloodlines have been mislead into buying inferior quality mares, and they have the money to breed those mares to whomever they choose.

I think it will be up to Michael and whoever is in charge of this stallion to assure that he only gets top mares - if that is indeed their goal. Which makes me wonder - how often do stallion owners/managers turn away mares that they know or feel will not produce a baby that represents their stallion well? The stallion, after all, is only roughly half of what the baby will be. Or do most stallion owners breed to whoever will pay them the money?

Congratulations and good luck, Robert, to you and Michael and the crew. I'm going to try my BEST to get our mutual friend, Lisa, to come with me to see the new boy soon!

Best regards,
Nancy P.
woooohoooo!! I'm excited. Thank you Michael Byatt, and thank you Al Rayyan!!!!
### ooo to Al Adeed
oops, meant to say thank you to Al Shaqab Farm instead of Al Rayyan. Sorry for the silly mistake on my part, I must have lost my mind in all the excitement. biggrin.gif
DebC still my beating heart! biggrin.gif

Al Adeed is in a three way tie for my all time favourite living straight egyptian stallion (along with Farid Albedia and Ashaal Al Rayyan). And now he's here? Wow! blink.gif First Marwan, then Ghazal.....(who is not far behind the other three on my favourites list) and now Al Adeed?

I WILL be making a pilgrimage to Michael Byatt's............I can't make it for the Open House mid-September but I will be attempting to arrange a farm visit down there hopefully soon!

I can't wait to see him!

Deb Charnuski
Every now and then when a beautiful stallion is discussed
some try to destroy his reputation. tongue.gif
We deleted this posts. As long as the person who shared
her "insider" knowledge here isn't willing to mail me
privately or reveal her/his name here, such posts are not worth
a second look in my opinion.
My e-mail:
Hi, Al Adeed is a horse like a other horse ! He needs some affection and contact with people !
Looking him like a horse not like a object !! mad.gif
Enjoy your horse ! smile.gif

A arabian horse lover
Nancy P
Thanks, Oliver! I almost suggested that myself - and I completely agree with you. I think the evidence speaks to the contrary anyway. Al Adeed is a wonderful stallion, both individually, and as a sire - with plenty of winning foals to prove it.

I can't wait to see him in person!

Nancy P>
How long will he stay in America? and will he go back to Qatar afterwards?
Hi, Al Adeed is a horse like a other horse ! He needs some affection and contact with people !
Looking him like a horse not like a object !!

I agree with your opinion. We should all not forget that a horse is most happy
with a constant daily routine. However, I am sure that Al Aadeed will receive
the best possible care and love at Michael's place.
Dear nancy

You are probaby right. Now lets wait and see when they grow up and what they can show us. I wish them only the very best.

Hansi biggrin.gif
I just want to say thank-you to Michael Byatt for bringing over such spectacular stallions - first Marwan, then Gazal and now Al Adeed - what a wonderful selection you have made available to us all!

So now I am curious, is there any talk happening about Gazal or Al Adeed showing at Nationals? Woulnd't that be an amazing class to see!

Michael ByattGuest
Greetings all....

I am so grateful to Sh. Hamad for allowing these stallions to come to America....what a difference they have, and will, make. Is it not incredible the bridges of opportunity that the Arabian Horse allows all of us to share? Not only for the horses themselves but the people that are joined with them. It is, was, and will always be, a privilage.

When Marwan arrived I thought the chance to change the course of American breeding was singular. Not that there are not many great horses in America to choose from but it was exciting to present an alternative -- an outcross. Then, with good fortune, Gazal arrived. And now, with the arrival of Al Aadeed it is destined that the Qatari horse will bring the world of breeding Arabian Horses one step closer to the ideal. Imagine the Psyche daughter bred to Marwan, to Gazal, to Al Aadeed or the Justafire daughter, or the Julleyan daughter, the Borsalino daughter, or the Besson daughter, or the many wonderful daughters of the stallions in America -- the doors of opportunity are open.

The stud fee of Al Aadeed is not set -- no one who states one here knows for fact -- that will be determined in the near future.

Oliver, your web site is a classy operation -- thank you for the venue.

Michael Byatt
Michael, you must be a happy person, every morning looking at the heads of Marwan, Gazal and Al Adeed at you stables, congratulations and many luck with breeding and showing (?) in the US

Alia, when I saw this thread, I couldn't believe the words that I was reading. I had heard rumours that this was going to happen but everyone knows about the accuracy of "second-hand" stories wink.gif I am not sure how long Al Aadeed will be with Michael Byatt but I hope that I can see this horse, who has given me so much encouragement and inspiration these last couple of years.


I don't believe that you would be able to live with yourself if you missed the chance to see him! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Dear Michael

It would be a wonderful thing, if this lovely stallion can be shown at the upcoming US National in Kentucky this yer. I will be there and cant wait to see him. I feel certain you will have a big cheering crowd. Good luck.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Ralph, I really hope you DO get the chance,and that you enjoy the trip thoroughly! You are one of his most loyal fans.Best wishes, Alia
Yipee!!! This is the most excited I have been about a stallion in the last few years!! Many thanks to those responsible for even allowing us to dream!!!

Now, the only question is which mare do i breed?? Do I go for the outcross and breed a Magic Dream/Bey Shah mare? or do i breed an Straight egyptian Rasmoniet RSI/ Al Badeia mare??

Hey Deb!!! We have to chat!!!LOL

What is the date of the Open House?
I believe the Open House is scheduled for September 10-12.

Mark Timson
Tulsa, OK
Dear Ralph,

Opportunity knocks! I'm sure you will answer!! wink.gif

I deliberately surfed through all the responses till I found your's. Finally you get the chance to see perfection in honest-to-goodness real life! Wow!

Take lots of pics, come back and post them, and give us your heartfelt impression of this truly ethereal creature.

Wish I lived near Texas!!!

--Susan wink.gif
As soon as anyone finds out what his stud fee is be sure to post it here.

He's just gorgeous!
Are there anymore pics people can put up off him?
Interesting, I remembered your speculations on this sire's stud fee...just reviewed Michael's website and it appears to be set at $5000.
Larry M.
biggrin.gif Al Adeed has had my admiration since I first saw a photo of him. What a horse, to see him in person, well, that would be more than my little old heart could stand.
Actually, it was my husband who first *fell* for this guy and for once we agree.
Too bad Houston is so far from the Nashville area.
Thanks, Mr. B,. for bringing Al Adeed and all these fine stallions to the States. Sure will be interesting to see how they change the course of history here? Watching and waiting. VBG.
Pat M.
No wonder his stud fee is high, look at what he produces!! wub.gif
It's a shame he's not happy though, maybe he should go under saddle, like Hansi suggested

Michael ByattGuest
Not happy??? He is a bit on the spoiled side but very happy...and by the way he is our new trail horse at Michael Byatt Arabians...along with Gazal, Marwan, Besson, Shahil, The Elixir -- everyone of the stallions are trail ridden as their exercise -- the only one that is not is Parys, and well...he is quite pleased with his situation! Cheers.
Michael--you do have beautiful horses!! I love Shahil and Al Adeed wink.gif
Alison Stran
I'm sorry to all of you that missed the open house. I live about an hour away from the beautiful farm so I got in the car the day after he arrived!! I had seen him show in Paris, but to visit with him personally is an honor. Let me ASSURE all of you, those stallions are HAPPY! They are all trail ridden for excercise, this is the only excercise they get and the all love it. It's a beautiful farm, rolling hills, trees, trails, birds, a gorgeous place for a trail ride and they love it! I feel so blessed to live so close and get to visit with these beautiful stallions so often and breed my mares to them!
Thank you Al Shaqab for making Texas a better place :-)
Alison Stran
Liz Salmon
I have been to Michael's farm and I can assure anyone that all I saw were happy horses—both in the stalls and in the pastures. My daughter was priviledged to ride FS Bengali—what a gentleman and a super horse to ride. I personally hope that US breeders really appreciate the access they have to such top class international stallions, who could win anywhere in the world and indeed have done so. One of my clients who only has ONE mare has bred to Bengali, and has now bought a breeding to Al Adeed for next year. I'm not letting my clients miss out on these opportunities, if they can possibly afford the breeding fees. Liz Salmon
I apologise for my last post as i was obviously incorrect in what i said, ph34r.gif !! smile.gif
I am pleased to hear that he is happy and active. biggrin.gif
Good luck with him and his breedings, i'm sure he is a pleasure to have on the yard.

Gran'ie cool.gif
While I have never written in to this site before, I do sometimes visit it and for the first time feel I need to say something....

I worked at Al Shaqab for 8 years, starting in 1994. My job was to fly in for several months and train all the young horses for shows, oversee the conditioning and preparation of all the show horses and "touch up" schooling of the older, trained horses. I would do this several times a year, starting before the International show in March and coming back at various times before the other shows in Jordan or Paris. I trained Al Adeed, Gazal, and Marwan as youngsters, as well as most of the others you know of winning at Al Shaqab (Hathfa, Negma, Ansata Malaha, etc).

I see that Oliver withdrew a posting of someone with "insider"information in regards to the Al Adeed...obviously negative. I have to wonder just how much of an "insider" they really are. I have known these horses practically from the minute they were born, and all horses, like people, have different personalities. Gazal (and all his foals I have trained so far, including Marwan) have always been happy and a bit oversensitive, whereas Al Adeed has had times where he can be a bit grumpy. NOT from abuse, NOT from mistreatment, NOT from lack of care. It just has simply been his personality, even when he was young, even though he has not been treated any differently. He went in the paddock as a youngster and played, perhaps a bit more than most because of his "special" status. He didn't even show until he was a two year old, but was left to grow up while Gazal showed as a yearling.

He was broken to ride at Al Shaqab....I saw him ridden many times. Believe it or not, people over here can ride too. So saying that is the key to his "happiness" is also misleading. Of course there were no forests, but he WAS ridden around the farm and out on the racetrack. He has been given as much or more time off and relaxing than most of the horses in the middle East can be given due to limited space. Actually, I will say he was maybe a bit spoiled when he was younger but with time he has actually mellowed.

He is a truly wonderful horse, almost perfect really, and I am happy that he and the others are now at Michaels where I know they will get great care. But don't for a minute think that because they were at Al Shaqab and not in the States or Europe that there weren't people there who didn't care for and love these horses. There were and still are.

I now work for a different farm in the middle East full time, and have a few wonderful Al Adeed foals. Dalal Alzobair was UAE Reserve Champion Filly (out of a PVA Kariim daughter). Khameela, the dam, got in foal the first time inseminated to Al Adeed. We were unable to breed to him the next year because he was gone to Europe, but last year after he returned we sent the mare to him again and she took on the first try (after first trying with a different stallion for 6 months). We now have a nice colt from that. We also have a beautiful new filly x Madheen daughter and the mare took on the second cycle. So if he has any problems in that department, they are obviously workable as we have had no troubles. And as evidenced by the foals at Al Shaqab, Al Rayyan and Al Nasser Studs, he's been able to do the job there as well.

I have been interested in breeding to several horses in Europe, the UK and the States that I cannot breed to because they do not ship well or do not freeze well. Straight Egyptians, Pure Polish and mixed blood. These horses have been ridden, grown up in what most people would say are "good , healthy circumstances", and yet they still have problems but no one seems to blame anyone for their problems. It is a fact of life....some stallions ( and lets not forget men!) may have problems, no matter where they have been, no matter what they have isn't anyone's "fault" and perhaps it is even genetically related. I'm not saying that all these things do not affect a breeding stallion, they definately do, but why lay blame with only speculation?

Its fabulous that the people in the States will be able to enjoy and breed to all three of these wonderful stallions. And I'm happy they can be trail ridden with trees and grass. But don't think that its "rescuing" these horses......they weren't as bad off as perhaps some would like to think. Their life was different, and it isn't easy to be raised in a country where no grass or tree grows without a specific watering system. But remember, nor is it easy to RAISE horses in that atmosphere....but they turned out fairly well, I think, don't you?

Dawn Martin
Alzobair Stud
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