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Hi all!

I was wondering if anybody has any information on this mare? I have looked her up on Datasource and there is no information about her. I was told that she was imported by the same man who imported, Nedjme. That is all I know.

Does anybody have any stock who trace to her?

Any info would be appreciated!!

Thanks much,

I ran --arabian mare *Saada. About the 4th or 5th entry down will bring up a long article on the Hamidie horses, the Davenports & Bistanny's (importer) comments on *Nedjme & *Saada.
Enjoy biggrin.gif
Hey thanks, Chiron!, huh? Would have never thought of that one!!

P.S. Well, I found the site I think you are referring to. That is the same information I had found. It really doesn't say much about Saada, but more about Nedjme. It looks like her daughter, Bint Saada was a bit more well known.

Thanks again though!
Take somebody smarter than me, but I don;t belive that *BINT SAADA, imported by
Henry Babson, is the daughter of *SAADA, imported by Bistany. ohmy.gif This is the great fun especially with the Egyptians , the repetion of names!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Hansi you would know this, yes??
Good morning Chiron

O yes, do I ever. this is why right at the start of my publications I put the year of birth behind the name. There are names, which are duplicated a dozen time or more and unless one really knows what to look for, it is difficult.
Mind you, there are even some duplication with the same year of birth too.

Have a nice day
Hansi biggrin.gif
rolleyes.gif Hmmm,

I could have sworn that I saw Bint Saada (???? x Saada). Hmm, I'll have to look again, won't I?

....Ok, yup, Saada was the dam of Bint Saada, but not the same Saada I"m referring too. Whoops!!! rolleyes.gif
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